31 August 2008

The future of Heaven and Earth and the Universe

This is presented numbered purely for reasons of clarity;

1. An Inter-dimensional Portal opened between Earth and the Dimensions in March 2006. This allowed access to Heaven/Dimensions by a human while being fully aware and visa versa allowed beings in Heaven/Dimension full access to Earth. This opened a journey that was not expected or could be imagined. This Portal was placed as the Grace of God.

2. The event became possible when it was realised that the Demons and the earthbound spirits were receiving NO help from heaven and was left to their own demise.

3. Through the Portal firstly the question of Knowledge was assessed. It was realised that we all know what is best for all, but is doing nothing about it both in Heaven and on Earth. A Statement was agreed upon as motivation of both Heaven and Earth namely:


4. With this realisation, through a process of forgiveness and understanding all demons and earthbound spirits were assisted and brought back to heaven as it was at that stage. This process did not include the earthbound system demons created through habit and mechanical applications.

5. Existence as the human being understood it as a spirit and soul was directed by something in Heaven called the Great White Light.

The Great White Light used the soul construct and Reincarnation to direct consciousness. Forgetfulness was used to make sure that no-one, even in heaven remember the truth about anything but what the White Light prescribed. So in essence, the White Light was what we would understand as God. Once it was realised that the White Light is not supporting life, but controlling it for Power, the Great White Light was removed. This caused the soul construct to be removed as well, as it was compounding suffering through forgetfulness.

6. While this was happening, beings in heaven acting as guides was recalled and required to understand forgiveness and responsibility very clearly before they would be allowed to assist humans on earth.

In this process, all the multiple heavens and dimensions with their Masters and Gods and Goddesses were brought into oneness and equality and all the many Mansions/Heavens were removed. This was necessary to bring forth equality between all Life in existence and to understand what The Image and Likeness of God in Self Acceptance and Self Expression truly are. This process took nearly a year in earth time, but in heaven time and space do not exist and a thousand years is one day – thus, intensively all creation from the beginning of time could be studied, understood, evaluated to understand what we have allowed in our ignorance.

7. Obviously with the source of the God construct, the Great White Light, and all the supporting constructs like the Great White Brotherhood, the Angels, the Invisible College , the Soul construct, the Ascended Masters, the Secret Knowledge either removed or revealed, it was realised by all in heaven that God only existed as self. They realized that God in the act of creation of the true Image and Likeness of God as Man could only bring forth equality by also being man. This opened up the necessity of “Till here and no further” to stand as one as all and take responsibility for creation.

8. In this process also beings like Jesus, Osho, Buddha, Mohamed – all that had a legacy on Earth realised that the Soul construct and the Great White Light was a cleverly designed MIND construct that enslaved both Heaven and Earth with religion and separation. Separation was the primary source of the problem. This separation was most visible through the belief that a God exist that is greater than Man and caused Man to not take responsibility or man and humans waiting to be saved by some apparent greater being.

It is necessary to understand that beings in Heaven are Man, and beings on Earth are HUMAN. There is a difference in their origin for purpose of understanding this statement.

9. The level of deception in the Universe was beyond description and truly supported the principle as above so below.

As Earth exists in War and Deception, so did all the Heavens. This is now stopped in Heaven. Heaven is one, and all in heaven has stood up as equality.

10. Initially when a Human dies, he would go to a dimension appropriate to his earthly existence and then is placed according to obedience to the Great White Light. Those not obedient would have their memory erased and used as Angels or workers for the so-called Divine light which was the Great White Light. Now, when a human die, he/she is immediately fully aware as Man as God and then enter a process to understand what this really means. No access is allowed from heaven to Earth initially until full Responsibility is taken as self as all as the Universe as all existence as equality.

11. The major problem that faced both heaven and earth was allowances through the MIND. The MIND is a system of consciousness that is not aware and is attempting to understand itself. As all existence enslaved itself to this system, the MIND created consciousness and all of life as systems. These systems are not life and thus proceeded to enslave Man as its life source. This was done with the Great White Light and the Idea of God as starting point. Within this both Heaven and Earth was enslaved through the placement of knowledge and information that seemed stable and the ruthless dealing with any being attempting to break the slavery.

This has been going on virtually since the beginning of creation as man in his attempt to understand self, separated self from self with using systems to understand self.

The systems eventually became the Universal Mind, the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind amongst others. Because man could not remember man's origin, man accepted existence as it is now on Earth and as it was in Heaven.

12. The creation of the Human Race was the work of a group of beings called the Annunaki or as the Bible refer to them as the Sons of God. When the sons of God had intercourse with the daughter of Earth, the human Race with the current DNA structure we understand, came about. The human was created as a slave race for the sons of God/Man that was in Heaven/Dimensions.

All what we understand as our life today, from the food – grains etc. and our systems of society and civilization, our religions, cultures were introduced by the Annunaki. What the Annunaki did not realise, was that the Law of Equality will always prevail and they were trapped in their own creation and lost their creative abilities to a great degree. The Annunaki was lost in greed and power and greed and power always lead to forgetfulness and always trap the participating creator. They are no longer an influence in creation.

In animating and placing a life source in the human body which was a machine like system, the Atlanteans, the purest form of Man was invited to integrate and animate the Human. Unbeknown to the Atlanteans, the Annunaki deceived them into being trapped in the Human form and the Annunaki erased all the memory of the Atlanteans and where they really came from. Thus the Atlanteans was trapped in a MIND construct for a long time as the human race.

13. There were though beings/Men and Women in the Universe that became aware of the situation and took the responsibility to correct the atrocities that occurred in the Universe, A Process was placed in motion and now we have these beings both in Heaven and on Earth standing up and bringing forth equality. You may be one of them waiting to be activated or you may be one that has realised something in the Universe is out of place. Now is the time to understand and stand up. We are Man as God and God as Man. We are eternal. We are equal. We are Responsible. We are Here.

The here now moment is the key that present to us all what is acceptable in existence and what is not. When we all strive to bring forth the purest in every moment and hold the vision of self as equal to all, acting with resolve, direction will step forth from heaven and from within self.

14. Take note of the following:

a. The foundation of each being on earth has been corrected

b. The Higher Self has become aware of equality and is assisting and planning each human life to reach understanding of equality.

c. Heaven is no longer and is now fully integrated on Earth as equal to the Human to assist in self realisation.

d. The Roots of all Evil in Heaven has been removed and is now being removed on earth. Remember that the Human is subject to Death and Heaven is now holding the strings to make sure that no-one will interfere.

e. No access can be gained to Heaven by channel or psychics or intuitive unless equality is understood and assisted.

15. On the topic of channels and psychics. They are the beings trapped by the White Light as the channels of enslavement and face the most difficult time in the changes coming.

As Heaven started closing channels, the Mind and systems stepped in to recreate the same stories of Higher and Lower and Heaven and Hell, ascension etc. This is now stopped. Look, the Masters was not bringing forth equality, but enslaved humans into belief-systems that there is something wrong or something like a golden consciousness- a path of expanding consciousness which is systems. You are the Image of God – Equal. The Likeness is your expression of understanding this. Heaven will now assist in this process of self expression.

