25 June 2011

2011 Writing Your Self to Freedom–a Dare

AUDACE1I’ve always enjoyed writing.
The physical act of writing with pen on paper; the soft sound of the pen moving over the paper, the smell of the paper, especially when the paper is brand new, has always been a source of quiet delight for me.
But most of all: the silent moments of intimacy with myself. Writing down my innermost private thoughts and feelings – revealing what is actually going on in myself. Catching the thoughts and feelings and emotions that I did not notice, or was not willing to see, during the day or event.
For instance when overreacting to someone’s words to me, me being hurt and angry about it, but not able to point out what exactly was upsetting me: I then just started writing, all of it – my thoughts, my backchat, name calling, previous experiences like that or with the person, crying, feeling sorry for myself, blaming myself, desiring revenge: ranting and raving - I never withheld: all the turmoil in me I’d let out on paper.
And then there it was, right in front of me, on paper: the content of my mind – all the funny, endearing and ugly details of it.
During the writing out I usually had ‘Aha! ’moments – this is what is playing out! Then I laughed: is it that simple?! – because of all the turmoil in my head I hadn’t been able to see clearly.
Writing your minds rollercoaster out on paper has two obvious merits:
  1. Letting out all the minds turmoil out of your head – so you have some quiet in there – to be able to see more clearly
  2. The content is there right in front of you, in writing, and you have a clear view of what is actually going on in yourself, in your mind. You gain insight in your patterns, in your fears, insecurities, in what you believe yourself to be, what you believe others to be, and so on. From this insight you are clearly able to be more effective in your life.
Four years ago I stumbled upon Desteni and began participating. A primary Desteni tool is writing – Writing Yourself to Freedom. I immediately recognized this as a very effective tool - given my experience with writing.
ageha_typography_by_nayruchanWriting yourself to Freedom is about revealing all realms in yourself – being brutally honest. Being Self Honest is quite a dare: we tend to only want to think nice thoughts about ourselves and flinch from our innermost deep ‘darker’ realm of thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Combined with the other Desteni tools, like Self Forgiveness, Self Corrective Application, Mind Constructs etc. is Writing Yourself to Freedom a powerful tool: Naming the game that you are. Deconstructing the game. And finally: you directing you; you scripting yourself.

Recommended article on Self Intimacy

uilDonker001I fear being with me – because then I am alone with me with this self judgment of me – the self judgment that exist within me because I have not been intimate with me – I don't know what I'll see within me when I'm intimate with me – when I see within me – as self intimacy.
see article

Would you like assistance and support in how to ‘live life to the fullest’, using tools such as writing yourself to freedom – then check out: http://desteniiprocess.com

Testimonials by other Writers

Writing yourself to freedom is an act of self respect, self insight, self intimacy, self love – all the things we could have ever wanted from another – we are able to give to ourselves as we give ourselves back to ourselves through writing our self forgiveness. Writing yourself to freedom is not only an act of standing for yourself, but for all life.
Adrian see article

Writing has been and is the ultimate key to self!
Why do we Destonians emphasise on writing as much as we do?
It’s already within the very act of writing, to actually sit oneself down with pen and paper/laptop already implies that one is taking oneself -even if this only for a moment -into consideration! Expressing gratefulness for self through a real physical action, writing!
Jozien  see article

So – I can definitely say that through writing I discovered all he forgotten parts of myself – I actually experienced it like that – like an inner journey, and it was the most liberating experience I had had in my life as well, because as I would write I would also ‘release’ the suppressed emotions/memories that were controlling me.
Gabriël  see article

In my process of release myself from my pre-programmed way of living, I use writing to show me to me so that I am able to identify the points where I am not 'the self-aware driver' of myself, and then I use self-forgiveness to disengage/release myself from the patterns which do not serve me and which do not fall within the principle of what is best for all - they only exist to keep me enslaved.
Rozelle  see article

When writing yourself you Anything is Hidden - you can see everything of You there, because is also, like I have experienced - a physical action that is not guided fully by the Mind and is amazing  how you can write things that were very hidden or you wouldn´t  have talked to anyone else but with yourself, and there you can observe what you are accepting and allowing within yourself to create abuse in the World.
Jessie  see article

