16 February 2012

SEX - Everything is driven by SEX

Why and how and for what purpose sex became part of the creation design of the Human Race

Do you know what happens in the moment of Orgasm? Do you know what happens to the energy of the orgasm one experience during Sex? What it really is that drives one’s physical-body into that need for sex? How the physical for a moment accesses ‘death’ in the moment before sex? What the actual nature of Orgasm is? Why you sometimes have no Orgasm at all? What are the butterflies in one’s stomach? Do you know that relationships is the platform for Sex to keep humanity enslaved to energy as mind? Have we ever really had a relationship with another human being? What is the nature of masturbation? What about pornography, imagination, sex fantasy? And cheating your partner, why does it exist? And what about the gay, lesbian, metrosexual, transsexual?

egypt sexWhy is Sex so important to us?
In these video-interviews these questions, and many more, are explained in explicit detail…

Series Interviews:

2012, porn, homosexuality, adultery, guidelines to Equality
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