08 July 2008

SF on 'stupidness'



Got to check this - I was shocked to hear that this is serious, not a joke.
So still able to be schocked by 'stupidness' of other human beings.

God hates Canada too:


To God's Elect:  Leave Canada NOW!!!

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev. 18:4

Fags have a 3 point agenda:  1) decriminalize sodomy, 2) add fags to the protected classes as victims like blacks, and 3) criminalize Gospel preaching against fags.  Canada's doom is now irreversible!

On April 28, 2004, Canada hoisted a filthy fag finger in the Face of God by passing a law making any criticism of homosexuals a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.  The churches and preachers of Canada tried massive last-minute lobbying and protests on Parliament Hill to defeat the bill -- too little, too late!

For years, WBC has warned that Canada is a homo-fascist state where the filthy fag agenda has become the law of the land.  WBC members have been arrested at Ottawa's International Airport upon entering Canada to picket Parliament and burn the Canadian flag.  In Albert, WBC members were ordered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police not to carry "God Hates Fags" signs on pain of arrest and prosecution.  When WBC members did in fact actually burn the Canadian flag in religious protest to Canada's approval of same-sex marriage, the so-called Christians of Canada were the loudest in denouncing WBC and "widely reviling" her Gospel message.

There is no hope for Canada.  God hates Canada!"

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate me from the beings I define as 'being stupid'. 
What is 'being stupid' in my book? Humans that are stuck in beliefs. Humans that will not allow themselves to be open to other 'beliefs', other 'truths'. Geeez, it's not that simple to explain what 'stupid' is. I'll have to get it clear so I can do sf on it. 
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel disgusted by the beings I define as 'being stupid'.
'Being stupid' also includes some form of agression towards other beings that are different/have other beliefs and truths. The keyword here is intolerance. Yeah, that's what disgusts me the most, shocks me. Beings intolerant towards other humans with other points of view, other life styles etc, is the upper most 'stupidness' I know. That is what I reacted on when checking this site (see above) - I thought this was a joke: I can't imagine people to be that dumb, that intolerant, that much not capable of 'thinking outside their little boxes' (including 'not willing to).
I actually feel some kind of wanting to throw up. It is physically too. And it reminds me of my grandfather. Sitting and eating in the kitchen. And raping my grandmother, slapping her in the face because he couldn't get his orgasm fast enough. Meat eating I also define as 'ultimate stupidness' - that is the barbaric way of eating the meat, with grease on chin and making these disgusting noises of chewing and you can actually 'hear' the saliva, yak! So here I am again, my grandfather. He is the ultimate example of everything I am disgusted by. Although I didn't know him that well :)
Him fucking and abusing my grandmother, well, obviously, I wasn't there in person - my mother told me. This is what she witnessed when a little girl (that's what she told me). This image is imprinted in me when I was young. I can't remember liking this grandfather or feeling something else than disgust. Obviously this is something that was transferred by my mother to me. This man is a 'stupid being' to me. A Neanderthaler, no sign of any civilization in this being. I have actually been ashamed of him being a part of me, because he was the father of my mother, so we are 'of the same blood'. Being one and equal to this man, to any of these 'barbaric, stupid beings', nah, brufhel, nein, doch. Yes, my grandfather was German, that's a part of it too - Germans are nasty meat eaters LOL fat and greasy.

So who is the intolerant being here = me! I can't tolerate these beings in this world, they should be terminated and not allowed in dimensions either LOL They have no right whatsoever to exist cause they are the scum of this earth. Death to all this scum! And see, I am 'Godhatesfags', so intolerant and hatefull against beings that are what I do not want to be: 'barbaric and intolerant'. This is my 'filthy fag finger in the Face of Life'. Sooooooooooo, what new?

Still experiencing 'disgust', still separating me from these 'barbarics'. I embrace 'barbarics'. I embrace the 'barbaric' within. I am stupid, I am intolerance. I am 'hearable' saliva, I am 'barbaric' saliva, I am all saliva in all mouths, on the pavement, green and slimy. I am disgusting. I am a rapist, the raped, the witness, the abuser, the abused. I am my mother, I am my grandmother, I am my grandfather.

Geeeeez, I am the Illuminati that see people as nothing more than dumb cattle - that is how I see these 'barbarics'. mmmm Imagining now how a bunch of these 'dumb creatures' are chased together, in an enclosure - would I be able to kill them? Or watch how they were killed, without any reaction, or maybe be happy about it? Mmmm, maybe I could, not sure, but yeah, maybe I could when I feel disgusted enough. Of course I could - when I allow myself to belief this is the right thing to do. It is not that hard to make myself believe whatever.

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