29 September 2011

Is Desteni a Cult, Fraud or a Dangerous Pyramid Scheme?

from The Destonian Wiki; Desteni Critism

Doing a quick google search on Desteni reveals, among others, websites that label Desteni and Destonians as a cult and whereby they come up with various ideas about fraudulent schemes. In fact on a so called “Cult Education Forum” a cult on it’s own was formed that is centered around bashing, misinforming and plainly lying about everything that Destonians do.
Therefore this page (or section) was established to answer the most commonly asked questions where people do not take sufficient time to research the point but rather believe a hater, fear-monger, internet flamer or a sensationalist.

A journalist's questions sent in a hurry

An example of a “journalist” that does not do a sufficient research and jumps to conclusions. The following message was send to Bernard Poolman on September 10th, 2011, quoting:
"Dear Bernard Poolman
We are doing a story on the Desteni for this Sunday and would like to give you the opportunity to respond.
Unfortunately my deadline is in a couple of hours, so if you could respond ASAP we can still publish your response in this edition of our newspaper.
(Sorry, but not having you number to phone you directly makes communication a bit tricky)."
We’re gonna list each question and provide an answer. Notice how the questions itself already point to conclusions, the journalist itself “does not have time” to check the sources of the information and/or give sufficient time and space to the main subject of the article to respond in a civilized manner. This is called sensationalism and making up of stories based on gossip.
Question: There are numerous videos and blogs on the enternet (the journalist most likely wanted to write “internet”) that describe Desteni as a “dangerous”, “mind control cult”. Would you like to respond to these allegations?
Answer: Desteni is not a cult and it is not dangerous. All such claims are located on and propagated through various online bash-boards, by people with anonymous names, without providing any evidence to these claims. The reason why people express such hatred is simple: Desteni deals with a highly controversial topics like universal equality, new economic system, current enslavement of humans through and to the money system, debunking spirituality and religions. Some people react to these topics and are not able to discuss them on equal terms with other more civilized beings. As a result they form cults where they support each other in their beliefs, propagate gossip, allow any abuse towards the subject that they termed as their “enemy” and end up believing their own fabrications as they receive support from likeminded anonymous participants. This is nothing new and the internet is filled with such hate, gossip and fabrication in relation to any subject, movement, corporation or even scientific fact. Therefore basing one’s judgement, without proper and thorough investigation of what Desteni in fact is and does is highly unprofessional, childish, bordering with signs of schizophrenia.
Q: Why would you say people - including former members apparently -  see you as "dangerous"?
A: The “former member” label implies that there are some people that have a deeper insight into how Desteni works. That is in fact not so. The core, the most important part and the whole functioning of the participation within Desteni is public as blogging, doing video interviews and publishing one’s own material. Desteni functions as a hub, as an open-source community that is shaped and functions only through the people that actually participate, completely on their own according and from their own self-interest. If someone is removed from the community due to abuse - a collective decision any community that is interested in adhering to laws, regulations and actually getting the work that it claims to be doing done - has to make - such people tend to react with anger, name calling and gossip. Which again is unfortunately part of how the various communities, social networks, movements and hubs on the internet and elsewhere function.
Q: I see you have quite a number of young followers. How young is your youngest member?
A: Participation within the Desteni websites, like the Introduction to Desteni Forum, Desteni I Process or others is allowed for people under 18 years old only with a parental consent form submitted. Again the label “follower” is already implying some sort of religious or cultish behavior being imposed on the people that want to participate within and with Desteni. No such requirements, statements or even implications are made by Desteni. In fact Desteni suggests to everyone to always check, cross-reference and verify for oneself all the points that are involved within making decisions or judgements about any kind of information. Such an approach is strongly suggested before asking questions that already imply a belief where through such a question one is actually becoming a follower of someone or something without even realizing it.
Q: Are you “confusing” these kids?
A: No. As established in the previous answer there are virtually no “kids” participating within Desteni. Strict moderation, cross-referencing, public rules and guidelines are in place for any kind of participation within Desteni so no one can claim he is being confused. Every question asked in relation to Desteni is thoroughly answered and publicized.
Q: Does consumption of Hallucinogenic drugs form part of the Desteni way?
A: No. We strongly suggest anyone to stop every single addiction and walk and function within this world with a clear head. This includes alcohol. Majority of the Desteni members stated and shared publicly through their material as blogs and videos that they have stopped usage of every single substance that can be considered a drug, including alcohol (if they’ve ever used it).
Q: According to a former member. Members of Desteni are not allowed to have “free thoughts”. Is that so?