I write nearly everyday. It is rare that there is a day that I do not write. Sometimes on paper with a pen, sometimes on the computer. Sometimes a blog, or an insight, or a question, or self forgiveness, or reporting on world events, or an e-mail, or observations, anything and all things.
Andrew  see article

What I have discovered within my process of writing myself to freedom, is that what I do in this world, how I participate, what I speak, how I interact with other beings, is always One and Equal to Who I Am.
And, within writing myself to freedom, I can always see exactly where / from whom I've 'gotten' the information as definitions which shape 'who I am', and thus 'what I do'.
Matti   see article

I use writing as a way to put myself out in front of me, like uncoiling a spring, stretching myself out over the page to see where I am at and where I may need work. This is cool because you can open up points that normally never get addressed within daily life.
Garbrielle  see article

It will become clear when you write, what experiences it is that you’ve been carrying upon during your day, what thoughts triggered these experiences, and also how you accepted and allowed yourself to believe that these inner events actually are real and have power over you. You’ll start to see, as I have, what is actual reality and what is the non-sense of the mind.
Viktor   see article

It has supported me in 'letting go' of the shit that mulls around in my head. Thoughts that I allow to cause reactions within me - anxieties, worries fears, even just voices that I for so long believed were me. Writing them out allows me to take back my power.
Kristina   see article

23 June 2011

2011 Freedom of Religion vs Animal Suffering–continued

ritueel slachten ritual slaughter Equal Money Stop Animal Abuse
Last week there was a hearing in Dutch Parliament on yes or no implement an absolute ban on animals being slaughtered without anaesthetizing the animals first. Although Dutch and European laws generally prohibit slaughter without stunning, exception is granted to ritual slaughter, practiced by parts of the Jewish and Muslim communities.
There is indignant opposition by Jewish and Islamic congregation; they insist on this needless suffering of the animal – to practice their religious need for ritualistic cruelty. They are supported by our Christian political parties – because of the so highly regarded Freedom of Religion.

PvdD Stop animal abuse with Equal MoneyThe Party for the Animals (yes, we have a political party that voices the rights of animals – quite unique) introduced this bill into Parliament and the final vote will be in July. Chances are this new law will pass.
In my previous blog on this matter |see here| I’ve made my stance in this very clear: Freedom of Religion or whatever freedom, never, NEVER, means you can do whatever you want at the expense of other living beings – animals included.

So, the hearing:
Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who especially flew in from London to represent the Jewish community, stated the Jewish method of slaughter is more secure because it is not done by machines but by human hand. He might have a point there – but then again not: it is the human that is capable of extreme torture and animal abuse, like the reports and video’s on how cruel animals in Indonesian slaughter houses are treated (just one of many, many examples of the human hand treatment). So no – not a valid argument.

ritual slaughter Stop Animal Abuse with Equal MoneyAnother of his arguments against such a law is that ‘it isn’t scientifically proven that animals suffer more when not anaesthetized’. Well, WTF!!!, how does one need scientific proof when it is a simple common sense fact! When you yourself are going to be slaughtered, would you prefer your throat being cut without anaesthetic suffocating in your blood for minutes? Or would you prefer to be shot in the head? I know I would prefer the bullet. Why did no one ask him?

Next: It isn’t scientifically proven animals experience pain like we humans do. (An argument to enfeeble the scientific proof animals suffer more and longer when slaughtered the ritualistic way). No we do not know that – for all I know animals could experience pain more intense – so that would be – again - an argument against ritualistic slaughter. (*it is very likely animals experience pain like we do: aren’t we all the same flesh and blood?)

Another argument against: it does happen when animals are being anaesthetized things go wrong and the animal suffers extremely in spite of  or due to anaesthetizing. Of course, this is horrific and we as human beings should make sure this doesn’t happen – but I fail to see how this is an argument? It is merely an argument to intensify the inspection of the slaughter houses – to make sure the anaesthetizing is done effectively.
Furthermore – as the video embedded below shows – also with ritualistic slaughter things go wrong and the animals are clearly NOT ‘respectfully killed’ as claimed by him.
*NEWS* the law has passed – but already they are discussing ‘exceptions’ again Unfortunately the law didn't pass after all...

