09 February 2012

The Legend of Atlantis, the secret revealed! The Lost Continent of Atlantis

The Untold History of the Atlanteans from Atlantis, shared by an Atlantean-females coming through the Interdimensional Portal .

This is a continuation and expansion of the Series "History of Mankind"
Atlanteans -- The beginning -- Part 1: an Hour long interview with the Atlantean-female sharing about their Race, their Planet and unveiling the history of Atlantis beyond the Myths that exist today.
With over 10 hours of interviews recorded -- this is a series that you don't want to miss.
Atlanteans - Purpose and Creation - Part 2
Atlanteans - Civilization on land and water - Part 3
Atlanteans - The Emergence of Young Atlanteans - Part 4
Atlanteans - The Beginning of the END - part 5
Atlanteans - The Merging - Part 6
Atlanteans - The Evolution of Separation - Part 7
Atlanteans - Seeing Here - Part 8
Atlanteans - The Cross - Part 9
Atlanteans -- The Decision - Part 10
Atlanteans - The Friction - Part 11
Atlanteans – Isolation – Part 12
  • Thanks for sharing & placing things into perspective in regards to 'the beginning' & how these particular points that played out 'way back when' are still busy creating consequence due to us still not yet standing up, breaking the chains that have enslaved us to the past & taking full self-responsibility for all that's here & all that has even been here, as it hasn't 'gone anywhere' but has simply taken a new form...since the beginning. I'm definitely gonna stay tuned for these interviews!
  • Interesting to see how a civilization like that existed and developed themselves - such consideration for themselves and who they were - not like humanity now that only live for self-interest regardless of the consequences to the rest of humanity, the planet and what we will have to in the future
  • whether it's true or not, it's a great [hi]story though, I very enjoy the series – thank you for uploading the first part on youtube! there is so much commonsense within it, in the later parts of the series the beginnings of our Human history is revealed - absolutely amazing and well-narrated! I recommend it to all that love history, stories or/and are interested in and looking for answers 'Where did it all start?' – HERE!
  • fascinating how they were able to create as themselves and experience all aspects of their world one and equal to themselves andrew-drawings-017
There is already so much out there on the internet about the Atlanteans, but this is a real eye opener. I mean history is me, it's a part of me how I became who I am. We can't change history, but we can avoid repeating the same mistakes. So important stuff if you want to get to know yourself and want to understand how they Atlanteans already lived as one and equal to life.
  • fascinating - thanks - there is a full series of interviews from the Atlanteans on EQAFE - sharing about their experience and how we came about to where we are today within the world - i just started listening to the second interview and it's really been an eye opener, i can't wait to hear the rest of the interviews and get the full perspective of what we see before us as the world today.. thanks for posting this here.
picture by Andrew Gable
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