02 December 2007


the consciousness system will not change by 2012 or be taken away--you have to do it for you--and make sure every one in your world do it for themselves as well
illness and pests--are attacking systems--so if they exist--systems exist--and it indicates the effectiveness of self honesty--thus illness reveals self dishonesty and yes--the answer is self honesty in action in your inner and outer reality no matter what the resistance

the world will not change but by the hand of man -- and we will suffer till we realize this and do the changes in our world that is necessary
yes--you will still make a living like now--all will become worse--till we act with our own hands to change the situation--world events will force this upon us
we will not do other languages--as the translations will assist the translators
and even at this stage--the amount of work and requests we get--we are unable to handle
we have 3 years more just on producing the relevant material in between answering questions as the world of the mind collapse
there will be humans that will stand up and start to assist each other effectively and no longer wait
the portal will only exist till what we are here to do is done
There is another way used (another way of communication besides through the mind)--but man cannot hear yet--but will and that will destroy the world as the mind--which is the end of time--so--the mind is a creation of man and thus also aware--we will do interviews with the mind
some surprises in stall in this-- because the mind only directs that which is less than it in its own perception

humanity cannot be helped--that is a mind fuck by enlightened preprogrammed systems--humanity is done and will be no more
it is about stopping the mind or be stopped --there is no alternative and the masters (Eckhart Tolle) never considered this and look to saving man--that is impossible
man is being consumed by ideas and the desire to be--and then to find a way to be is only a temporary dimensionl rift in the mind-- and it ends at death as the mind--not one master that has ever been on earth ever broke the hold of the mind--all became prisoners and prisonalities
Each person here will have to act and become self honest--dimensions had the same process--we only removed that which cannot be dealt with- If we did more--all would be slaves eternally
this is the process--self awareness into self forgiveness into self honesty into self realization into self purification into self action to purify what you touch with your presence in all ways till all understand the common sense of life as equal as one
no experience necessary will be removed--and those that fall--will die and face the same process again and return to earth till this is done and thus the time it take is determined by all together
the reason--that no-one will be able to blame another--because we all touch each other and if we do not act--or allow opinion or choice to prolong our suffering because we fear to act or we fall into the trap of choice and morality--we will suffer much longer till we realize--there is no choice and we are only stuck, because we allowed choice to separate us from each other as life as equal and one Every one you meet is assisting you--every thing you see--every thing you touch and you may place yourself in places where assistance is available--you may not always get it the first time--we all fall sometimes--but we will get through it
at the end though--the point of importance--self honesty--and that you have to establish within yourself as you as life
and that will be challenged by life to see if it is really who you have become--life as equal and one
we are now in Earth process--and we are removing many systems as we investigate the human functionality at a physical level--it will be interesting to see-- this going now for 2 weeks (half januari 08) --this is where systems designed their own systems to fine tune their control--this has been accelerating since 1998 and is more sophisticated than what the reptilians or the sirians did--very fascinating how information works as if another system internet exist where information formations manifest as what we experience in the world
focus-- Foc us--fuck us-- meaning--I breath and am here as the breath-
then focus is here and anything else is the mind--and then it is to work through the addiction
the hardtime you are having is withdrawal symptoms and if you give in--will just face it again--takes 21 days in self honesty to break a habit--so --to break a lot at the same time will still be 21 days--which I recommend instead of doing them one by one 21 days at a time that is quite daunting in a way--lolol
so--drop the addiction to stuff and excitement--watch what you use to watch to keep the mind entertained and do some self forgiveness--and when you are free--enjoy yourself in randomn ways--doing what you did--maybe movies--or TV--but walk halfway through the movie out the theatre or switch the TV off at the best part and watch your reactions--in short--fuck with your own mind

Be self honest and purify yourself
that will unleash the inner purifier in your world
and this pure fire shall burn the deception from your environment
and some will stay and some will run
because this fire cannot be contained

In the astral--which exist within you as your self created inner dimensions within the universe of self--anything you belief will manifest--and that is the point--how can we allow ourselves to travel inner dimensions and find "love" while part of us as one is lost and cannot get to one without extensive intervention-- thus stop participating in anything but assisting all to back to one till this is done--the we are free as equal and one and this manifested reality as the nature of our illusion of self --stops Bernard

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