01 January 2007


There are no such things as ‘accidents’ as there is no such thing as ‘choice’ or ‘coincidence’ – accidents, the term and definition thereof existent for beings to think/believe that sudden unexpected occurrences manifest ‘by chance’ – when accidents are actually caused by an action expressed – we manifest our ‘inner and outer’ reality specifically. And thus – experiences will manifest according to our nature ‘who we are’ both within and without.

Such an event would indicate that the being, within their life experience ‘is not where they are supposed to be’ – but listening to their mind/head instead of self here, trusting past of mind – instead of what is experienced as self here in every moment.

So, the being, within their current position, placement and experience within this world = is not where they are supposed to be from a perspective of assisting and supporting themselves within their individual process. At the moment – their position and placement is supporting their existence of and as the mind = and not self.

The event manifesting for the being to say: Stop listening to the head – hear self HERE.

Benazir Bhutto

Desteni 2008 

2009 The Current Considerations of the Elite

11 February 2009
The Elite are in the Process of collapsing the Money-System through Oil, for the purposes of Population control as ‘part of’ the Procedure to manifest a One-World-System and re-insert a ‘new Money-System’ for the One-World-System – once the Population is within a satisfied statistical amount.

Due to the amount of human beings on Earth – the current Money-System cannot sustain or function within and through the means of control, having absolute control over and of human beings, and because absolute control over and of human beings doesn’t exist: No One-World-System is Possible.
Thus – to have a One-World-System with a functionally-controlled money-system wherein all human beings within the One-World-System is ‘accounted-for’ within absolute control = the Population is required to be reduced exponentially.
Now, the Elite prefer not to utilize War; as the only extreme that’ll reduce Population to the extent where it’s required to be reduced to manifest a One-World-System = is Nuclear War, and the consequence of Nuclear War as the ‘after-effect’ is much more damaging and ‘on top of that’ – they want to ‘preserve the Earth itself’ and not have to venture into unnecessary destructive-means.
The Elite has patience and is willing to ‘wait out’ the population-reduction reducing-plan – through collapsing the Money-System, collapsing countries through the Oil-situation = as is currently in Process.
When enough human beings die due to the consequence of the collapse of the money-system and countries itself – a One-World-System will come to the fore with a One-World-Money-System, wherein there will be no ‘individual countries operating independently’ both with regards to ‘rule/power and money itself’ = rule/power and money will be ‘one for all’.
Now, the other reason, also why the Collapse of the Money-System is being done through the Oil-situation – is to specifically ‘take control of/ takeover countries’.
The Elite has communicated with the countries with regards to their current position in relation to the world/earth itself in wanting to manifest a One-World-System – the countries refused to submit to the Elite’s request/demand and thus the Elite stated that if they won’t be given the countries = they’ll simply take the countries by force – and most of those countries are the primary countries that produce/function with Oil and will thus use their only ‘asset’ against themselves.
The Elite want these countries to stop producing/functioning with Oil – as to attempt to ‘preserve the amount of Oil left within the Earth itself’ = of which there is not much at the moment, in the ‘hope’ that the Earth will ‘reproduce’ oil, by leaving the little left within the Earth that there is currently available.
So, the Elite want to stop Oil production countries – sucking oil from the earth – as to preserve the Oil left in the Earth, of which there is not much and they are aware of this and to take-over, as in to ‘own’ the countries itself – collapse the money-system through doing so and waiting for the population to reduce itself within this catastrophe taking place.
Once the population is satisfactorily reduced – they’ll manifest the One World System, with the New One-World-Money-system, together with utilizing Oil-reserves to sustain the New-System for three-years = wherein they hope during this time, from now ‘till when the One-World-System is successfully operational = the Earth will reproduce enough Oil to sustain their Empire through producing Oil from the Earth itself.
Understand, that there exist ‘Reserve-Oil’ in barrels – specifically to sustain the One-World-System for three-years – they’d hoped that when the three-years are done = the Earth would’ve reproduced enough Oil to once again produce Oil from the Earth itself.
The One-World-System will have population-regulation – wherein there will only be a certain amount of human beings allowed on Earth within the One-World-System.
This is the Elite’s current consideration for the Future of the their World = and they have the patience to see this through, as according to them = Man is his own worst enemy and this the only way, according to them, to preserve the continued existence of human beings together with Earth = without destroying the Earth to such an extent = where Man becomes extinct along with the only planet it can exist within.
Desteni, Bernard Poolman, articles - New World Order, NWO