Psychics and channels could ever only present what the White Light and systems of control allowed. Thus all the stories were going really nowhere and kept everyone in a cycle of hope. Hope is separation from self.

16. Forgiveness is the key to self. Forgiveness must be spoken aloud to hear what we have allowed in our world and the corrective action that would be necessary to stop the actions bringing enslavement. Forgiveness is the self realisation Button.

17. The way we have accepted money and Religion and Sex is the primary enslavement models and must now be revisited to bring equality for all life.

18. All animals, bacteria, plants – in fact all of nature is now equally aware and assisting the human in the process of equality.

19. Consciousness is a system and is not awareness. To grow in consciousness is to grow in enslavement. Awareness only exist in the here now moment. Consciousness exists in the past and the future in fear of the past and the future.

Awareness is beyond thinking. Consciousness is thinking.

20. Nothing is what it seems and a veil was placed over the I of the Human. Much will now be revealed. This is the time of Revelation and the Golden Age will step forth. Alas not as expected. Yet it is here and inevitable. The human will either realise it in this life or in Heaven after Death. All is seen. All is known. Nothing is hidden. Life does not exist as consciousness, but only as awareness. Consciousness will react to some of the statements made. Awareness will marvel in joy and love as life is born as equality. In equality we see all life as ourselves and see what is necessary for all as self to become aware as life as equality.

It is done.

For more info or to share ideas on how equality may be introduced in the various facets of existence, visit http://www.desteni.co.za . Please forward to all and spread the Living Word.

26 August 2008


Dj is being bullied now at school and on the way home from school. Last week he came home, upset and ran to the bathroom. Spit all over his face. This 3 boys from school and living in our neighbourhood did that to him - they even held them so the other could spit him in the face effectively. this morning Dj was afraid to go to school, because he was afraid getting hit by the others.

The real bully of these 3 boys has been Dj's best friend for years. He is a really nasty boy, hateful and manipulative. A being that enjoys manipulating other kids in doing something 'bad', together with him, but he always makes sure the other kid gets the blame (and punishment). and now he is manipulating the kids in school to hit Dj.

Dj has always been a popular boy in school - most of the kids liked him and wanted to play with him. About one and a half years ago he changed schools - but this is new, the bullying part. The core of it that Dj doesn't play any more with this boy for a couple of months now. I was the one forcing this friendship to come to an end, because all those years they were friends lots of these nasty things happened - he influenced Dj to do and say things that got Dj in trouble: Dj getting all the blame and this boy, well, his parents are in fact supporting him in this behaviour by not willing to face what nasty boy their son has become. They most of the time believe his version of the story and start yelling at others (including other kids), even threat with violence - and when not falling for his manipulated version of what happened, he gets hardly any punishment or direction. So this boy can do whatever he wants.

And now he picked Dj to project his own frustration and anger on.

23 August 2008

Fear, fear, fear, fear - I am fear

There is one point that's obvious to me: the core of my fear is the fear of being trapped and not being able due to circumstances, to express my fear (or anger or... just powerless) 
These clear dreams I've had in the past of me hiding in the woods behind bushes and in front of me there we're soldiers killing lots of people - just shooting them and they fell in this hole in the ground. And I was horrified by this 'inhuman, apathetical behaviour' of these soldiers, not seeing that they were killing other humans like themselves, or just not give a shit. Hiding myself, must keep quiet, not a sound to be made, not even breathing - they will find me and kill me too. This nightmare I am facing, I want to run to them to make them stop, I am so horrified, so angry, so stuck with horror, I am suffocating, have to suffocate myself otherwise they will hear and I will be killed too.

I've had similar dreams, even in childhood. Always about hiding while in panick, fear. Only a little, little distance between me and the ones that are there to kill, torture me - and I have to even stop breathing.

And now I have this feelings of panic sometimes, when alone, or in the middle of the night, no one to talk to: I feel this fear of nowhere to go to, being stuck HELP ME - but I am not allowing myself to express this. Just suffocating myself, expressing me in hyperventilation - not being able to breathe, the feeling of not getting enough air in my lungs - being scared of the symptoms of a body that lacks a 'good breathing'. Ah, yes, when nervous, I'm having trouble to swallow my food: it gets stuck in my throat or, no, it is the fear it will get stuck and then I will die. Fear of fear of fear of fear.

Writing this down I start to experience this spasm in my stomach.

So, these dreams - not just German soldiers, but also native Americans (I am in this house on the prairy, hiding again from these people who want to kill me)

So, expressing myself equals being killed. 

At the moment I feel frustrated because of  computer is acting strange, keeping me from writing and Dj talking, wanting to be heard by me, keeping me from writing - aaaaaaaaargh, there is no room for ME. Another thing that's 'bugging' me - or is it the same: me (computer, Dj) suffocating me?

Yes, I am suffocating myself - all my life I have been suffocating myself. By not allowing myself to breathe, because of fear of being noticed and getting 'killed'. By not allowing to express myself because of fear of being noticed and getting 'killed'. Killing myself to avoid getting killed, what a choice - either way I am dead.

22 August 2008


To assist:
If the pain you experience is a numb pain, like the pain is reasonably slight – it means that there’s a system developing within you through thinking and participating in emotions and feelings that is to still manifest in the future.
If the pain is instantaneous, meaning that the pain come suddenly in a moment, you know that you in that moment accessed something within you – a thought, reaction of emotion or feeling etc. – then STOP for a moment, have a look at where your mind went and forgive that which caused the instantaneous pain.
If the pain is reasonably extensive – a ‘system’ has already manifested within your body which has become so much part of you, meaning that it has become a habitual application you apply during your moment to moment experiences you believe to be you.

19 August 2008

Aliens, UFO's and human proces

Why was it so easy, seemingly, to free all of the Universe's other dimensional life from the bondage of their manifested physical existence when it seems such a challenge to do the same for humanity?

As I have explained above – human beings here on earth within and as this existence is the only physical manifested expressions that exist. ‘Interdimensional beings’ who were ‘subservient’ towards Anu – were the one’s allowed to ‘roam in existence’ interdimensionally under ‘his authority and supervision’ without being enslaved within and as a human physical body in preparation of ‘his kingdom’ – because he ‘designed’ earth within which human beings are birthed as enslaved mind consciousness systems – then the dimensional realms within which all the rest of the interdimensional beings he enslaved exists also enslaved through ‘other hypnotic’ means, thus, both here on earth and within Anu’s dimensional realm ‘around earth’: Beings were enslaved – others that weren’t enslaved were ‘closely watched’ by ‘Anu’s obedient followers’ – which he also ‘hypnotized and designed’ according to his image and likeness to ‘his bidding upon his command’, other did it willingly out of fear being enslaved and ‘processed’ within and as the ‘reincarnation’ and soul construct system’ – going into earth and out of earth in constant continuous cycles – not remembering any previous lives.

