01 January 2007


There are no such things as ‘accidents’ as there is no such thing as ‘choice’ or ‘coincidence’ – accidents, the term and definition thereof existent for beings to think/believe that sudden unexpected occurrences manifest ‘by chance’ – when accidents are actually caused by an action expressed – we manifest our ‘inner and outer’ reality specifically. And thus – experiences will manifest according to our nature ‘who we are’ both within and without.

Such an event would indicate that the being, within their life experience ‘is not where they are supposed to be’ – but listening to their mind/head instead of self here, trusting past of mind – instead of what is experienced as self here in every moment.

So, the being, within their current position, placement and experience within this world = is not where they are supposed to be from a perspective of assisting and supporting themselves within their individual process. At the moment – their position and placement is supporting their existence of and as the mind = and not self.

The event manifesting for the being to say: Stop listening to the head – hear self HERE.

Benazir Bhutto

Desteni 2008 
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