28 February 2012

The Spitefulness of God

GodIn Accepting God - you’re accepting the World the way it is and the way it works.

In Accepting this World the way it is and the way it works – you’re Accepting God.
In Accepting the Evil Nature of Man as Sinner – you’re Implying that God deliberately Created the Evil Nature of Man.


FREE CHOICE is a weapon against LIFE To Imply that Choice is the Cause for the ‘Fall of Man’ i.e. the Choice between Good and Evil – Implies that God is limited to Man’s Choice and in fact – that Choice is More Powerful than God.

Which means – Man is More Powerful than God – because Man is apparently the One with Choice.

To claim that God is ‘all-knowing’ – would Imply that God already knew what each one Individually was going to Choose.
Which then Implies that God Lied when he gave Man ‘Free-Choice’ – because he already knew what each one is going to Choose.
And in this Implying – that he Created each Individual with a Pre-Ordained Choice = which isn’t Free and thus not Choice at all.


violence vs EQUAL MONEYSo in this all – there seems to be the Biggest Lie in Plain-Sight:
If God exist – this World is just a Big Computer-Game – Like 'Sims', and Nothing you Ever Do – is Real.

  • No-one actually ever Starve
  • No Child actually ever get Abused
  • No-one actually ever get killed in War

Because the way you live, whether Good or Evil = has no effect on what will Happen to you as you are just a Prop in ‘God’s Simulation’ and God is Playing a Game like a Naughty Evil Child. Feeling Nothing for any Part of the Game – only Enjoying the Thrill, like in 'Carmageddon'. God is Evil


If no God exist – You Actually have a Chance

and You Actually have a Choice


God as Spitefulness crushing LifeBut you’ll Find:
If you ‘Believe in God’ or any other ‘Higher Power’ – you Immediately have No Choice.

Even in the Accepting of this World and Nature as the way it is – You’re Accepting some form of ‘Higher-Power’ = and therein you are Immediately Limited in your Choice.

12 May 2009 – by Sunette/Dimensions – Desteni

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25 February 2012

Circumcision, a violation of Human Rights?

We all agree (well almost all) that female circumcision is a horrific practice and that this mutilation of girls and women is a violation of human rights and in no way acceptable. But what about circumcision performed on boys?

circumcision EQUAL MONEY
Male circumcision is the surgical removal of some or all of the foreskin from the penis. Global estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest that 30 percent of males are circumcised, of whom 68 percent are Muslim. The prevalence of circumcision varies mostly with religious affiliation, and sometimes culture. The US is the only country in the world where the majority of baby boys have part of their penises cut off for non-religious reasons.

Circumcision for religious reason

Jewish law states that circumcision is obligatory for Jewish-born males and for non-circumcised Jewish male converts. It is usually performed on the eighth day after birth in a ceremony. It is an intensely painful procedureresponse these new born babies are exposed to – without anesthesia and without any consent of their part. (see the video at the bottom how painful this is for the baby).
Also in Islam circumcision is highly recommended, although not obligatory and mostly performed with anesthesia, and it is certainly seen as an important external symbol of submission to God's will.
In Islam there is no fixed age for circumcision. The preferred age is often seven although some Muslims are circumcised as early as the seventh day after birth and as late as puberty. When the boy is adolescent there could be argued it is with the boy’s consent, but this can most certainly not be considered free consent because of the child by that age being severely indoctrinated with his family religion and will experience peer and social pressure to do and be as his father and grandfather.

Circumcision in the US

The US is the only country in the world where the majority of baby boys have part of their penises cut off for non-religious reasons. This extraordinary custom is very much taken for granted. Peer pressure, social pressure, and pressure from circumcised fathers and grandparents intoning the mantra "A boy should look like his father", all have combined to make "circumcised" an integral part of the concept of a US American man.

Is circumcision acceptable?