2008 Why did Anu fail? Why Anu did not return as God

Q:  Anu was supposed to return sometime around 2004/2005 if I understand correctly. If this was the case, would not there have been pre-determined activities we, as humanity, would have undertaken in preparation for that arrival? Furthermore, would not the lack of his arrival then created a void within the grid system that would have caused some type of collapse or major "short-circuit" event or outcome? Please explain how the system accounted for this major, climactic event which never transpired.

A: Aha! Yet - there was 'something' Anu did not take into consideration, which was...'being trapped and enslaved and lost' within his own creation, by his own creation - which is exactly what happened. See - in 1998, he 'closed off' and 'locked down' earth from the dimensional existence completely. Because the dimensional beings was just no longer interested in participating here on earth amongst and within human beings, they just couldn't be bothered and couldn't care less, they much rather preferred existing in the dimensions 'away' from the 'horrific nature of earth' and the dimensional beings then 'feared' the demons on earth, because the demons existed on the 'earth plane' within and amongst human beings, whereas other dimensional beings 'came down' to either channel, or stand for a moment next to a being when they do the 'guide seeing' from the 'higher planes' in the dimensional existence - they never actually remained with human beings, only demons did. This was 'mentioned' to Anu (the not wanting to participate on earth scenario) in 1989. See, Anu had specific beings he 'appointed' within the interdimensional existence - to assist and support in 'carrying out his plan' to design earth as 'his kingdom', to return when he's satisfied that all is 'prepared' - though, while his slaves as human beings are 'preparing in establishing and building his kingdom' together with dimensional beings 'directing accordingly' (who was trained to do so) - he had to keep them 'pre-occupied' and 'entertained' so to speak - therefore, 'religions', 'cultures', 'apparitions', 'specific human beings 'diverting the course of humanity', spirituality, 'war', 'conflict', 'money'...and the list goes on - whatever exist within this world, as how and what human beings experience themselves is designed 'attention diversion' - while humanity 'prepares' Anu's Kingdom, without them even being aware of it.

This is also where the 'elite' comes in - the 'rulers of the world', which no-one knows of - that has worked 'closely' with Anu for generations - in 'hoarding humanity' in the position and placement of themselves within this world as is - no, not the Illuminati, they're controlled by the 'elite', this world isn't how it's organized today 'by chance' - it's been prepared and directed this way accordingly, specifically.

So, in 1991 - the preparations started to design this existence, this physical manifested existence, into a 'automated programmed system' - which 'run by itself', then only occasionally, when necessary to 'once in a while' 'check up' on existence - this was done by Satya and Kryon. So - since 1998 - everything became 'automated' within this existence, the 'channelings' were designed within and as human beings' unconscious mind system, so, all 'channelings' were pre-programmed unconscious mind system designs, no more dimensional beings actually coming through, except the occasional once-a-month 'check-up' done by Kryon and Satya - the 'entire plan' of Anu, was transferred from 'dimensional beings who usually previously directed human beings accordingly interdimensionally' - was designed, infused and manifested within and as the mind consciousness system within human beings - as well as within and as the 'unified consciousness field gridline system' within and as this world - thus, since 1998 - earth, this physical manifested universe, became a 'prison' - 'running automatically' within and as human beings' mind consciousness systems and the unified consciousness field gridline place within and of this world. Anu 'appeared still to the 'elite' afterwards - but as a projection, meaning he'll place him within the mind of the human being as elite - and then they'll see him standing and talking before them - when actually he's inside their own mind - so, he even - didn't have access to his own creation.