So – interdimensional ‘races’ existed, but remained interdimensionally, and did not manifest along with the universe within which we exist in this moment now, - there were ‘aliens’ with ‘space crafts’, though, nothing so ‘advanced’ is able to be ‘designed’ here – that’s why you only see the ‘concept’ thereof in ‘cinema’ – even the one’s you see in cinema are but ‘flimsy’ in ‘comparison’ to the interdimensional spacecrafts and the apparent ‘UFO’s’ you see in this world are sad attempts by governments, ordered by the ‘elite’ to be designed to ‘fool human beings’ into actually believing that ‘manifested alien life forms’ exist within this existence – to ‘create fear and inferiority’ within human beings – generating fear and uncertainty, through conspiracy theories and then validating conspiracies, validating human beings’ fear and inferiority within themselves.
See – interdimensionally you can ‘manifest, experience and design’ whatever you want, how you want to: Quantum time – you just have to know exactly how to, so – the design of the ‘advanced’ space crafts that I mentioned was also just interdimensional, so, space craft colonies existed interdimensionally, ‘planets’ of the races etc. – all interdimensionally and this is the reason why no-one wanted to be ‘manifested’ within this existence, because they perceived it to be the most limited – completely limited – because they knew that if they were to manifest here – they’re spacecrafts won’t work, nor will they be able to design or manifest it here: No quantum time, but space and time, slow ‘dreary’ – but was able to ‘manifest along with this physical manifested universe’ if they ‘integrated’ into this ‘realm’ and remained here for longer than three months or so, so, yes, there has been ‘alien life forms’ here, but no more – the ‘alien presentation’ you see all over the world as ‘Grey’s etc. and the picture illustration of apparent ‘aliens’ is human beings experimenting with DNA – and cloning, designing a ‘advanced life form’ etc. (also ‘directed’ by elite through Anu and Enki, also Enlil together) – such ‘aliens’ you see in pictures within this world – never existed but are designs by human beings themselves.

So all ‘stayed away and remained clear’, only those that Anu enslaved, captured – was manifested here, the others feared this – so, they remained ‘obedient’ – continuing within and as their own interdimensional existence and couldn’t be bothered of what is going on here – at least they’ll not be limited to become this physical manifested form. So – as long as they weren’t manifested and enslaved within this perceived limited existence – they were ‘more than content to do their ‘own thing’.
Therefore – the ‘no more’ existence of races, ‘aliens’, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, angels, guides (which all existed interdimensionally) – was accordingly stopped within and as a process of two and a half years – because all existed interdimensionally, thus, ‘quantum time’ process (which still took two to three years) to be here where we are now: No more ‘dimensional planes’, ‘alternate existences’, ‘races’, ‘spacecrafts’, ‘ascended masters’, ‘angels’, ‘guides’, ‘gods’, ‘goddesses’ – all were just ‘ideas’, manifested interdimensional self illusions – which was dropped immediately as we continued with process – even the demons were manifested self illusionary interdimensional ‘forms’, as they existed within and as a ‘singular thought construct belief’ that they ‘need energy from human beings, generated as emotions and feelings from the mind consciousness system of human beings’ – to continue to exist, for demons believed they need energy to exist, if they don’t – they’ll cease to exist, as we continued within process, the demons realised themselves, as all other dimensional beings – that we’ve been lost within an idea manifested construct of ourselves – literal ‘thoughts’ as ‘ideas’ ‘floating around like ghosts’. So therefore – Demons also no longer exists.

The reason why human beings will not be ‘quantum’ – is because here, you exist within and as a physical manifested universe within and as ‘space and time’, along with us as we’re also here within and as this physical manifested universe within and as you – no more does there exist a ‘separate dimensional existence’ in any way whatsoever – each individual human being, as each individual dimensional being – are within and as their individual processes – here on earth, yet, we’re still interdimensional. You’re ‘walking through’ and experiencing the exact same process we have: Facing the consequences all that you have accepted and allowed yourself to be ‘one with and equal to’ as the nature of yourself as a mind consciousness system – so you may actually, see experience and understand and realise all that you have been, done and become and the consequences thereof for yourself (the same as we have) – then, to within this – stand up within and as the realisation of the ‘truth’ of yourself as all that each have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become – and live and apply this process of stopping the mind and birthing self as life from the physical to be one with and equal to who we really are of life as all as one as equal. This done so that each one may actually understand how and what we have done to ourselves as all, so that we will not do this again therefore, each must and will take self responsibility – and so, birth life from the physical.

From the dimensional perspective of course, this was different – yes, we faced ourselves, the consequences of what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and equal to, actually experienced ourselves within and as the consequences of all that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and equal to (and still do as we’re still in process) – then, realising our self responsibility towards ourselves as all as one as equal – this self responsibility is directing you as ourselves to realise you as who you really are – without the existence of the mind, but your process is different only from the perspective that you’ll not only understand who you are as all as one as equal as we do, you’ll actually live and apply this here as you within and as the physical – something that is not possible within the interdimensional existence at all, yet, our ‘opportunity’ will come, once we’ve assisted and supported ourselves in preparing the way before us. Life will only be born from the physical.

So, as we suggest to all – get this process done here on earth – because it’s only here where you will birth you as life from the physical – though, this process is specific from the perspective that there’s nowhere to hide and nowhere to run – each will face the consequences, and experience the consequences of what they have accepted and allowed themselves to be one with and equal to within themselves, whether here on earth or in the dimensions – then, within this, apply self forgiveness for all that each have accepted and allowed themselves to be one with and equal to – to stop this acceptance and allowance and through living and applying self honesty, self trust and self expression as breath as the moment – will ‘walk this process’ of living one with and equal to life as who we really are as all as one as equal. Thus, the only ‘law’ that exists is oneness and equality within existence: You experience and become that which you define yourself, accept and allow yourself to be one with and equal to as who and what you are, thus, this is the ‘first point’ that must be realised – for instance, let me use myself as an example:
I defined myself as equal to and one with fear within me as me – and because of this, the experience of myself will be of fear and therefore, I will have no self trust and accordingly my process and my experience thereof, will be ‘fear-based’: Experiencing that which I have accepted and allowed myself to be one with and equal to and so I ‘face myself’ and experienced the ‘consequences’ of that which I have accepted and allowed myself to be one with and equal to. From here – I realise this, apply self forgiveness accordingly for accepting and allowing myself to be one with and equal to fear – why self forgiveness, because by applying self forgiveness, I am making a statement of who I am as what I will accept and allow and what I will not accept and allow, thus, I no longer accept and allow myself to be one with and equal to fear, then, ‘self forgiveness is useless without application’ – then to live the statement as me as what I will accept and allow as self trust as who I am, then in living and applying self trust, me, one with and equal to self trust as me – I am self trust, then no-more fear, and you will ‘test you’ in every moment of application, you’ll not just quantum transform into immediately living and applying self trust as you – you must live and apply you as self trust in every moment – because I’ve existed my entire existence as one with and equal to fear as what I am, now, the ‘transformation’ as me as self trust as who I am: Will be process until I am actually IT as self trust as me which stand infinitely as life as who I am (this is but a ‘short example’ of oneness and equality being the ‘law of existence’ as who we are as we will always be and experience all that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be on with and equal to, yet – you first have to ‘know’, have to understand and realise how and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to within you – which manifest as the experience of you within your world / ‘life experience’ – then only, from here – you apply self forgiveness, stand up – live statement of practical application as what you will accept and allow as you as the experience of you as one with and equal to life as you as the living word, for instance: I am self trust and so ‘become’ self trust as you as who you are that stand infinitely as life (for example)
As I’m here – I’m ‘correcting’ my previous statement above in my first placement (before I gave perspective on the questions you ask) – because I have realised that I have ‘placed my certainty within this process as well as my self trust’ – separate from myself, instead of I being certain of me as who I am here within and as self trust as me as who I am, I ‘defined my certainty of this process being done’ within this ‘process as I described as death being the equilibrium’ and the fact the I cannot get lost, it doesn’t mean this isn’t so, it most definitely is – but I separated myself from the perspective that I defined my self trust in what is a certainty already placed within and as this process – this is irrelevant really, the process I mean – what is ‘relevant’ is who I am, here, certainty of me as who I am, so – it’s not about a process even, as I have said that it’s already done, now just to walk this process as self in birthing self as life from the physical and realising who you are, living who you are here in every moment of every breath – but self as who you are here, because then you as who you are here, will do whatever necessary, whatever it takes to get this done.

