04 September 2011

2011 Google announces the End of Mr Anonymous

STOP HIDING behind Anonymity Equal MoneySo Google announce the end of Mr. Anonymous.
Now obviously as we said at Desteni this is inevitable and it is here now. The chief-executor officer of Google has announced that the future of the internet is one where no-one will be anonymous, everyone will be exposed completely. We're going to deal with a world where no-one can hide and nothing is hidden.
Isn't it wonderful? We're driven by our own systems to honesty.
Now we can look at this in a positive way or in a negative way. In a positive way we participate and we bring Equality into being: an actual positive result coming from the end of the hidden nature of man as it is being represented now on the internet.
Or one can do it in a negative way: full of fear, screaming "the Microchip is here and we are all going to be controlled by the Elite!" You're not. Have a look, practically, physically you are just negative. All these fakers are just negative people; you live in constant fear and then you deny it because your reality is a make-believe one.
The actualized reality that is the most positive effective result for all of earth = what is happening now in the future of the internet and what is being represented by Desteni as the moral way of integrity to actualize the message of Jesus for everyone in Equality: give to another what you would like to have yourself. Within that we will all be Elite and Life will be valued as it should be.
Thank you Google, it's about time.
by Bernard Poolman –2011-            

logo tree Desteni Equal MoneyGive to another what you would like to have yourself

YouTube is known for the extensive abuse in commenting on profiles and video's. This abuse is possible because the abuser can hide behind FAKE names and FAKE identities - with no Accountability.
You believe that your 'anonymous veil' will protect you from accountability and make it easy to abuse others in the name of Opinion and Free Speech.
You would never do such abuse in your own name, or when face to face with another being.
Stop hiding behind your fake names. Stand for who you are, take responsibility for the words you speak, the words that you write in your comments - the words are you, you are the words.
Stop the abuse - use your real name, not a fake one.
We Destonians use our birthnames.
We invite you to join us and make a stand.
A stand for Truth and Accountablity
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