First of all there is this commonly accepted idea in all cultures and religions all over the world that parents have the ‘right’ to impose almost anything to their children without the children having a say in it, in this specific case: the right to cut healthy tissue off a helpless baby. This ‘right’ to mutilate another being is highly debatable; in fact it is showing an attitude of ownership towards children… Children are not property, children are not slaves, without the intrinsic human right to be respected in their wholeness, including their body.
Such mutilation practices of the body like circumcision for the sake of religious or culture reasons, is absolute not acceptable and is without any doubt a violation of the Human Rights of these (baby)boys. They have no say in it; it is just done to them, by the parents and their bodies are mutilated for the rest of their life's. Would you as a parent consider a tattoo being placed on your baby boy’s tiny body? No, you wouldn’t, for common sense reasons. So why not use the same common sense when it comes to cutting in healthy tissue of the penis of your baby boy?

Circumcising infants is absolute not acceptable –
it is a violation of Human Rights.

Health Benefits?

There might be medical reasons for such a medical procedure however. But very few absolute medical reasons exist for circumcision, and no reasons exist to justify routine circumcision of infants. And far too many circumcisions are performed without good reason in Europe and the USA.
There are many studies in favor of circumcision, but proof for the alleged health benefits is not conclusive as other research shows.

Female circumcision

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as "all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons."
FGM is typically carried out on girls from a few days old to puberty. It may take place in a hospital, but is usually performed, without anesthesia, by a traditional circumciser using a knife, razor, or scissors. According to the WHO, it is practiced in 28 countries in western, eastern, and north-eastern Africa, in parts of the Middle East, and within some immigrant communities in Europe, North America, and Australia. The WHO estimates that 100–140 million women and girls around the world have experienced the procedure, including 92 million in Africa.

Although this blog was about male circumcision specifically, female circumcision must be mentioned in this context. It goes without saying that this horrific practice of mutilation of girls and women is in no way acceptable. It reflects the commonly accepted and allowed deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women…. reflected in the Bible and other ‘holy books’ as well in older cultures.
Female Genital Mutilation is a violation of the human rights of girls and women.
As is the circumcision of baby boys and youngsters…

"What's done to children, they will do to society."
Karl Menninger, psychiatrist

Recommended read

Infant/children circumcision still accepted in the world by Larys Kaziukonis

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23 February 2012

Afterlife: Heaven and Children

history-of-the-interdimensional-portal-DESTENI EQAFE

In this series, various interdimensional beings come through the Portal sharing their first moment of encountering the Portal within the Physical/Interdimensional existence, and within that giving perspective of the existence of heaven / the afterlife and how the experience of heaven for the beings was before and after the Portal opened.

In this interview – a Child gives perspective of his first encounter with the Interdimensional Portal, his process of Death, why children did not join ‘Heaven’ after death but was protected in the Physical and how existence functioned before the existential process started with the opening of the Interdimensional Portal.


It is a story of a boy that died from Leukemia when he was 7 years old. A few moments after he died, the Portal opened… In this interview, the kid shares his first encounter with the Portal.. quite a fascinating story.

Listen to this – free- interview:


The History of the Interdimensional Portal series:

history-of-the-interdimensional-portal-part-1 DESTENI EQAFEHistory of the Interdimensional Portal - Part 1

History of the Interdimensional Portal - Part 2

History of the Interdimensional Portal - Part 3







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22 February 2012

Common Sense

appple common sense equal moneyCommon Sense should be the senses nature based on what is common and thus equal for all, yet it has been tainted by capitalism, religion, consumerism, education, the religion of self and many more dividing man into singularities of self interest with no concern for the common good. The evidence is clear.

Unless common sense is that which is best for all as the only acceptable definition of common good, you have been misguided into a possession of self interest and will not be able to stand up and change yourself or the world.

Investigate what is best for all and become that as your inner being that the outer may manifest. Then you are rebirthing for real.

Investigate Desteni, where self interest is finally transformed into Common Sense as it should have been for each child from Birth.

Bernard Poolman, January 24th 2012

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19 February 2012

Jesus on the Cross, symbol for Enslavement


The Symbolism of Jesus on the Cross has as main function to serve as a Warning that not even the Son of God could challenge the System.

This fear to not challenge the way things are is embedded in children from childhood and became part of consumerism and money to act as control and make sure that the status quo remains as it is on earth.

