22 February 2012

Common Sense

appple common sense equal moneyCommon Sense should be the senses nature based on what is common and thus equal for all, yet it has been tainted by capitalism, religion, consumerism, education, the religion of self and many more dividing man into singularities of self interest with no concern for the common good. The evidence is clear.

Unless common sense is that which is best for all as the only acceptable definition of common good, you have been misguided into a possession of self interest and will not be able to stand up and change yourself or the world.

Investigate what is best for all and become that as your inner being that the outer may manifest. Then you are rebirthing for real.

Investigate Desteni, where self interest is finally transformed into Common Sense as it should have been for each child from Birth.

Bernard Poolman, January 24th 2012

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