So, he may have said - he's 'returning to his Kingdom' prepared by his slaves - but he got 'separated' from and as his own creation, which had become a 'far greater living entity than himself' - because this had become a physical manifested existence - and he remained interdimensional and had no 'power or control' here - the mind consciousness system as human beings was 'in power and control' of this existence - yes, he could direct it - but he himself - had no actual real 'power' here. His 'plan' was to manifest within and as George Bush - then to in one moment - 'change' this existence - as his 'essence' permeate and penetrate within and as human beings as he integrates within and as George Bush - but to 'no avail' - don't think he tried - because he did - but he couldn't, see - he presumed that even if he 'locks down' earth from the dimensional existence - he'd still be able to manifest within and as George Bush when 'the time comes' which was prepared for 2003, when he attempted to do so - he couldn't - he couldn't gain access into this existence - because he was a 'dimensional ghost', and this physical manifested universe - was 'far greater' than he himself - and so, he 'f-ked' himself. So - he 'quietly' 'hid away' - all dimensional beings were lost anyway - only some actually had 'sense', and when they asked Anu when the 'plan will be fulfilled' - he stated, not yet: I'm not satisfied. So he left everything as is - he left the world to itself, including the interdimensional existence to continue as is - attempting to 'devise a plan' to 'sort this out' - yet, he still remained the 'ultimate being' in existence - earth was still seen as 'his kingdom in preparation' and he still had control and power of the dimensions: He was satisfied with this - as long as he was still in his position in existence - he was fine, whether or not he would integrate here on earth - would be irrelevant, all was still 'his' and everyone else agreed upon it.

See the severity of separation between this physical manifested universe and the dimensions - that even if the plan of Anu did not come into complete fulfilment - everything within this existence 'remained stable' - realise that there is nothing wrong with this physical manifested universe  - the 'problem' is who and what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to become.

See - even when the Portal opened and Anu came through, because he 'now for the first time since 1998 had absolute full access into 3D, completely within and as a human physical body' he attempted to 'carry our his plan and 'activate' human beings accordingly to 'in one moment' 'be his slave-worshippers', which was an activated implanted key within and as the mind consciousness systems of human beings: It did not work - because this reality was so 'far gone' - the 'dimensions' no longer existed here in any way whatsoever - so his entire plan 'failed' - the moment he 'locked down' earth from the dimensions.

Q: so then what happened? did he repent? or self forgive? how did it start again?

A: Anu experience himself equal and one to his creation--he saw all as worthless slaves without any value and thus have become that and dissipated accordingly to purity where no individuality exist--this all face--as life will not be enslaved 

Desteni, Q - A, articles, 2008 - August 11

2009 Chakras, The Soul and Astral Projection: Part One Text

26 March 2009
This is Mykey, also known as Hitler. From the inter-dimensional existence. We’re here to discuss a question that was asked with the regards to the chakra's and being able to astral project or travel the universes and the principle of zero point within that. So we played with this question that was seen with regards to imploding all the chakras into themselves and finally through the heart chakra wherein one would transform into a ball of light and that would give access to travel the universes.
So we tested out his theory and within the previous design of the mind consciousness system in relation to the chakras system and the unified consciousness field – yes – however I’d rather say it did not happen through the heart chakra because when we did it through the heart chakra basically all we did was unify the chakra system which brings through the principle of Christ consciousness were in you reach a state of being of absolute light were in you’d get or experience or have certain experiences within yourself that would make one presume to be Christ conscious.