A: Also refer to the 2nd answer giving perspective on the label “former member”. The content of one’s thoughts is a responsibility of each and every one. To the extent these thoughts influence others in a harmful or damaging way Desteni takes a clear stand, in line and in accordance with the laws of every civilized country or society, that such thoughts manifesting itself as harm towards others can not be allowed and have to be dealt with. Desteni works with identifying how such thoughts develop and how one can deal with such thoughts before they’re allowed to be manifested in the physical reality. Many react to this obvious common sense and defend their mind-set or what they secretly do behind closed doors. For example a person using violent thoughts about raping women to masturbate will attack Desteni as Desteni state such thoughts are unacceptable as they lead to harmful acts done unto others where people through the acceptance and allowance of such thoughts act out on such thoughts. Such a person justifies his actions through the label and idea of “free thoughts” and labels anyone that suggests otherwise as a threat and uses spitefulness to deal with such a “threat”.
Q: I see you have quite a following – and not just South Africans. How many members does Desteni have?
A: We strongly distance ourselves from the words “following” implying that we’re some kind of a cult or religious establishment.
A quick look through websites like Destonians.com, http://desteni.co.za/community or the Introduction to Desteni Forum will reveal all the active participants.
Q: I see you are running some sort of “Exotic Animal Farm and Rehabilitation Center”. What sort of rehabilitation goes on here? Q: Is that rehabilitation of humans or animals?
A: No. Desteni is not currently running such a centre however we are looking into and considering starting an exotic animal rehabilitation centre. This might or might not come into fruition in the future.
The Desteni Farm where some Desteni “members” live is a standard household and is being visited by other participants if there is space, time and interest expressed for such a visit. You know, friends, or people working together, tend to visit each other from time to time. Obviously during such a visit people are interested in doing and working on the things that brought them to Desteni in the first place - exploring, researching and finding solutions for equality, what’s best for all, how to live together effectively and how to take care of animals.
Q: Do these Desteni members work for you on the farm? Are you exploiting them?
A: No. We strongly distance ourselves form any exploitation. In fact we suggest and work on the design and implementation of an Equal Money System where one of the main goals of such a system is to stop the exploitation of people, animals and nature that is currently accepted and allowed within the current system of capitalism.
Q: Could you offer a concise explanation as to why members shave their hair – and is it compulsory?
A: Nothing within Desteni is compulsory nor it can be. This is an open, internet based community where people can come and go as they please.
The head shaving campaign, called Face World Face Off is a simple exercise for anyone that is interested in:
Removing the fear of and the definition of good looks, and “how one should look” in general. Keep the shaved head for quite a while to see and deal with all the reactions from the outside world. Within this one can build a stronger character as one is not dependent on “looking good” or “looking the way others expect me to look”. A peaceful gesture and an expression of standing together for a common goal - equality.
Lots of people that participated within this campaign for a year or more are now growing hair again as they’re satisfied that they’ve worked through all the points connected to one’s look through having a certain hairstyle and benefited from this bold endeavor. Others enjoy their clean shave and find it very practical. It’s up to each individual. Desteni merely provides a fresh, simple and harmless idea as head-shaving as to gain insight into oneself that most consider weird or do not dare to explore.
Q: Is it true that you are able to communicate with reptile gods, demons and aliens?
A: A part of the Desteni research, for the most part no longer published due to abuse and false flagging on YouTube dealt with gods, demons, ancient civilizations, aliens and the universe. The point is through to sufficiently explain such topics as to give common sense perspectives to anyone that is interested in such topics and direct such a person to rather participate in more practical endeavors such as what to do with the crashing money system, how to direct one’s emotions and feelings, how to become effective and responsible human being within this world as it exists, without clinging to beliefs, ideologies, mysteries and things that are not practical.
Q: Does this go hand in hand with drug consumption?
A: No. The perspective on drugs and alcohol has been given in a previous answer.
Q: Is this possession by aliens and demons for real?
A: The word possession in relation to the Desteni research is used on various bash-boards on the internet, by various cults that create beliefs and spread misinformation about Desteni or by people giving into gossip. We’re not practicing or allowing any possession by any entities, feeling or emotional states, beliefs or practices within the material we publish. Nor do we recommend anyone to allow being possessed by anything or anybody.
Q: Apparently you are quite a fan of Hitler? Why? Q: Is Desteni Neo-Nazi?
A: There are people that misunderstood a series of articles published on the Desteni website where a perspective and an attempt for research into how a person such as Adolf Hilter thinks and perceives his world was made. According to this feedback we removed these articles and we might re-publish them later if we’re satisfied that we’re conveying the research in such a way that it is not misunderstood.
We strongly distance ourselves from any form of racial discrimination, anti-semitism, nazi ideologies, neo-nazi movements or any other similar movement or ideology.
Q: Why are you afraid to show your face?
A: (This question being directed towards Bernard Poolman.) Bernard Poolman has a publicly accessible photo in his profile on Destonians.com here.
Q: What is with the funny monster avatar you have on Facebook?
A: This is an art piece called “The Beast” by Andrew Gable. It depicts a man that stands for and by all the various forms of life, in the face of abuse, condemnation and laughter through the artists eyes depicted as a “monster” combining various animal and human characteristics.

