04 March 2012

2012 Words: redefining Rejection

Rejection EqualMoney

Old definition of Rejection

I experience Rejection when people show me in deeds and words they don’t want me - in totality or just a part of me – then I feel inferior and small, exposed: I am useless and of no meaning at all.

Also I experience rejection when beings that are close to me, are rejected.




  • Origin:
    1545–55;  < Latin rējectiōn- (stem of rējectiō ) a throwing back, equivalent to rēject ( us ) ( see reject) + -iōn- -ion
  • Synonyms
    refusal, spurning, dismissal, elimination.
  • reject
  1. to refuse to accept, acknowledge, use, believe, etc
  2. to throw out as useless or worthless; discard
  3. to rebuff (a person)
  4. (of an organism) to fail to accept (a foreign tissue graft or organ transplant) because of immunological incompatibility
  5. something rejected as imperfect, unsatisfactory, or useless


re-ject-ion re-jec-tion

r-eject-shun –> = avoid  (a void = emptiness, useless, worthless)

re-eject-shun –> = expel outcast (verbannen)

re –> = again over and over again

eject –> = throw out

Again I am being thrown out, expelled

I do not see how to change this words definition into a ‘neutral’ word; meaning without an emotional charge, and representing exactly what it is.

I feel this might be a word that will not be acceptable in Equality & Oneness, so I discuss with Esteni.


The 're' is standing for 'again'
In this context I would look at it as:
Again I make the choice
Because in each moment there is a new moment - thus the 're' is stating 'again' I am making a decision to 'eject'

And in terms of 'eject' - 'Eject' is a particular behaviour to 'let go of' something - Thus eject in itself is not polarised and is thus clearly standing for what it represents

So - Reject - When looking at the sound it is stating:
Again I eject - (I do not choose this)

This is where the 'problem' develops - As 'choice' is perceived to be free choice - And this is where people start fucking up 'choices' because of beliefs / perceptions etc

So - When a choice is based in what is best for all 'reject' stands clear as the choice stands clear

rejection EQUAL MONEYThe 'tion' as 'shun' - Carries a polarity charge within experiencing this word within the world

And the derivative 'rejection' is the form of 'reject' where self is the one experiencing rejection = An emotional state. The emotional experience of rejection is an unacceptable state of self as this is where self is emotionally manipulating self. When dealing with the external world - What a person says / does / expects does not have to influence who you are

So - Your first conclusion about this word is clear - It will no longer be an acceptable word

The word reject - however will, as reject is a directive action


New definition of Reject

To let go of again

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