However we tested the implosion of all the chakras from the top chakra to the solar plexus chakra and from the base chakra to the solar plexus chakra like an imploding this way coming together in the solar plexus chakras. In the solar plexus chakras there were situated the soul construct that’s were our soul existed. So if you unify then that solar plexus chakras with your soul that’s when you can gain or get access to being able to move around in other dimensions. So it’s that second step of merging the whole chakra system from your solar plexus chakra to your soul construct that it becomes one and then you have the cord principle wherein you are still connected to your mind consciousness system through a cord and can move around and travel and investigate, etc, etc.

However this was only possible within the previous design of the as I have stated the chakra system the mind consciousness system and the unified consciousness field and the relationship of those three with each other including the soul construct. So the reason why I say “was” I have to give perspective of the chakra system in itself firstly, which wasn’t what beings presumed or believed it to be, after we could see the actual true real nature of the design of the chakra system, why it existed and how it actually influenced human beings under the guise of having certain particular experiences with it but that was all already a program manifested within the mind consciousness system.

So the whole human experience towards the chakra system was already a pre-designed experience, it wasn’t an actual self experience because it was all subject to an already controlled and regulated system. Now the chakras system – It’s three primary designs were the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakras and the heart chakra. Those were the three main pillars of the chakra system in its entirety. The others were more of a support manifestation. So the reason for the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakras and the heart chakra being the main three pillars of the entire chakra design was because the sacral chakra was linked to the whole sex system, sexual energy which was one of the primary sources for the mind consciousness system to exists and for the unified consciousness field to function through the mind consciousness system.

The solar plexus chakra was exactly situated where the soul construct was situated, meaning the soul. I’ll get the explaining the soul construct in a moment as well. Where your soul was situated and that the purpose of the solar plexus chakra was to energize the soul construct to ensure its functionality within the saving of one’s life experiences meaning making copies basically acting like a data saving mechanism which is what the soul construct in essence was, basically recording your entire life experience and what the solar plexus chakras did in its functionality was to energize the soul to ensure it’s fed sufficient energy – the energy it received was primarily emotional and feeling energy that was purified within the solar plexus construct and within the purification of the emotional and feeling energy it became a clear energy and this clear energy supported the soul construct.
Desteni articles

2008 Fleas

Fleas--are showing how we flee from that which suck our blood without standing up-- in this the animals were programmed to carry the stuff the human must not see--thus the animal suffer on behalf of the human where blood is in play--as blood represents the polarity of the deception of love
Desteni, notes, 2008, April 24

2008 Pimples, zits & acne

This is suppressed anger hiding within the subconscious mind – that had become the very being to such an extent – that the being is not aware of this anger/hatred towards self. This particular anger infuses itself within and as a subconscious layer (as it originates from within the subconscious mind) within and as the human physical body – presenting itself as pimples, acne or zits. This anger / self hatred is because of the acceptance and allowance of self deception in becoming a personality presentation of self – to conform and condition self to have the ability to exist and survive within the unified consciousness field – that experience of helplessness and hopelessness of ‘having no choice’ but to become this mind personality of the world as everyone else.

It is that ‘part’ of you within you that know what you’re doing to yourself and accepting and allowing yourself to become this personality of the mind – because it seems that it is all that is ‘known’ to be done – there is no other way out but to become what everyone else is – a mind personality. Thus – anger / hatred towards self ‘grows’ and ‘compounds’ through age – and then manifest as pimples/zits/acne. Self forgiveness on anger, blame and hatred towards self suggested.


Desteni, body, 2008, April 4 

2008 Life path and Predetermination

Life path as trapped time

This reality, this existence... and you, the human being which experience yourself within it all...
From a certain interesting perspective you are one and equal to and as what you accept and allow yourself to be. We are in and as this existences reality and we manifest, we create that which we accept and allow our self to be one with and equal to.
This reality, this existence, this world, reflects clearly, precisely, what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and be equal to.

