14 June 2011

2011 Misery–redefining the word Misery


How I used to define Misery

When feeling miserable - in misery - I experience myself as ‘low’, like in literally or metaphorically wriggling on the floor from grief and distress – an everlasting experience so it seems to me (although eventually this state always ends). When in this ‘miserable’ state I usually have thoughts like: this is who I really am, this is the truth of me: a miserable being – please shoot me.

Dictionary definition of Misery

Noun: misery
  1. A state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune
  2. A feeling of intense unhappiness
late 14c., "condition of external unhappiness," from O.Fr. miserie (12c.), from L. miseria "wretchedness," from miser . Meaning "condition of one in great sorrow or mental distress" is from 1530s. Meaning "bodily pain" is 1825, Amer.Eng.

Sounding of the word Misery

Missing something (being happy) but this is actually in reverse - misery is a state where there is added something to a neutral, stable state of being (=being Here in Breath) – by thoughts and corresponding emotions (the mind) which causes a person to experience ‘being miserable’.
So transformed: in misery I am missing me in a neutral stable state of being (which is: not being identified with mind)

Re-definition of the word Misery

Misery is the experience of me missing the point of me being Here in Breath as stable and unconditional embrace of what is Here in actuality.

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