2011 Law of Attraction will end with Equal Money System

law_of_attraction will end with Equal Money
Law of Attraction in Action
We have created ourselves a world subject to Polarities and subsequently subject to the Law of Balance – which means that when you attract all that wealth, health, prosperity, money, abundance… it has to be taken away from someone else; because there always have to be a balance. Simple Common Sense. So: Participating in The Law of Attraction is simply a criminal act – you are a thief. That's The Secret.

LOA: Law of Attraction will end with the Equal Money System

This is a fascinating topic because the Law of Attraction is used in so many ways within the current system of polarity to attract all kinds of things - from happiness to wealth to well-being. All things that is actually subject to money. All things that is subject to polarity within a debt system - where you are either in debt or you are wealthy.
Now Greg will take the point on this, is convening this in terms of what the Law of Attraction represents in the current economic system,in the current world system in its various ways and why and how it will change with an Equal Money System.
Is there any part of the Law of Attraction that can exist that has any value if you are given everything in an Equal Money System.
So this will be a fascinating episode of the Equal Money System book.
Those that's interested in contributing, you can come to the Equal Money Forum and participate in the process of investigating and explaining why the Law of Attraction, the so called Great Secret, will be decimated with an Equal Money System.
Join us at the http://equalmoney.org/forum/
Bernard Poolman

Recommended Watch

We Destonians stand for the removal of this Money-Profit-God from the face of the Earth that always place money first and beings needs last. By implementing a new system, Equal Money, every single human being on this Earth will be provided with the basic needs, like food, housing, clothes, education, health care – equally. No one will have more or less. Removing the fear of survival (where money and profit comes in and with that in-equality because some have it all, and most have nothing: no food, shelter, medical care, education…) because survival is been taking care of. We will be free to express ourselves as we are. And profit making will be something of the past – gone – exit – basta
Visit Desteni and do your research on the guidelines for Equality and learn how to apply them. Also visit our Destonians Wiki on Wikipedia for an overview of what being a Destonian means.

20 September 2011

Biblical Financial Principles

christ-giving-his-blessing-1478It is stated clearly and has been the fervent belief of all Christians that Jesus taught "Give to another what you would like to receive yourself" and "Love your neighbour as yourself".
Thus that turned into Biblical Financial Principles = the Equal Money System and
= Equality as a political solution for the world to bring about Heaven on Earth.
I dare any Christian to prove that what we say is not so.
We say no Christian has ever lived by Biblical Financial Principles.
You have all abused each other under Capitalism. And ALL forms of government has always been a form of dictatorship - which is Capitalism; where there is never been "love thy neighbour as thyself" and "give to another as you would like to receive".
Therefor let's see your love:
if it's real you will walk with Equality and you will stand -no matter what- by Equal Money.
This is the challenge for humanity: Can you in fact Walk your Talk
Bernard Poolman – October 2010-

15 September 2011

Killing other Humans to protect your ideas

Justin Bowerman, an army specialist
What does it mean to be in the army? What does it mean to be a weaponized human? Armies exist for one purpose only: is to seek and destroy those that disagree with you, those that threaten your ideas.
Instead of having ideas that is best for everyone one have then specialist ideas and these specialist ideas must be protected against others - which indicates the very factor of how invalid the whole concept of an army or a weapon or a specialist is in terms of killing other humans just because they disagree with you
and apparently because of that they are a threat.
Somewhere this must end!
Obviously from a Destonian perspective what we're saying is we're already a threat to our dear brothers-in-arms. If your arms could only be the things that do actual work that confirm that you love their neighbour and not be things that become extensions of projectiles that burst and kill people that explode within people and that do it purely for the sake of your so called freedom and free choice - when that is not really free choice.