Animals are our Equals

I am sad we even have to discuss this in Parliament – it should be a given fact we will not allow and accept animals to suffer in any way whatsoever.
I am not discussing whether we should or should not eat meat; I am discussing the by us all allowed and accepted stance – that we humans are superior to animals and therefore have the right to do as we please. Nowhere the integrity of the animal itself is discussed. Nowhere our supposed superiority is discussed. It isn’t just the Jewish or Muslim religion that places humans above the animal; through our own Christian roots we too have allowed the programmed conviction that ‘God gave us the animal to serve us’. Atheist, vegetarian, spiritualist, intellectual, new ager… not just the church going religious people. Even animal lovers believe this to be true.  When dare we finally question this deep-seated conviction? When dare we finally see and comprehend that animals are our EQUALS – how unbearable ashamed will we be of ourselves...

The Jewish spokesman referred to WOII where the right to ritualistic slaughter was also forbidden – as an omen. I like to remind the Jewish people how animals are treated by us, we act like the Nazi’s, currently and in the past… there is quite a resemblance.
humans are nazis

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And God created Ritualic Slaughtering

Ritualistic Slaughter – video

There is some shocking footage in this video - but hey, we do allow this to happen to animals, so then you should be brave enough to look at what we allow.

partially Dutch spoken

Wikipedia Ritual Slaughter

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17 June 2011

2011 Happiness–redefining the word Happiness


Old definition of Happiness

I used to define feeling happy as a state of exaltation – singing, dancing, jumping as an outlet for my happiness-energy – because it was all ‘too much’ to hold in, too much for such a tiny body. I felt like ‘bursting’, so I had to move my body – in dancing or jumping or running. I felt like standing on the top of my toes – ready to lift off to heaven :) As the opposite polarity of misery – where I felt very low, like wriggling on the ground, like a worm.
Growing older I felt this energetic state was just tiresome and had no lasting meaning at all. I realized that the moments I now defined as me being happy are the moments I feel at peace with myself and quietly enjoying the moments of intimacy with myself. So I define happiness as ‘contentment’ nowadays: moments of being in peace and intimacy with myself, characterized by the absence of inner-movement.


Noun: happiness
1. State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy
2. Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being
Happy: late 14c., "lucky, favored by fortune, prosperous;" of events, "turning out well," from hap (n.) "chance, fortune" + -y(2). Sense of "very glad" first recorded late 14c. Ousted O.E. eadig (from ead "wealth, riches") and gesælig, which has become silly. Meaning "greatly pleased and content" is from 1520s. O.E. bliðe "happy" survives as blithe. From Greek to Irish, a great majority of the European words for "happy" at first meant "lucky." An exception is Welsh, where the word used first meant "wise."


In Dutch ‘hap’ means ‘a bite’ – so taking a bite from the pie (hap-pie).Like in having a bite in the birthday cake. Which implies there is an end to the fun, a beginning and an end to happiness, just like the birthday cake when eaten all of it - happiness is limited.
Hap: 1. one's luck or lot. 2. an occurrence, happening, or accident.
Happen: by coincidence
Happiness is something that ‘happens’ to you – which is not true: it is always you that creates the experience of ‘feeling happy’, but by defining it as something that happens to you, it is placed as an outer source with power over you.
Happiness – pine-ss: pine away=languish away (wegkwijnen)/pine after=long for/pine=regret. That’s funny – I’ve always experienced in my moments of extreme happiness at the core of it: sadness also – at the same time. Like happiness and sadness are one and the same. Also some fear and regret this happiness will be over any moment now.
Contentment – the Dutch word is: tevredenheid – which holds the word ‘vrede’=peace. It also holds the word ‘reden’=reason. So happy with or without a reason. Self-contented: the content of self; intimate with self.

New definition

Happiness is the experience of me being in peace/intimate with myself, characterized by the absence of inner-movement

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14 June 2011

2011 Misery–redefining the word Misery


How I used to define Misery

When feeling miserable - in misery - I experience myself as ‘low’, like in literally or metaphorically wriggling on the floor from grief and distress – an everlasting experience so it seems to me (although eventually this state always ends). When in this ‘miserable’ state I usually have thoughts like: this is who I really am, this is the truth of me: a miserable being – please shoot me.