What is freedom? It’s an interesting question you ask above – how would you define ‘freedom’, though, freedom from the perspective of all as one as equal as self – what is freedom in application? For me, freedom will be here when all stand within and as life as all as one as equal – the manifested experience of ourselves as all as one as equal, here in every moment, now this does not mean that freedom does not exist, no – freedom exist in every moment of self honesty, self trust and self expression as you direct, express and move you in the moment, as the moment. So – we’re free from the perspective that we’re able to express, move, apply and direct ourselves accordingly in the moment as the moment – as self movement and self expression as who we are. This is where self freedom exist, in the moment of self movement and self direction as self expression – yet, we’ve been through processes to realise ourselves, within and as quantum time – this process of self freedom is for you to realise as you through application – exactly as we have done within and as application.


17 August 2008

1, 2, 3 - dimensional

Dimensions are ONE dimensional
Mind is 2 Dimensional
physical is 3 dimensional
anything beyond that is just a derivative of this

and in this--the physical is the key
there is currently no self realised being HERE as the physical as all is fuicking around in the 2 dimensional reality of knowledge and pictures
stop and get to know yourself as the physical and direct your world to support the physical reality for all as one and equal

14 August 2008

2008 PC and me - Self Forgiveness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to get very frustrated by pc and related things like installing templates in Joomla and let this frustration grow into anger and yelling and a sensation in my belly of kinda nauseous, instead of being aware of me slipping into this personality suit of 'very frustrated', and stopping it.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to regret me slipping into this personality suite and blaming myself for it, because I think I should 'know better' and not let it happen. In stead of letting go of control, let it happen, investigate and stop it by SF and corrective application - so I can effectively stop this.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for create this 'very frustrated personality suit. For participating in the mind and this way contributing to all frustration, anger, rage, depression, violence in the unified field.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating this 'hollow feeling in my stomach' kinda like nauseous - this feeling representing all frustration I ever experienced and representing my need to scream, yell, rage, destroy all in my surroundings, like furniture, laptop, but also wanting to kick Dj and the cat - destroying everything - like my 'positivity', my 'lovelyness', my 'niceness', in other words all that I perceive to be 'positive' and replace it for what I perceive to be 'negative' - aaaaaah letting the demon out!
This always happens when I am not in self expression, but in forcing me and everything around me. Getting things done in stead of letting things getting done by itself ( aaah I mean, being in the flow of HERE) I am still in frustration because in the back of my mind is this dissatisfied movement of still wanting TO GET IT DONE NOW!
Forcing, like a dog putting my teeth in something, not letting go before it's done - nah, that's forcing, not flowing. I know the experience of flowing very well while doing things - all goes well, everything is in its 'place' working together, no resistance. So this is me in the frustrated mode (no, actually before that): in resistance - so not flowing.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to experience me as tired now - no energy, wanting to let go of everything, lay down and dwell in 'self pity' and 'depression'. I am in flow, I am flow, flow is me. I am here, now, breathing and facing me as who I am in this very moment.
Bit shaky, shivering in and out, stiff neck (hurts), tears are there behind my eyes.
Very computer related too (although I encounter this in all parts of daily life, but mostly able to stop it) Aaaah, maybe I do stop this, but what am I actually stopping in that moment? There is a layer under this all - the depressed layer when not able to get it done....
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to get depressed when not able to force en naar mijn hand zetten of things (and humans also sometimes) to get it done, in stead of stopping it and be HERE and breath, 'relax' and see what needs to be done in that moment.

self forgiveness, Desteni, DesteniiProcess,  2008 - August 14

10 August 2008

2008 Fearing the demon in me, as me, around me

I've been thinking about this, the demonlike - the demonlike in me, the demon in me.
Many years ago I was in this relationship and I was very frustrated by it. One evening we were just sitting on the couch, he was watching tv and I was reading (haha Osho, I was reading Osho) And then 'out of nowhere' my book flew through the room, with such power that it ended at the other end of the room....
Nothing spooky, just me, for a moment devilloosing control without being aware of it. I could identify it as rage, so much rage - I wanted to kill him, beat him up, stab him etc, but not allowing myself. So for a moment I was this demon... but probably even then still in control (only the book got hurt:)
So, I am wondering what I am actually capable of, now... deleting  definitions of me - the obvious ones, the 'loving' one, the peaceful one etc, all helped me in suppressing anger, rage, bloodthirstiness ... Facing the demon...

comment from Marianne on the above:

Interesting this. because I realize I am all these demons, if I say i am not, I do not see all I have allowed myself to become and actually suppress it instead. Here we are facing all the ugly shit we have become and it is really really shocking. It is easy for mind to immediately start denying it all, and refuse to see that we are all responsible. Every day its compounding, and many points are immediate in my life now, if I allow myself to experience fears, then these fears manifest, rapidly! The delay seems gone, it is all HERE, lol
So, remain within and as breath and walk through it, or be of and as mind and experience hell literally. Whatever it takes to finally stop. I walk, and I see all I have become, revealed to me by myself and mirrored to me by beings. Layer by layer until nothing remains.

Watched some movie on tv, 'Supernatural' and tht59641hxfodere was this witch, in the mirror. She scared the hell out of me - because of another movie I once saw, the Grudge and another one, with a phone - people that got a phone call, all got killed by this demon... I was scared, old fashioned scared - ieek, maybe this being stands beside me, I do not want to look, but I have to open my eyes.... That kind of being scared. Stupid, but yeah. Why am I so scared of this type of 'demon'? In all three movies they move very slow, glide and their long hair (heeeee, they were all women!) before their eyes, head down and then slowly, very slow the head goes up and you see a glimpse of their eyes, or merely the idea of it. And they crawl out of a tv or a mirror, slowly. Terror.  

