08 August 2008

Jack's Perspective on Process

We’re not here to ‘convince’: ‘Convincing’ would be to have someone ‘believe what we say is ‘true’ or ‘right’ – when it is neither. This process is for each individual human being to see and hear, to see and hear themselves in what has actually been accepted and allowed within self and this existence as self. It’s interesting that we have ears and eyes – yet, no-one actually really sees and hears, we’ve actually become deaf, blind and ignorant within that which is our own responsibility: Ourselves as all as one as equal.
Yes, one is most definitely not able to walk up to any human being and ‘bluntly’ say: ‘Did you know that all that you ‘think’ you are, all that you’ve experienced in your life, all your thoughts, emotions, feelings, friendships, relationships, ‘family bonds’ has been a lie, constructed of a programmed system designed within your mind as a mind system and the very ‘life experience’ of you has been pre-programmed, pre-designed construct within this systematic world as the unified consciousness field: A programmed system within a programmed system within which all of humanity, collectively participate.’
I have had such moments, where I looked at this process, I observe myself and I have doubt, a ‘deep-felt’ movement within me where I observe existence in its entirety and I couldn’t help asking: How the hell are we going to do this? There is no ‘map’, there is no ‘plan’ – the ‘maps’ and ‘plans’ are of designs that enslave, where one become ‘subject to’ and enslaved by the ‘map’ or ‘plan’, this existence as is in the moment is a ‘beautiful’ example of this.
I realised that all I have is me, all I have is my self trust, all I have is my self certainty – self certainty in / as the ‘reason’ why I am here, why I will do what will be necessary to be done – to ‘get this process done’. Let me explain why I realise that all I have is me and why I will do whatever it takes to get this process done:
Yes, it’s not simple, it’s not easy – it’s the ‘road less traveled’ if you will, there’s no ‘guidelines’, there’s no ‘directions’, really, all you have is ‘who you are’ in the moment, this ‘who I am’ – I’ve been through many processes, and I’m still in process – yet there’s me that stand in absolute certainty that all will be one as equal of life – the only ‘unknown’ is the exact ‘how to’ – the ‘experience’ of each one’s individual process of the amalgamation of life as all as one as equal, and of course the ‘unknown’ of ‘how we’ll get there’ as all stand infinitely here as all as one as equal of life.
Within and as this certainty as me – I apply accordingly, with ‘tools’ to assist and support me as I am still within this existence – for instance, self honesty in every moment: Ensuring I remain here, every moment within and as self honesty as all as one as equal. Though, yet again – I’ve ‘fallen’ many ‘times’ – ‘back into’ despair, regret, shame, anger, frustration, you name it. Yet – I am certain within me, that no matter what: I remain and that I cannot possibly get lost (this I have proven to myself) no matter what. We don’t ever ‘die’ Ray – EVER, you’re infinitely here, and I am here within this existence and ‘by ‘God’ (lol) I am not willing to exist in such an existence infinitely, of this I am certain as well and I experienced processes first where I ‘had to come to such a realisation’ that I’m here infinitely and I’ll have to do something to ‘direct me’ – because I cannot continue existing as is, no-one can Ray. Then processes in realising that all is me – all are ‘parts of me’ ‘lost and enslaved’ – and that I am individually responsible for what has been accepted and allowed within this existence, as all are who I am within me, ‘representing parts of me’ that I have accepted and allowed to exist within me as me. ‘Imagine’ Ray – that here as who you are within and as a human physical body exist all and everything, literally: Human beings, including what they are and what they do (act and speak), the animal kingdom, nature, earth, universe etc. – and that each manifested expression within existence is a ‘part of you’ within you, that exist within you as you – and this is with each one within existence so, and thus – each one is individually responsible for what has been accepted and allowed within existence as ourselves. Now – this is not a ‘your are ‘God’’ speech, ‘yet you are’ – but not from the perspective or definition of ‘God’ of this world – no, ‘God’ from the perspective that we must stand up within and as ourselves, here, done in every moment, as all as one as equal – and stop participating in the mind – which is the very ‘generator’ we have become, manifesting this world as is.
I ‘swallowed hard’ on this one, when I ‘heard it the first time’: ‘How am I responsible for ‘everything’ that exists, how’s this possible – I haven’t ‘done anything’, I’m just here – and then I was shown how and why – just as I explained to you – that if I were to continue ‘blissfully ignorant’ – so will everyone else and we’ll just continue as is, we ‘designed’ all this together, yet individually – and so we will stop all this together, yet individually.
