19 August 2008

Aliens, UFO's and human proces

Why was it so easy, seemingly, to free all of the Universe's other dimensional life from the bondage of their manifested physical existence when it seems such a challenge to do the same for humanity?

As I have explained above – human beings here on earth within and as this existence is the only physical manifested expressions that exist. ‘Interdimensional beings’ who were ‘subservient’ towards Anu – were the one’s allowed to ‘roam in existence’ interdimensionally under ‘his authority and supervision’ without being enslaved within and as a human physical body in preparation of ‘his kingdom’ – because he ‘designed’ earth within which human beings are birthed as enslaved mind consciousness systems – then the dimensional realms within which all the rest of the interdimensional beings he enslaved exists also enslaved through ‘other hypnotic’ means, thus, both here on earth and within Anu’s dimensional realm ‘around earth’: Beings were enslaved – others that weren’t enslaved were ‘closely watched’ by ‘Anu’s obedient followers’ – which he also ‘hypnotized and designed’ according to his image and likeness to ‘his bidding upon his command’, other did it willingly out of fear being enslaved and ‘processed’ within and as the ‘reincarnation’ and soul construct system’ – going into earth and out of earth in constant continuous cycles – not remembering any previous lives.

So – interdimensional ‘races’ existed, but remained interdimensionally, and did not manifest along with the universe within which we exist in this moment now, - there were ‘aliens’ with ‘space crafts’, though, nothing so ‘advanced’ is able to be ‘designed’ here – that’s why you only see the ‘concept’ thereof in ‘cinema’ – even the one’s you see in cinema are but ‘flimsy’ in ‘comparison’ to the interdimensional spacecrafts and the apparent ‘UFO’s’ you see in this world are sad attempts by governments, ordered by the ‘elite’ to be designed to ‘fool human beings’ into actually believing that ‘manifested alien life forms’ exist within this existence – to ‘create fear and inferiority’ within human beings – generating fear and uncertainty, through conspiracy theories and then validating conspiracies, validating human beings’ fear and inferiority within themselves.
See – interdimensionally you can ‘manifest, experience and design’ whatever you want, how you want to: Quantum time – you just have to know exactly how to, so – the design of the ‘advanced’ space crafts that I mentioned was also just interdimensional, so, space craft colonies existed interdimensionally, ‘planets’ of the races etc. – all interdimensionally and this is the reason why no-one wanted to be ‘manifested’ within this existence, because they perceived it to be the most limited – completely limited – because they knew that if they were to manifest here – they’re spacecrafts won’t work, nor will they be able to design or manifest it here: No quantum time, but space and time, slow ‘dreary’ – but was able to ‘manifest along with this physical manifested universe’ if they ‘integrated’ into this ‘realm’ and remained here for longer than three months or so, so, yes, there has been ‘alien life forms’ here, but no more – the ‘alien presentation’ you see all over the world as ‘Grey’s etc. and the picture illustration of apparent ‘aliens’ is human beings experimenting with DNA – and cloning, designing a ‘advanced life form’ etc. (also ‘directed’ by elite through Anu and Enki, also Enlil together) – such ‘aliens’ you see in pictures within this world – never existed but are designs by human beings themselves.

So all ‘stayed away and remained clear’, only those that Anu enslaved, captured – was manifested here, the others feared this – so, they remained ‘obedient’ – continuing within and as their own interdimensional existence and couldn’t be bothered of what is going on here – at least they’ll not be limited to become this physical manifested form. So – as long as they weren’t manifested and enslaved within this perceived limited existence – they were ‘more than content to do their ‘own thing’.
Therefore – the ‘no more’ existence of races, ‘aliens’, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, angels, guides (which all existed interdimensionally) – was accordingly stopped within and as a process of two and a half years – because all existed interdimensionally, thus, ‘quantum time’ process (which still took two to three years) to be here where we are now: No more ‘dimensional planes’, ‘alternate existences’, ‘races’, ‘spacecrafts’, ‘ascended masters’, ‘angels’, ‘guides’, ‘gods’, ‘goddesses’ – all were just ‘ideas’, manifested interdimensional self illusions – which was dropped immediately as we continued with process – even the demons were manifested self illusionary interdimensional ‘forms’, as they existed within and as a ‘singular thought construct belief’ that they ‘need energy from human beings, generated as emotions and feelings from the mind consciousness system of human beings’ – to continue to exist, for demons believed they need energy to exist, if they don’t – they’ll cease to exist, as we continued within process, the demons realised themselves, as all other dimensional beings – that we’ve been lost within an idea manifested construct of ourselves – literal ‘thoughts’ as ‘ideas’ ‘floating around like ghosts’. So therefore – Demons also no longer exists.

The reason why human beings will not be ‘quantum’ – is because here, you exist within and as a physical manifested universe within and as ‘space and time’, along with us as we’re also here within and as this physical manifested universe within and as you – no more does there exist a ‘separate dimensional existence’ in any way whatsoever – each individual human being, as each individual dimensional being – are within and as their individual processes – here on earth, yet, we’re still interdimensional. You’re ‘walking through’ and experiencing the exact same process we have: Facing the consequences all that you have accepted and allowed yourself to be ‘one with and equal to’ as the nature of yourself as a mind consciousness system – so you may actually, see experience and understand and realise all that you have been, done and become and the consequences thereof for yourself (the same as we have) – then, to within this – stand up within and as the realisation of the ‘truth’ of yourself as all that each have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become – and live and apply this process of stopping the mind and birthing self as life from the physical to be one with and equal to who we really are of life as all as one as equal. This done so that each one may actually understand how and what we have done to ourselves as all, so that we will not do this again therefore, each must and will take self responsibility – and so, birth life from the physical.