Religion are just the eye-blind that misdirect the crowd from the truth that they are slaves to the Elite. If you dare to challenge the system, you will be crucified.

Jezus aan het kruis EQUAL MONEYThe Cross screams in homes and churches all over the world. Thus-- parents will be in great fear if there children try to challenge the system and do everything to stop them and make sure the children become perfect slaves.


Bernard Poolman, February 19th


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16 February 2012

SEX - Everything is driven by SEX

Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation design of the Human Race

Do you know what happens in the moment of Orgasm? Do you know what happens to the energy of the orgasm one experience during Sex? What it really is that drives one’s physical-body into that need for sex? How the physical for a moment accesses ‘death’ in the moment before sex? What the actual nature of Orgasm is? Why you sometimes have no Orgasm at all? What are the butterflies in one’s stomach? Do you know that relationships is the platform for Sex to keep humanity enslaved to energy as mind? Have we ever really had a relationship with another human being? What is the nature of masturbation? What about pornography, imagination, sex fantasy? And cheating your partner, why does it exist? And what about the gay, lesbian, metrosexual, transsexual?

egypt sexWhy is Sex so important to us?
In these video-interviews these questions, and many more, are explained in explicit detail…

Series Interviews:

2012, porn, homosexuality, adultery, guidelines to Equality

09 February 2012

The Legend of Atlantis, the secret revealed! The Lost Continent of Atlantis

The Untold History of the Atlanteans from Atlantis, shared by an Atlantean-females coming through the Interdimensional Portal .

This is a continuation and expansion of the Series "History of Mankind"
Atlanteans -- The beginning -- Part 1: an Hour long interview with the Atlantean-female sharing about their Race, their Planet and unveiling the history of Atlantis beyond the Myths that exist today.
With over 10 hours of interviews recorded -- this is a series that you don't want to miss.
Atlanteans - Purpose and Creation - Part 2
Atlanteans - Civilization on land and water - Part 3
Atlanteans - The Emergence of Young Atlanteans - Part 4
Atlanteans - The Beginning of the END - part 5
Atlanteans - The Merging - Part 6
Atlanteans - The Evolution of Separation - Part 7
Atlanteans - Seeing Here - Part 8
Atlanteans - The Cross - Part 9
Atlanteans -- The Decision - Part 10
Atlanteans - The Friction - Part 11
Atlanteans – Isolation – Part 12
  • Thanks for sharing & placing things into perspective in regards to 'the beginning' & how these particular points that played out 'way back when' are still busy creating consequence due to us still not yet standing up, breaking the chains that have enslaved us to the past & taking full self-responsibility for all that's here & all that has even been here, as it hasn't 'gone anywhere' but has simply taken a new form...since the beginning. I'm definitely gonna stay tuned for these interviews!
  • Interesting to see how a civilization like that existed and developed themselves - such consideration for themselves and who they were - not like humanity now that only live for self-interest regardless of the consequences to the rest of humanity, the planet and what we will have to in the future
  • whether it's true or not, it's a great [hi]story though, I very enjoy the series – thank you for uploading the first part on youtube! there is so much commonsense within it, in the later parts of the series the beginnings of our Human history is revealed - absolutely amazing and well-narrated! I recommend it to all that love history, stories or/and are interested in and looking for answers 'Where did it all start?' – HERE!
  • fascinating how they were able to create as themselves and experience all aspects of their world one and equal to themselves andrew-drawings-017
There is already so much out there on the internet about the Atlanteans, but this is a real eye opener. I mean history is me, it's a part of me how I became who I am. We can't change history, but we can avoid repeating the same mistakes. So important stuff if you want to get to know yourself and want to understand how they Atlanteans already lived as one and equal to life.
  • fascinating - thanks - there is a full series of interviews from the Atlanteans on EQAFE - sharing about their experience and how we came about to where we are today within the world - i just started listening to the second interview and it's really been an eye opener, i can't wait to hear the rest of the interviews and get the full perspective of what we see before us as the world today.. thanks for posting this here.
picture by Andrew Gable
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