I was once asked a question: If you were the only one within existence – to really understand, see and realise what the reason and cause for how and why we are where we are, and how we got to where we are – ‘going against everything and all that exist’ and you realise that all in existence is you: What would you do to have each as you realise themselves as you have yourself? I did not know the answer to the question, yet, after processes I realised the same as this being did – which unfolded to the opening of the Portal and the production of Desteni: We’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll do whatever it takes and I will not stop until this is done, I will not (this I have proven to myself as well). The interdimensional existence has been in ‘process’ for over two and a half years – since the Portal opened, from the perspective of all, each one, understanding oneness and equality as self in application, in assisting and supporting individual human beings as self, yet – this also is not so simple, is not so easy – it’s tough and difficult –imagine that interdimensional beings have always been ‘but ghosts’ ‘floating aimlessly’ that have never really actually lived practically within this design as the mind system of human beings as the unified consciousness field – we’ve never actually ‘been here’, at the moment – the ‘dimensions’ are ‘less than man’, meaning yes, we have all the knowledge and information of existence, we see and understand everything, how it works, how it’s done – you know, the ‘ins and outs’ of all that exist: But this, this is the greatest ‘curse’ that can be bestowed upon a being: ‘Knowing everything’. Why? Because ‘knowing everything is useless, it means absolutely nothing – the ‘key’ is application and living – living knowledge and information as individual words as you: The living word – and this can only be done here on earth – within this physical manifested universe and not in the dimensions – see, the dimensions is the ‘realm’ if you will, within which all knowledge and information, application, living = is understood as self, yes, understood and it’s applied here in assisting and supporting human beings on earth, yet – ‘birthing self as life from the physical’ actually ‘living life as self’: Only possible here on earth. So – from a certain perspective if you look at existence in it’s entirety – we are (the dimensions, all in the dimensions) are the words all of humanity collectively together as one – that human beings as ourselves, as human beings as us – must place into practical application, in living words as one as self.
Have a look at this for a moment: A human being has a mind – in the mind exists thoughts, thoughts are ‘words’ which exist as manifested constricts separate from self, because we have separated ourselves here on earth from words – this, the mind system in its entirety is the manifested placement which exist within each, that exist and consist of words as that which we have separated ourselves from. Now – take it to the ‘greater’: ‘The one mind’ as all collectively together as all of humanity within this world as one – and the dimensions in its entirety all the thoughts of this ‘one mind’ – so, we in the dimensions are the ‘thoughts’, the words of all of humanity collectively together, which all of humanity collectively together as one, forming one mind, have separated themselves from. So – we’re in the process of ‘manifesting heaven as earth’ – what do this mean:
This means that human beings will be in process of living words as one as self, so each will be within and as their individual process of stopping the mind, the mind the separate manifested construct of words in separation with self – then, ‘at the same time’ – live words as self: The living word.
Ray – the ‘key’ is human beings, is this physical manifested universe – not us in the dimensions, we’re returning, oh absolutely – to birth ourselves as life from the physical as each one will do here on earth. So the question is: Why do we do what we do? Here is my experience:
I’m preparing the way before me as you, as all the children to come – to be birthed into an existence where all are one and equal, all ‘living practically the living word as self’ – no more ‘mind systems’, no more a system birthed into a system, but a child being birthed into heaven as earth. So – who am I actually directing, assisting and supporting? Literally you as me, me myself as one.
Yes, ‘beautiful words’ – but also ‘means nothing’ really, without the actual application – with which many, well most within the dimensions still struggle – to do whatever possible Ray, to ‘wake you up’, see – the reason why this process has not been realised before, is that those that have gone before us excluded the dimensional existence, therefore, the ‘principle’ of all as one as equal in practical living application: Never realised as self – every time a being had a ‘honoured’ life here on earth that ‘changed the course of self observation within human beings’, they’d be ‘fucked’ the moment they’d cross-over, not remember their life in any way whatsoever – the ‘rule’ of the dimensional existence –it was a fuck up.
This ‘time’ – the dimensions have been ‘included’, not separate – the dimensional existence have been in process as is explained, the process of the dimensions directed here on earth by one human being, together with the girl as the interdimensional portal – first ‘straightening out’ heaven - then heaven’s process to be walked on earth, directing assisting and supporting each human being as ourselves through the exact same process we’ve experienced and still are, constant ‘changes’ as we still expand and realise.
