19 February 2012

Jesus on the Cross, symbol for Enslavement


The Symbolism of Jesus on the Cross has as main function to serve as a Warning that not even the Son of God could challenge the System.

This fear to not challenge the way things are is embedded in children from childhood and became part of consumerism and money to act as control and make sure that the status quo remains as it is on earth.

Religion are just the eye-blind that misdirect the crowd from the truth that they are slaves to the Elite. If you dare to challenge the system, you will be crucified.

Jezus aan het kruis EQUAL MONEYThe Cross screams in homes and churches all over the world. Thus-- parents will be in great fear if there children try to challenge the system and do everything to stop them and make sure the children become perfect slaves.


Bernard Poolman, February 19th


guidelines to Equality, Desteni, crucifixion, Bible, Christ, Christians, Christianity, enslavement

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