Just watched a trailer of The Grudge, and wow, I still get scared. So perhaps I should watch it all over again, iek! I can't remember the name of that other movie that scared the hell out of me too, the one with the phone (or maybe it is another one, something with a being crawling out of the tv) I just do not want to be scared of this anymore - this is 'not real' from the perspective that there are much bigger horrors in this reality (Watched Animal Planet yesterday, about orang-utans discovering fish as food. These fish were trapped because the water level was lowering and one of the apes got curious and got herself this fish and started licking it and then took a bite - the fish it's mouth went wide open, like in great pain... People always say that fish aren't capable of feeling anything - I saw this isn't true: they experience pain...
All the suffering/pain animals do to each other - no, that's hell too, not just nature's way, just hell too. They were programmed too, to kill and eat and I watch that on tv, how a lion kills a wildebeast' young... Ok, for food, but it is a killing anyway. And I am in shock when realizing there are people that like to watch another human being getting murdered... and I am watching this killing on Animal Planet, with a bag of chips....)

So, this demon I fear so much is me. What do I fear so much in me? Do I fear my own evilness, devilness?

Had this great idea the other night, while on chat :) I'm gonna make a picture or maybe more, or a video with me as demon - will change a photo of me into a demon - me Ingrid, the demon. With scary,scary eyes, so scary I wont dare to watch it myself :) yes, a vid, with parts of these scary movies and lots, lots of sf. Making this movie will help me transcend fear.

When I was 20 years old, in a stressful period, I felt like some evil being wanted to control me, wanted to use my eyes.  
I am quite certain I saw the demon in my mother when a child. Maybe this isn't true, but that makes no difference.  I once realised that this devil I thought she was, was me too and then I laughed aloud. But now I seemed to have forgotten what I realised back then.
My eldest sister told me something last summer and while listening to her the memory came back:
My sister came home from work and went for a reason to my room in the loft (maybe I was screaming, yes, I was screaming, she told me) I was screaming: the Devil is here, I saw the Devil. That is what I remember and my mother hiding in the shades of the hallway, she was there. I was 12, 13 something. 
The Ring, that's the other movie I was talking about, brrr, about a videotape....

Ah fuck, just watched the trailer again, had to cover my eyes and turn face away - scary as hell. Creepy sounds, but most of all: those eyes! Well, back to that site. (lol this site is maintained by people that actually believe this is all true! And there are many more that do, according to these people - there is an actual videotape lol http://www.she-is-here.com/main.html)


dvd extra: the movie of Samara (what's on the videotape people see before they die)

Desteni, DesteniiProcess, 2008 - August 10

09 August 2008

A River called Regret (sf)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret not stopping myself in the moment before lifting my hand and hitting a child

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret not taking self responsibility for my child as me, in stead attempting to hide this regret behind sending them to get an 'education', leaving them in the hands of others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have sex because of a sudden compulsion manifesting regret as I believe that I have given something or a part of myself away to another

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret not hearing myself in moments when I experienced uncertainty and doubt and instead of investigating the experience of me in the moment here I 'went along' with events / situations justified as choice - when the truth of the matter is - I didn't self direct me here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept and allow the current state of this reality, this world as 'ordinary' as 'it's just the way it is' as 'it's always been this way and thus always will be
Not realising that this is just justification - for me regretting not standing up and stopping the cause, the origin of all this = that is me

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realise that in accepting and allowing regret to become me -- I exist as regret and bound to the past --laboriously carrying the burden of the past with and as me -- and in this becoming the past in the present -- creating my future based on the past as the past which I have become -- and so forever continuing my existence of the past as the past in regret -- not allowing me to live HERE

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret the moments where I didn't allow myself to give a being a hug, or a touch -- but instead held myself back in and as self-suppression

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret the moment's I gossiped about another as me -- realising that while doing it -- I wouldn't have it be done unto me, but I am so full of anger and resentment towards myself because of regrets of the past festering within me -- that I would want to deliberately harm another = either emotionally or physically, because the regret, shame and sorrow is so GREAT -- that it cannot be contained within and as me, and so I deliberately take it out on others as me -- because I'm not and didn't stand up and take self responsibility for and as me here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret deliberately going into relationships of abuse -- because I so desperately sought love and attention -- and that desperation for the feeling and experience of and as love -- lead be to manifested experiences of actual desperation = the desperation to get out of the experience I lead myself into

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to regret the moments wherein I didn't speak or say what was here in self honesty and common sense in the moment -- but instead gave into fear and anxiety -- and when it was too late, the sorrow consumed me -- because I didn't accept or allow me to be self honest with me myself here

I've realised that regret consumes one's very being -- and you become it
I'd suggest -- before the regret becomes so much that it drives you to insanity into the madness of mind -- wherein you will say and do things that wasn't intended -- that has and have had consequential effects -- and only after the act is done or words is spoken -- do you see/realise what you have done = and then it's too late