Dictionary definition of Misery

Noun: misery
  1. A state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune
  2. A feeling of intense unhappiness
late 14c., "condition of external unhappiness," from O.Fr. miserie (12c.), from L. miseria "wretchedness," from miser . Meaning "condition of one in great sorrow or mental distress" is from 1530s. Meaning "bodily pain" is 1825, Amer.Eng.

Sounding of the word Misery

Missing something (being happy) but this is actually in reverse - misery is a state where there is added something to a neutral, stable state of being (=being Here in Breath) – by thoughts and corresponding emotions (the mind) which causes a person to experience ‘being miserable’.
So transformed: in misery I am missing me in a neutral stable state of being (which is: not being identified with mind)

Re-definition of the word Misery

Misery is the experience of me missing the point of me being Here in Breath as stable and unconditional embrace of what is Here in actuality.

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08 June 2011

2011 Orangutans: from solitaire to social creatures

MALAYSIA-ENVIRONMENT-WILDLIFE-ORANGUTAN Orangutans live a more solitary lifestyle than the other great apes. There is no social bonding other than between mothers and their dependent and weaned offspring. Adult males and independent adolescents of both sexes tend to live alone.
Orangutan Island Equal MoneyNot on Orangutan Island in Borneo though. This is the home of many orphaned Orangutan youngsters – re-introduced in the wild by Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, led by Lone Droscher-Nielsen and her team.
orang-utan Equal Money

Due to illegal logging the Bornean orangutans' last stronghold in the wild is rapidly destroyed  —  leaving hundreds of orangutan babies orphaned and homeless.
Several of these orphaned orangutan babies are taken in by Lone Droscher-Nielsen and attend the Orangutan School and get a real life education in how to be an orangutan. When done with the first phase of learning they are transferred to live wild on a protected island: Orangutan Island. They do no longer interact with humans – apart from once a day being provided with food.
orangutan island socializing Equal Money
The youngsters live in a group and interact and show they are social creatures instead of solitaires because they have a constant food supply. When there is enough food these assumed to be solitaire living creatures by nature, start to form bonds, befriend, support and groom each other, quarrel and make up again = become social creatures.
food in abundance - Equal MoneySo when ‘survival’ is taken out of the equation by a constant food supply with enough food for every individual orangutan their ‘natural’ behavior changes: from solitaire living to social creatures. What is ‘natural’ behavior then if it is initiated by lack of food and stopped by abundance of food?

Wouldn’t this also apply to humans, being so closely related to the great apes? If we would be sure of all our basic needs being taken care of (food, housing, clothes, medical care, education) from birth to death, fear of survival taken out of the equation; wouldn’t we eventually relax and start enjoying ourselves and each other, Life?
Our starting point in living life would drastically change from fear to joy, from abiding to restricting rules to expressing ourselves freely, from fighting each other to supporting each other, from being greedy to sharing in abundance, from being alone to all-one…

badgeUtopia? No!
Establishing Heaven on Earth is not utopia – it is within reach with Desteni’s Equal Money System where all resources are shared equally: no millionaires anymore – just winners: all of us. With the implantation of an Equal Money System all humans world wide can start deprogramming their human ‘nature’ of fear and greed and re-invent what and who they are for real.
Join us in establishing A New World in Equality for All, humans, animals, bugs – all creatures great and small! see for more info http://equalmoney.org and the Desteni website

orangutan-hugging-EMS Equal Money

Orangutan Island - Self-Comforting Behavior

Arun's "gummy lips," Bonita's finger-sucking and Jupiter's leaf pacifier are self-comforting behaviors unique to these orangutans.

Orangutan Island - The Milk Bucket

One treat always attracts a crowd on Orangutan Island: the milk bucket. Sparks fly when Saturnus and Jordan battle over the much-coveted possession.

click here for more video’s on Orangutan Island

indepent.co.uk, Animal Planet, Wikipedia

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