Free Choice must be that which give EVERYONE the choice to be free. And that happens with Equality and Equal Money.
It's fascinating to note how deliberately things can be pulled out of proportion purely to try to prevent a new world from coming about. Yes, Desteni is a new world. Our ways will bring an end to armies because your arms should be done and used for labour and for loving, not for killing. And we'll bring an end to weaponized humans because as long as there are weapons we will keep on weeping on. There will be no end to the atrocities and the sadness.
Join us if you are ready to see that there is something psychotically disproportioned about being in the army, or wanting to kill for the purpose of protecting your so called freedoms. Then you are not free, it's just a lie, watch out who is selling the lie and why they have to pay you money to be a weaponized human to protect the Elite.
There is no point to it. You have been trained in a school of thought - that school of thought is claiming that anything that is against it is apparently a cult.
We're not a cult or the occult, we are purely human beings that is no longer controlled through mind control or through money control, I mean mind control and money control is the same thing.
If you are ready to consider that war must be ended, weapons must be stopped and humans must be free from their fears so they don't have to kill each other to be free, then join us at Desteni, we are here for you as well, whether you are with us or not because what we're proposing includes you in a way that will give you true freedom and that will protect your family and your future.
I'm quite sure somewhere inside you there must be some little bit of common sense and you'll be able to hear some of what I am saying. I understand the fear is immense but one is completely overrun by it therefore you'll attack 'cause that is apparently the best defence. But that only means that there is a fence, there shouldn't be a fence between neighbours, between those that love each other. There should have been sharing but it doesn't exist.
All schools of thought is only been lies and control. Stop the control. Stop the Mind Control and join us. We're just a few people around the world that is gaining in numbers slowly but surely and we know the difficulties we're facing. So let's see if real love can actually come into existence in this world and the evil that is called 'love' now can be exposed for what it really is.
If you are a weaponized human you are evil because you are willing to kill to protect your freedom and not to protect ALL freedom. You are in mind control - that's why you can kill so easily. That's why the others that disagree with you is the enemy.
place yourself in the shoes of another EQUAL MONEY

Just look at that, simple mind control.
You can't even see how easily you could have been in the other's shoes...
Put yourself in the shoes of another and then decide if you will kill them…

Bernard Poolman –2011-      

army globe2
Join us desteni.co.za

04 September 2011

2011 Google announces the End of Mr Anonymous

STOP HIDING behind Anonymity Equal MoneySo Google announce the end of Mr. Anonymous.
Now obviously as we said at Desteni this is inevitable and it is here now. The chief-executor officer of Google has announced that the future of the internet is one where no-one will be anonymous, everyone will be exposed completely. We're going to deal with a world where no-one can hide and nothing is hidden.
Isn't it wonderful? We're driven by our own systems to honesty.
Now we can look at this in a positive way or in a negative way. In a positive way we participate and we bring Equality into being: an actual positive result coming from the end of the hidden nature of man as it is being represented now on the internet.
Or one can do it in a negative way: full of fear, screaming "the Microchip is here and we are all going to be controlled by the Elite!" You're not. Have a look, practically, physically you are just negative. All these fakers are just negative people; you live in constant fear and then you deny it because your reality is a make-believe one.
The actualized reality that is the most positive effective result for all of earth = what is happening now in the future of the internet and what is being represented by Desteni as the moral way of integrity to actualize the message of Jesus for everyone in Equality: give to another what you would like to have yourself. Within that we will all be Elite and Life will be valued as it should be.
Thank you Google, it's about time.
by Bernard Poolman –2011-            

logo tree Desteni Equal MoneyGive to another what you would like to have yourself

YouTube is known for the extensive abuse in commenting on profiles and video's. This abuse is possible because the abuser can hide behind FAKE names and FAKE identities - with no Accountability.
You believe that your 'anonymous veil' will protect you from accountability and make it easy to abuse others in the name of Opinion and Free Speech.
You would never do such abuse in your own name, or when face to face with another being.
Stop hiding behind your fake names. Stand for who you are, take responsibility for the words you speak, the words that you write in your comments - the words are you, you are the words.
Stop the abuse - use your real name, not a fake one.
We Destonians use our birthnames.
We invite you to join us and make a stand.
A stand for Truth and Accountablity
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