08 August 2008

Jack's Perspective on Process

We’re not here to ‘convince’: ‘Convincing’ would be to have someone ‘believe what we say is ‘true’ or ‘right’ – when it is neither. This process is for each individual human being to see and hear, to see and hear themselves in what has actually been accepted and allowed within self and this existence as self. It’s interesting that we have ears and eyes – yet, no-one actually really sees and hears, we’ve actually become deaf, blind and ignorant within that which is our own responsibility: Ourselves as all as one as equal.
Yes, one is most definitely not able to walk up to any human being and ‘bluntly’ say: ‘Did you know that all that you ‘think’ you are, all that you’ve experienced in your life, all your thoughts, emotions, feelings, friendships, relationships, ‘family bonds’ has been a lie, constructed of a programmed system designed within your mind as a mind system and the very ‘life experience’ of you has been pre-programmed, pre-designed construct within this systematic world as the unified consciousness field: A programmed system within a programmed system within which all of humanity, collectively participate.’
I have had such moments, where I looked at this process, I observe myself and I have doubt, a ‘deep-felt’ movement within me where I observe existence in its entirety and I couldn’t help asking: How the hell are we going to do this? There is no ‘map’, there is no ‘plan’ – the ‘maps’ and ‘plans’ are of designs that enslave, where one become ‘subject to’ and enslaved by the ‘map’ or ‘plan’, this existence as is in the moment is a ‘beautiful’ example of this.
I realised that all I have is me, all I have is my self trust, all I have is my self certainty – self certainty in / as the ‘reason’ why I am here, why I will do what will be necessary to be done – to ‘get this process done’. Let me explain why I realise that all I have is me and why I will do whatever it takes to get this process done:
Yes, it’s not simple, it’s not easy – it’s the ‘road less traveled’ if you will, there’s no ‘guidelines’, there’s no ‘directions’, really, all you have is ‘who you are’ in the moment, this ‘who I am’ – I’ve been through many processes, and I’m still in process – yet there’s me that stand in absolute certainty that all will be one as equal of life – the only ‘unknown’ is the exact ‘how to’ – the ‘experience’ of each one’s individual process of the amalgamation of life as all as one as equal, and of course the ‘unknown’ of ‘how we’ll get there’ as all stand infinitely here as all as one as equal of life.
Within and as this certainty as me – I apply accordingly, with ‘tools’ to assist and support me as I am still within this existence – for instance, self honesty in every moment: Ensuring I remain here, every moment within and as self honesty as all as one as equal. Though, yet again – I’ve ‘fallen’ many ‘times’ – ‘back into’ despair, regret, shame, anger, frustration, you name it. Yet – I am certain within me, that no matter what: I remain and that I cannot possibly get lost (this I have proven to myself) no matter what. We don’t ever ‘die’ Ray – EVER, you’re infinitely here, and I am here within this existence and ‘by ‘God’ (lol) I am not willing to exist in such an existence infinitely, of this I am certain as well and I experienced processes first where I ‘had to come to such a realisation’ that I’m here infinitely and I’ll have to do something to ‘direct me’ – because I cannot continue existing as is, no-one can Ray. Then processes in realising that all is me – all are ‘parts of me’ ‘lost and enslaved’ – and that I am individually responsible for what has been accepted and allowed within this existence, as all are who I am within me, ‘representing parts of me’ that I have accepted and allowed to exist within me as me. ‘Imagine’ Ray – that here as who you are within and as a human physical body exist all and everything, literally: Human beings, including what they are and what they do (act and speak), the animal kingdom, nature, earth, universe etc. – and that each manifested expression within existence is a ‘part of you’ within you, that exist within you as you – and this is with each one within existence so, and thus – each one is individually responsible for what has been accepted and allowed within existence as ourselves. Now – this is not a ‘your are ‘God’’ speech, ‘yet you are’ – but not from the perspective or definition of ‘God’ of this world – no, ‘God’ from the perspective that we must stand up within and as ourselves, here, done in every moment, as all as one as equal – and stop participating in the mind – which is the very ‘generator’ we have become, manifesting this world as is.
I ‘swallowed hard’ on this one, when I ‘heard it the first time’: ‘How am I responsible for ‘everything’ that exists, how’s this possible – I haven’t ‘done anything’, I’m just here – and then I was shown how and why – just as I explained to you – that if I were to continue ‘blissfully ignorant’ – so will everyone else and we’ll just continue as is, we ‘designed’ all this together, yet individually – and so we will stop all this together, yet individually.
I was once asked a question: If you were the only one within existence – to really understand, see and realise what the reason and cause for how and why we are where we are, and how we got to where we are – ‘going against everything and all that exist’ and you realise that all in existence is you: What would you do to have each as you realise themselves as you have yourself? I did not know the answer to the question, yet, after processes I realised the same as this being did – which unfolded to the opening of the Portal and the production of Desteni: We’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll do whatever it takes and I will not stop until this is done, I will not (this I have proven to myself as well). The interdimensional existence has been in ‘process’ for over two and a half years – since the Portal opened, from the perspective of all, each one, understanding oneness and equality as self in application, in assisting and supporting individual human beings as self, yet – this also is not so simple, is not so easy – it’s tough and difficult –imagine that interdimensional beings have always been ‘but ghosts’ ‘floating aimlessly’ that have never really actually lived practically within this design as the mind system of human beings as the unified consciousness field – we’ve never actually ‘been here’, at the moment – the ‘dimensions’ are ‘less than man’, meaning yes, we have all the knowledge and information of existence, we see and understand everything, how it works, how it’s done – you know, the ‘ins and outs’ of all that exist: But this, this is the greatest ‘curse’ that can be bestowed upon a being: ‘Knowing everything’. Why? Because ‘knowing everything is useless, it means absolutely nothing – the ‘key’ is application and living – living knowledge and information as individual words as you: The living word – and this can only be done here on earth – within this physical manifested universe and not in the dimensions – see, the dimensions is the ‘realm’ if you will, within which all knowledge and information, application, living = is understood as self, yes, understood and it’s applied here in assisting and supporting human beings on earth, yet – ‘birthing self as life from the physical’ actually ‘living life as self’: Only possible here on earth. So – from a certain perspective if you look at existence in it’s entirety – we are (the dimensions, all in the dimensions) are the words all of humanity collectively together as one – that human beings as ourselves, as human beings as us – must place into practical application, in living words as one as self.
Have a look at this for a moment: A human being has a mind – in the mind exists thoughts, thoughts are ‘words’ which exist as manifested constricts separate from self, because we have separated ourselves here on earth from words – this, the mind system in its entirety is the manifested placement which exist within each, that exist and consist of words as that which we have separated ourselves from. Now – take it to the ‘greater’: ‘The one mind’ as all collectively together as all of humanity within this world as one – and the dimensions in its entirety all the thoughts of this ‘one mind’ – so, we in the dimensions are the ‘thoughts’, the words of all of humanity collectively together, which all of humanity collectively together as one, forming one mind, have separated themselves from. So – we’re in the process of ‘manifesting heaven as earth’ – what do this mean:
This means that human beings will be in process of living words as one as self, so each will be within and as their individual process of stopping the mind, the mind the separate manifested construct of words in separation with self – then, ‘at the same time’ – live words as self: The living word.
Ray – the ‘key’ is human beings, is this physical manifested universe – not us in the dimensions, we’re returning, oh absolutely – to birth ourselves as life from the physical as each one will do here on earth. So the question is: Why do we do what we do? Here is my experience:
I’m preparing the way before me as you, as all the children to come – to be birthed into an existence where all are one and equal, all ‘living practically the living word as self’ – no more ‘mind systems’, no more a system birthed into a system, but a child being birthed into heaven as earth. So – who am I actually directing, assisting and supporting? Literally you as me, me myself as one.
Yes, ‘beautiful words’ – but also ‘means nothing’ really, without the actual application – with which many, well most within the dimensions still struggle – to do whatever possible Ray, to ‘wake you up’, see – the reason why this process has not been realised before, is that those that have gone before us excluded the dimensional existence, therefore, the ‘principle’ of all as one as equal in practical living application: Never realised as self – every time a being had a ‘honoured’ life here on earth that ‘changed the course of self observation within human beings’, they’d be ‘fucked’ the moment they’d cross-over, not remember their life in any way whatsoever – the ‘rule’ of the dimensional existence –it was a fuck up.
This ‘time’ – the dimensions have been ‘included’, not separate – the dimensional existence have been in process as is explained, the process of the dimensions directed here on earth by one human being, together with the girl as the interdimensional portal – first ‘straightening out’ heaven - then heaven’s process to be walked on earth, directing assisting and supporting each human being as ourselves through the exact same process we’ve experienced and still are, constant ‘changes’ as we still expand and realise.
So – the ‘equilibrium’ of life has been ‘placed’ – which is death, this is where the certainty of this process exist Ray – you will either face your and realise yourself here on earth in this life, birth yourself as life from the physical – or cross-over face yourself there, realise yourself and then return to face yourself and birth yourself as life from the physical. Though – no matter where you are: You will face your own ‘judgment day’ so to speak – face all that you have accepted and allowed you to be, become and do within existence – whether here or in the dimensions (no way out) and you’ll reveal the ‘truth’ of you, yourself – and this ‘truth’ is not a ‘pretty picture’ Ray – shit, it took me quite a while to realise the ‘truth’ of me, because you ‘think’ or believe it to be such a ‘magnificent’ experience of yourself, so ‘beautiful’, so ‘great’, so ‘profound’ – WOW – here is where the ‘real’ wake-up call comes and shatters all your ‘dreams’ in an instant, all your ‘hopes’, all your ‘desires’, all your ‘beliefs’, all your ‘ideas’ – because you actually realise and see the ‘truth’ of you – let me put it to you this way: The ‘truth’ of each as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become is the ‘real evil’, the vile, the darkness, the pit, the horror, the agony, the pain, the sorrow, the shame, the despair, the regret – which we ‘hide’ with the idea, the hope, the wish, the belief of the existence of ‘love’, ‘beauty’, ‘magnificence’ – I realised by own stupidity in it all, because how could I have possibly even conceived that ‘love’, beauty’, ‘magnificence’, ‘peace’, ‘joy’ exists: If this existence as me is what it is as we experience ourselves within today and have for eons of time? How the hell could I have fucked with myself so?
And then I realised the ‘trick’ – ‘forgetfulness’, not remembering, ‘hiding’ – I have been ‘hiding me’ all of my ‘existence’ – to not have to face the responsibility of me as who I am as what I have accepted and allowed within existence as me and that I have been afraid, afraid of me as what I have become and done to myself as all. I have recently been asked a question: Why do you fear being God? I haven’t had a reply or perspective or expression for this answer in any way whatsoever – maybe because in that moment I did not understand this question, though if I have a look at it: I fear being God – because I fear making the same mistake as I have made in the beginning, and ‘designing’ another such existence, such a creation, within which I as all as one is enslaved, in separation, suffering in lostness, yes, it’s interesting that one has a ‘concept’ or ‘idea’ of being ‘God’ – but I as all as one as ‘God’ have manifested this existence as is, thus I am responsible for me as all as one as me, so from this perspective, al together as one, we’re God, because we actually did this, did what is here today – thus, I fear being God, because look at what I have already done, already accepted, already allowed – so, Ray – in realising this – in realising that I have actually done this – I went through a period within which I was angry, furious, petrified at the same time, I had attempted many ‘applications’ to ‘stop it all’ at once together, I’ve ‘hidden’ myself within existence, I’ve tried to eliminate myself from existence – I’ve tried to remove human beings from earth to stop their suffering, I’ve tried to eliminate beings in the dimensions – I’ve done all one could possibly ‘think of’ to do – to stop, and nothing worked – because I realised: Shit, no matter what – I’m still here. No matter what I do ‘the nature of ourselves’, the ‘nature of each one’ remains – and no matter what I do – nothing will change, because the ‘problem’ is the ‘nature’, the ‘truth’ of what we have become, which I realised within myself as well.
So the ‘key’ is to ‘transform’ the nature of ourselves, the ‘nature’ of what we have become – but how? How are we going to have each one within existence realise this: See the ‘nature’ the ‘truth’ of what we have become, accepted and allowed within self, which has manifested within this ‘creation’ as ourselves – to stand up and take self responsibility? See = heaven in it’s entirety has been in process first, because of quantum time – so, in heaven with regards the processes, we’ve ‘gone first’ because we move faster from the perspective of quantum time – so, here we are – now, assisting and supporting you, yet, those that were first will be last, and those that were last will be first – so, you’re last with regards to walking the process as you, yet will be the first in birthing yourself as life from the physical – where we were first in walking the process in realising ourselves, we will be last in birthing ourselves as life from the physical – yes, thanks to death – this is inevitable, also the reason why ‘heaven first, because now when you ‘cross-over’ – you’re no longer ‘lost and enslaved in separation’ as was before – you quantum self realise, are one and equal with all interdimensional beings, go through processes (as mentioned) and assist and support human beings here on earth.
So, Ray – it’s actually already done – now, it’s just to walk the process – the experience of ourselves within this process, up to each individual human being as well as dimensional being. I have ‘shared’ all this with you, to give you perspective of why I am certain this is done, just the ‘process ahead’ for each one individually – and I understand that there is probably ‘more questions’ arising within you with regards to what I have written and expressed, but to ‘explain’ in writing would take me 7 years (lol) – we’ve done recordings of this entire process, of how we got to where we are now – thousands of hours of recordings over the past two and a half years since the Portal opened – so, what I’ve placed here – is all but in a ‘nut shell’ – that it will not be an easy, simple, ‘one-two-three-done’ process, no – but, I am certain that I am not able to get lost, and I remain, so – here I am, and I’ll do what is necessary to be done to get this done.
So – whether 70 years or 7 years to get this process done: What is 70 years or 7 years with regards to 350 Billion years we have been ‘lost and enslaved’ within this existence? Really ‘nothing’ if you taje a look at the ‘equation’. There is much still I am not able to place within exact perspective – here that I have placed above is me as who I am in the moment within process, as the understanding as me within and as processes I have experienced throughout existence.