So – the ‘equilibrium’ of life has been ‘placed’ – which is death, this is where the certainty of this process exist Ray – you will either face your and realise yourself here on earth in this life, birth yourself as life from the physical – or cross-over face yourself there, realise yourself and then return to face yourself and birth yourself as life from the physical. Though – no matter where you are: You will face your own ‘judgment day’ so to speak – face all that you have accepted and allowed you to be, become and do within existence – whether here or in the dimensions (no way out) and you’ll reveal the ‘truth’ of you, yourself – and this ‘truth’ is not a ‘pretty picture’ Ray – shit, it took me quite a while to realise the ‘truth’ of me, because you ‘think’ or believe it to be such a ‘magnificent’ experience of yourself, so ‘beautiful’, so ‘great’, so ‘profound’ – WOW – here is where the ‘real’ wake-up call comes and shatters all your ‘dreams’ in an instant, all your ‘hopes’, all your ‘desires’, all your ‘beliefs’, all your ‘ideas’ – because you actually realise and see the ‘truth’ of you – let me put it to you this way: The ‘truth’ of each as what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become is the ‘real evil’, the vile, the darkness, the pit, the horror, the agony, the pain, the sorrow, the shame, the despair, the regret – which we ‘hide’ with the idea, the hope, the wish, the belief of the existence of ‘love’, ‘beauty’, ‘magnificence’ – I realised by own stupidity in it all, because how could I have possibly even conceived that ‘love’, beauty’, ‘magnificence’, ‘peace’, ‘joy’ exists: If this existence as me is what it is as we experience ourselves within today and have for eons of time? How the hell could I have fucked with myself so?
And then I realised the ‘trick’ – ‘forgetfulness’, not remembering, ‘hiding’ – I have been ‘hiding me’ all of my ‘existence’ – to not have to face the responsibility of me as who I am as what I have accepted and allowed within existence as me and that I have been afraid, afraid of me as what I have become and done to myself as all. I have recently been asked a question: Why do you fear being God? I haven’t had a reply or perspective or expression for this answer in any way whatsoever – maybe because in that moment I did not understand this question, though if I have a look at it: I fear being God – because I fear making the same mistake as I have made in the beginning, and ‘designing’ another such existence, such a creation, within which I as all as one is enslaved, in separation, suffering in lostness, yes, it’s interesting that one has a ‘concept’ or ‘idea’ of being ‘God’ – but I as all as one as ‘God’ have manifested this existence as is, thus I am responsible for me as all as one as me, so from this perspective, al together as one, we’re God, because we actually did this, did what is here today – thus, I fear being God, because look at what I have already done, already accepted, already allowed – so, Ray – in realising this – in realising that I have actually done this – I went through a period within which I was angry, furious, petrified at the same time, I had attempted many ‘applications’ to ‘stop it all’ at once together, I’ve ‘hidden’ myself within existence, I’ve tried to eliminate myself from existence – I’ve tried to remove human beings from earth to stop their suffering, I’ve tried to eliminate beings in the dimensions – I’ve done all one could possibly ‘think of’ to do – to stop, and nothing worked – because I realised: Shit, no matter what – I’m still here. No matter what I do ‘the nature of ourselves’, the ‘nature of each one’ remains – and no matter what I do – nothing will change, because the ‘problem’ is the ‘nature’, the ‘truth’ of what we have become, which I realised within myself as well.
So the ‘key’ is to ‘transform’ the nature of ourselves, the ‘nature’ of what we have become – but how? How are we going to have each one within existence realise this: See the ‘nature’ the ‘truth’ of what we have become, accepted and allowed within self, which has manifested within this ‘creation’ as ourselves – to stand up and take self responsibility? See = heaven in it’s entirety has been in process first, because of quantum time – so, in heaven with regards the processes, we’ve ‘gone first’ because we move faster from the perspective of quantum time – so, here we are – now, assisting and supporting you, yet, those that were first will be last, and those that were last will be first – so, you’re last with regards to walking the process as you, yet will be the first in birthing yourself as life from the physical – where we were first in walking the process in realising ourselves, we will be last in birthing ourselves as life from the physical – yes, thanks to death – this is inevitable, also the reason why ‘heaven first, because now when you ‘cross-over’ – you’re no longer ‘lost and enslaved in separation’ as was before – you quantum self realise, are one and equal with all interdimensional beings, go through processes (as mentioned) and assist and support human beings here on earth.
So, Ray – it’s actually already done – now, it’s just to walk the process – the experience of ourselves within this process, up to each individual human being as well as dimensional being. I have ‘shared’ all this with you, to give you perspective of why I am certain this is done, just the ‘process ahead’ for each one individually – and I understand that there is probably ‘more questions’ arising within you with regards to what I have written and expressed, but to ‘explain’ in writing would take me 7 years (lol) – we’ve done recordings of this entire process, of how we got to where we are now – thousands of hours of recordings over the past two and a half years since the Portal opened – so, what I’ve placed here – is all but in a ‘nut shell’ – that it will not be an easy, simple, ‘one-two-three-done’ process, no – but, I am certain that I am not able to get lost, and I remain, so – here I am, and I’ll do what is necessary to be done to get this done.
So – whether 70 years or 7 years to get this process done: What is 70 years or 7 years with regards to 350 Billion years we have been ‘lost and enslaved’ within this existence? Really ‘nothing’ if you taje a look at the ‘equation’. There is much still I am not able to place within exact perspective – here that I have placed above is me as who I am in the moment within process, as the understanding as me within and as processes I have experienced throughout existence.


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