Now, in the beginning, as has been given perspective for in video interviews related to time, 'here' was stretched to a manifestation of a beginning and an end, connected into an infinity cycle - infinitely, constantly, continuously existing in cycles from beginning to end, both within and without. As within you create from the past your future, without you move through years of evolution. It's trapped time moving through cycles from beginning to end.
Now what does it mean, what would it imply, that 'here' was stretched to beginning and an end placed into an infinity cycle?
The following:
That everything and all of you here is predetermined. Because it is already here! It's already done!
But now an interesting design was placed within 'predetermination'.
Now this predetermination I speak of, hear me, is not the preprogrammed predetermination.
It is the common sense perspective that if 'here' is stretched, from beginning to end, everything and all of you and everyone else is already here... already done!
Now the illusion imprint of time was created and manifested and designed within the mind conscious system, together with your pre-programmed life path.
Now this point of 'everything of yourself is already here, already done' merely stretched into an experience of a beginning and an end
in an infinity cycle, perceptually believing or thinking that you're moving towards something, when actually all that you have to realize is that everything is here.

Life path as trapped time...
The following:

Now what the creators or designers of this existence had done:
each one was placed in with a primary Mind Consciousness System formation according to how and who they already were, and stretched that experience of themselves of who and how they already were
into a construct of time as beginning and end and looped it into an infinity cycle - it's happened to each one.

So, to place it into perspective, it was literally taking yourself, projecting yourself outwards, designing experiences for yourself based on who and how you accepted and allowed yourself to be. So it was an infinity cycle of and as yourself, ingrained, amalgamated and manifested before you.
And so it looked with each one within this existence. And then you were put into a manifested infinity cycle as this existence, this world.

So you existed within a preprogrammed designed lifepath manifested physical experience within, to be created and designed without.
So the life paths, the apparent life paths, was trapping you both within and without, within the infinity cycle design of having apparent manifested experiences as having to learn lessons. When actually all that you were experiencing or that you were existing within and as was actually yourself! Merely stretched into a timeline design... as trapped time.

Alright, thank you very much,
this is life path as trapped time.

How diabolically brilliant.

They trapped who we truly individually are, the true self of existence, in a time loop to play out pre-programmed lives (the details of a 'life')-- and the lives (details) always play out according to "how and who we already were".

In other words, if your true self nature is one of 'self doubt and insecurity', then every life (pre-programmed details) you live in the time trap will be 'flavored' or have a base of 'self doubt and insecurity' -- no matter how many lives you live.

So, yes. We were pre-programmed in two ways. One through our own design (acceptance and allowances) as who we truly are individually -- which they trapped in time -- and the other through their pre-programmed written 'lives' delivered through physical birth. 

Desteni, articles, 2008 - August 15 

Body: lumps on feet/spine

Dear Body

Why did you develop these big lumps on both the feet? Can I do anything to make them smaller?

And my spine, they say it is not straight, but strangely formed, is this true? - and if, is this a 'bad' thing?

thanx very much,




Why did you develop these big lumps on both feet? Can I do anything to make them smaller?
This indicate deliberate stagnation and postponement of movement – meaning, that you have a tendency of ‘not wanting to move beyond your comfort zones within you’ because of fear of ‘that which you have not defined yourself as’ – meaning that you will ‘settle for what is ‘just alright’ – rather than daring yourself to go beyond the limitations you have defined yourself according to – remaining in a ‘safe space’ within yourself with that which you know of yourself – rather than breaking the barriers of the mind.

Quote: And my spine, they say it is not straight, but strangely formed, is this true? - and if, is this a 'bad' thing?
It’s not ‘bad’ – no, though – related to ‘how you’ll shape and form you into an environment’ to ‘fit in’, ‘blend in’ – to just do what is ‘acceptable’ and ‘okay’ through the eyes of others – no more than that – this is related to your feet also – because you will position you within you and your world in such a way – to ‘remain safe’ within you – always playing it safe, settling for less.

Desteni 2008, april 6
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