Trusting your knowing – still imply separation of you as self trust, trusting your knowing would imply ‘trusting knowledge’ and knowledge is a construct of mind. We’ve always exist in ‘trusting knowledge’ which is no different to ‘placing trust into thoughts of mind’ – wherein no actual living here has been considered.
Therefore, to transform knowledge into directive action, meaning – placing knowledge into application and living the knowledge as words as you here – would be to establish, express and live SELF trust HERE – herein exist no separation, because you’ll be self trust.
Therefore – I’d say to establish self trust, is within applying self forgiveness and then to practically live the self correction of and as the self forgiveness applied immediately as self expression within your world – because within this immediacy of applying the self correction as you, you establish the living expression of you as self trust – because you will for you yourself see and realise – that you will self correct you, the moment you see what you’re accepting and allowing, stop within it and stand up = self trust.

04 August 2008

Fire The Grid

Alaiyea's answer to Fire the grid
Transcribed by Andrea
12 July 2007
Fire the grid is somewhat similar to people standing up, yet it is a pre-designed idea that requires beings to be led by their noses before they actually stand up, or stand together as who they really are. So basically the intention of any such movement is wonderful, it brings people together, makes them consider together the problem and gets extreme amounts of focus from them. If only human beings would place so much dedication within themselves in every moment with every breath as they experience themselves here on earth to have the ability to make a difference here on earth... Pride prevents each being from doing exactly that which they will be doing for that period of time, ALL THE TIME. Are you able to stand into infinity expressing from you as the living word, that which is the truth about what you stand for and who you stand as, without being told to? Are we able to stand in each moment with every breath as that which this project's foundation is based on? My first statement will be as follows:
--> There are no more energies that run across our world unless it is of who and what the truth of each being and kingdom is. Nature and the dimensions for example has already deleted and removed all previous grids placed in by the Annunaki that held in place and activated human disease, illness and geopathic irregularities movements. The grids that were placed on earth supported consciousness systems movements, manifestations and existence on earth and within human beings. As for the energy that exists within this world it is Nature that takes full directive principle for what happens, meaning as it is fully aware and participating within this process it is up to the understanding that exists within Nature's process that creates energetic participation. So all and any 'natural lines' will fall into two categories: Intent as seen when all beings stand up and as one and equal directing existence. The interlinking between the unconscious minds of each being connected us within the consciousness systems existence - directly into the grids that were placed on earth and within human beings which was the primary model of enslavement. Who we have become is closely associated with this manifestation of the global unconscious as the thoughts use to be fed through this system.
Therefore in the past while these artificial grids ran from each being's unconscious mind to the next, creating the web of consciousness, these types of 'grid' religions would have been the starting point and foundation for specific human control and enslavement. There are currently 'natural lines' that run according to the process that exists between heaven - earth, nature - earth as well as the planets - earth. All part of the expressive movement and momentum nature of what is occurring between all that stands here to bring forth awareness, oneness and equality.
These lines exist as the movement of the energetic process, and the movement of sound that hold all processes in place as well as the movement of assistance methods as seen for example by the specificity of the dolphins (refer to articles by dolphins) as well as nature in full manifestation. The natural lines are the expressions of all in existence who live, apply and express oneness and equality as an example of who all beings really are so heaven may manifest on earth as all in existence return to living, expressing and applying the living word as one with who they are - equal and one with all.
--> Mother Nature together with all of the animal kingdom are now fully aware and do not require to have themselves directed by pre-designed grids;
--> However, each one of us standing as life within and as oneness and equality as the individual expression and decision that comes from each being standing up, creates a universal understanding (eventually) for all to stand up, creates an example for all to see and realise who they really are;
--> Therefore, no more grids exist within existence, the dimensions have removed it completely - for it serves no purpose but to enslave and control. We don't need grids to 'hold everything together' etc. - who we really are is present infinitely as all and everything exist within us as one with who we are!
Place yourself for a moment in the possibility that this exercise in human initiative becomes your daily focus. In every moment you live, express and apply who you really are, supporting yourself in this becoming and self realization through the process of forgiveness with corrective action in every moment. If each human walks each day with this exact understanding of change that will bring forth equality and oneness, well then we will get someplace! It is humanity that is required to 'wake up' and realise that the 'problem' in existence is who and what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become. We are required to change and direct ourselves to be able to change and direct existence!
Yet again it amounts to it becoming a religion, not the free expression of each being as they say: 'till here and no further'. Are the people going to ask that amount of focus from themselves once all the glamour is over and done with. Once the 'grid has been fired' and all these minds are alight with possibility about equality, unconditional love and oneness, well how long before they return to what they participated in before, never even willing to face themselves? If people did not stand up before this lady came to be then why are they standing up now and most importantly for how long? This type of dedication comes from self standing for and as all as one, an absolute decision that you are the living word, not just following for some time until the novelty wears off from this new following/religion. A new age religion is one where we get all beings 'involved' in equality and oneness. Sounds good. Yet, look closely at the difference between being preached to and led by a priest or being led by the idea/picture of oneness? It either stands within you, as you as who you are into infinity or we are all just again being fooled by consciousness. Yet, I do say that with absolute honor to those that initiated this. There is a lot of dedication that goes into being able to place this event all across the world. It had to start someplace. So let us now focus on what you are able to learn from this and how you are able to assist this process of unity across the world. How to become the process;
--> The becoming of that which is the infinite standing up within equality and oneness....well you either are or you still experience yourself as 'sitting on the fence'. So practically how are we all able to assist this process so that it stands with us as who we are, as one with who we are into infinity? Remember intention is the most fascinating thing. When this person says to you come hold my hand let us walk this together, ask yourself what is YOUR intention? Intention as seen by the laws that exist in consciousness is all the pretty stuff. We sit here with all the clever ideas yet our intentions are either (in the moment of participation) to:
1. Seem as if we are actually assisting when my words and actions and living example do not match. Hence the fact that we follow another because perhaps that lady means it, yet those that follow: Why did they require to be led? Who are they when she's done with this project? Who are they when they are not participating in this project?
2. Intention that is clear. You stand absolute within what you have decided to allow/accept within this world and within yourself and what you will not allow/accept within this world and within yourself. You become that which you stand for - HA! That is where most crumble like soft biscuits. When it comes to living what you understand, living who you are. KNOWLEDGE is the INTENTION that many are participating in. They understand that they are required to stand as life as one with who they are for all to return to oneness. Yet what does that mean? Does it mean that you get off scot free when this plan is done? Or do you remain constant whether you are a part of some new project or not. This new project does not stand as your intention, only you decide who you are, using world events within that not the other way around. Good intentions are not going to get this world changed. This is how you become that which is here already, oneness and equality...it is just for each to live, express and apply as who they are in every moment with every breath.
--> Oneness within this process - each being is that in actuality, they just require to understand and shed the religious part. That simple actually. When we stand before this moment when all come together in oneness to change the intentions and awareness in this world:
(1) You stand within and as the understanding of who you are, where you are going and what you will not allow/accept within your world (interior and exterior) again. Are you there because the intentions of the world religions or are you there because you understand yourself to be that of oneness and equality as seen in your expression of yourself? Stand as the world, one with existence within yourself. Focus only on what you represent as self within and as all purity. Remember that intention is not the outcome; therefore this world is the way it is, because of pretty words and pretty ideals.
So become the point. This means that it will be a good time to present yourself with honesty. Honestly who am I in all of this? Am I just another slave to the information, to an idea or am I the living example, applying myself in each moment with forgiveness and CORRECTIVE ACTION, without judgment just openness, honesty and truth. Then apply yourself within what this experience offers. Be the living example as you participate. Meditate or just be silent. You are not required to come to a complete stand still, as remember it is not so much about silencing yourself as the placement of yourself in the hereness of what it actually means to be the living example of this process. Ground yourself within your understanding that you are the answer, not another belief, not the idea that we are going to change this world with airy fairy ideals. Just us and who we become universally. We are the change that is required, remember that. The God that is standing there with all other's participating in the truth of what will change the world is each one of us. Become and stand as one with all of existence within yourself. Stand without preconceived judgment about where you find this world/existence currently just focus on where we are going towards, as our individual expression in every moment as well as together.
(2) You place within you all of existence, so that you stand within and as equality with all as life. There within you exists the key. The fact that you become aware that in that moment you 'hold the space' for the expression for 'all as one' and 'equality' as who you really are. Realise that like with any body else's journey yours is a process. Therefore all beings linking in this way is an ideal opportunity for us all to become aware of whom we are. Focus on the truth of the situation that change is up to our commitment to ourselves as well as to all. Pretty words are not the solution, but you standing holding the space for what you are becoming are the truth. You are the key.
Also work from the moment that the 'firing of the grid' begins with standing within and as absolute truth and honesty. Stand for all and when you focus on the participation with the world's understanding and self-realisation, express yourself as who you are within and as oneness and equality outwards universally from within you. All the truth that exists within you, universally as who you are as one with all, that is the truth that you express. Not ideals based on pretty pictures but rather the truth. That way the intention that I spoke about exists within the purity that exists when beings are honest and aware not full of pretty ideas.
Live this, walk each day in full expression. Then start by working with your own structural resonance so that globally we release ourselves from the consciousness constructs that 'prevent' us from moving. Remember that this process that is underway within existence will take some time Rick, so give yourself some patience and don't be hard on yourself. The process Rick is your commitment and dedication to yourself in every moment, not accepting or allowing anything less than who you really are within and as oneness and equality. To have the ability to change/direct this existence as an expression of who we are in every moment will only be possible the moment beings start applying themselves in every moment, realising that in order to direct or change this world, we have to start within ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves in every moment. This will not make a difference if you but convene together for a moment - you have to live, apply and express IN EVERY SINGLE MOMENT who you are and become and stand as the example of who all are as one with who you are.


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