From the dimensional perspective of course, this was different – yes, we faced ourselves, the consequences of what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and equal to, actually experienced ourselves within and as the consequences of all that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and equal to (and still do as we’re still in process) – then, realising our self responsibility towards ourselves as all as one as equal – this self responsibility is directing you as ourselves to realise you as who you really are – without the existence of the mind, but your process is different only from the perspective that you’ll not only understand who you are as all as one as equal as we do, you’ll actually live and apply this here as you within and as the physical – something that is not possible within the interdimensional existence at all, yet, our ‘opportunity’ will come, once we’ve assisted and supported ourselves in preparing the way before us. Life will only be born from the physical.

So, as we suggest to all – get this process done here on earth – because it’s only here where you will birth you as life from the physical – though, this process is specific from the perspective that there’s nowhere to hide and nowhere to run – each will face the consequences, and experience the consequences of what they have accepted and allowed themselves to be one with and equal to within themselves, whether here on earth or in the dimensions – then, within this, apply self forgiveness for all that each have accepted and allowed themselves to be one with and equal to – to stop this acceptance and allowance and through living and applying self honesty, self trust and self expression as breath as the moment – will ‘walk this process’ of living one with and equal to life as who we really are as all as one as equal. Thus, the only ‘law’ that exists is oneness and equality within existence: You experience and become that which you define yourself, accept and allow yourself to be one with and equal to as who and what you are, thus, this is the ‘first point’ that must be realised – for instance, let me use myself as an example:
I defined myself as equal to and one with fear within me as me – and because of this, the experience of myself will be of fear and therefore, I will have no self trust and accordingly my process and my experience thereof, will be ‘fear-based’: Experiencing that which I have accepted and allowed myself to be one with and equal to and so I ‘face myself’ and experienced the ‘consequences’ of that which I have accepted and allowed myself to be one with and equal to. From here – I realise this, apply self forgiveness accordingly for accepting and allowing myself to be one with and equal to fear – why self forgiveness, because by applying self forgiveness, I am making a statement of who I am as what I will accept and allow and what I will not accept and allow, thus, I no longer accept and allow myself to be one with and equal to fear, then, ‘self forgiveness is useless without application’ – then to live the statement as me as what I will accept and allow as self trust as who I am, then in living and applying self trust, me, one with and equal to self trust as me – I am self trust, then no-more fear, and you will ‘test you’ in every moment of application, you’ll not just quantum transform into immediately living and applying self trust as you – you must live and apply you as self trust in every moment – because I’ve existed my entire existence as one with and equal to fear as what I am, now, the ‘transformation’ as me as self trust as who I am: Will be process until I am actually IT as self trust as me which stand infinitely as life as who I am (this is but a ‘short example’ of oneness and equality being the ‘law of existence’ as who we are as we will always be and experience all that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be on with and equal to, yet – you first have to ‘know’, have to understand and realise how and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to within you – which manifest as the experience of you within your world / ‘life experience’ – then only, from here – you apply self forgiveness, stand up – live statement of practical application as what you will accept and allow as you as the experience of you as one with and equal to life as you as the living word, for instance: I am self trust and so ‘become’ self trust as you as who you are that stand infinitely as life (for example)
As I’m here – I’m ‘correcting’ my previous statement above in my first placement (before I gave perspective on the questions you ask) – because I have realised that I have ‘placed my certainty within this process as well as my self trust’ – separate from myself, instead of I being certain of me as who I am here within and as self trust as me as who I am, I ‘defined my certainty of this process being done’ within this ‘process as I described as death being the equilibrium’ and the fact the I cannot get lost, it doesn’t mean this isn’t so, it most definitely is – but I separated myself from the perspective that I defined my self trust in what is a certainty already placed within and as this process – this is irrelevant really, the process I mean – what is ‘relevant’ is who I am, here, certainty of me as who I am, so – it’s not about a process even, as I have said that it’s already done, now just to walk this process as self in birthing self as life from the physical and realising who you are, living who you are here in every moment of every breath – but self as who you are here, because then you as who you are here, will do whatever necessary, whatever it takes to get this done.

What is freedom? It’s an interesting question you ask above – how would you define ‘freedom’, though, freedom from the perspective of all as one as equal as self – what is freedom in application? For me, freedom will be here when all stand within and as life as all as one as equal – the manifested experience of ourselves as all as one as equal, here in every moment, now this does not mean that freedom does not exist, no – freedom exist in every moment of self honesty, self trust and self expression as you direct, express and move you in the moment, as the moment. So – we’re free from the perspective that we’re able to express, move, apply and direct ourselves accordingly in the moment as the moment – as self movement and self expression as who we are. This is where self freedom exist, in the moment of self movement and self direction as self expression – yet, we’ve been through processes to realise ourselves, within and as quantum time – this process of self freedom is for you to realise as you through application – exactly as we have done within and as application.

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