25 June 2011

2011 Writing Your Self to Freedom–a Dare

AUDACE1I’ve always enjoyed writing.
The physical act of writing with pen on paper; the soft sound of the pen moving over the paper, the smell of the paper, especially when the paper is brand new, has always been a source of quiet delight for me.
But most of all: the silent moments of intimacy with myself. Writing down my innermost private thoughts and feelings – revealing what is actually going on in myself. Catching the thoughts and feelings and emotions that I did not notice, or was not willing to see, during the day or event.
For instance when overreacting to someone’s words to me, me being hurt and angry about it, but not able to point out what exactly was upsetting me: I then just started writing, all of it – my thoughts, my backchat, name calling, previous experiences like that or with the person, crying, feeling sorry for myself, blaming myself, desiring revenge: ranting and raving - I never withheld: all the turmoil in me I’d let out on paper.
And then there it was, right in front of me, on paper: the content of my mind – all the funny, endearing and ugly details of it.
During the writing out I usually had ‘Aha! ’moments – this is what is playing out! Then I laughed: is it that simple?! – because of all the turmoil in my head I hadn’t been able to see clearly.
Writing your minds rollercoaster out on paper has two obvious merits:
  1. Letting out all the minds turmoil out of your head – so you have some quiet in there – to be able to see more clearly
  2. The content is there right in front of you, in writing, and you have a clear view of what is actually going on in yourself, in your mind. You gain insight in your patterns, in your fears, insecurities, in what you believe yourself to be, what you believe others to be, and so on. From this insight you are clearly able to be more effective in your life.
Four years ago I stumbled upon Desteni and began participating. A primary Desteni tool is writing – Writing Yourself to Freedom. I immediately recognized this as a very effective tool - given my experience with writing.
ageha_typography_by_nayruchanWriting yourself to Freedom is about revealing all realms in yourself – being brutally honest. Being Self Honest is quite a dare: we tend to only want to think nice thoughts about ourselves and flinch from our innermost deep ‘darker’ realm of thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Combined with the other Desteni tools, like Self Forgiveness, Self Corrective Application, Mind Constructs etc. is Writing Yourself to Freedom a powerful tool: Naming the game that you are. Deconstructing the game. And finally: you directing you; you scripting yourself.

Recommended article on Self Intimacy

uilDonker001I fear being with me – because then I am alone with me with this self judgment of me – the self judgment that exist within me because I have not been intimate with me – I don't know what I'll see within me when I'm intimate with me – when I see within me – as self intimacy.
see article

Would you like assistance and support in how to ‘live life to the fullest’, using tools such as writing yourself to freedom – then check out: http://desteniiprocess.com

Testimonials by other Writers

Writing yourself to freedom is an act of self respect, self insight, self intimacy, self love – all the things we could have ever wanted from another – we are able to give to ourselves as we give ourselves back to ourselves through writing our self forgiveness. Writing yourself to freedom is not only an act of standing for yourself, but for all life.
Adrian see article

Writing has been and is the ultimate key to self!
Why do we Destonians emphasise on writing as much as we do?
It’s already within the very act of writing, to actually sit oneself down with pen and paper/laptop already implies that one is taking oneself -even if this only for a moment -into consideration! Expressing gratefulness for self through a real physical action, writing!
Jozien  see article

So – I can definitely say that through writing I discovered all he forgotten parts of myself – I actually experienced it like that – like an inner journey, and it was the most liberating experience I had had in my life as well, because as I would write I would also ‘release’ the suppressed emotions/memories that were controlling me.
Gabriël  see article

In my process of release myself from my pre-programmed way of living, I use writing to show me to me so that I am able to identify the points where I am not 'the self-aware driver' of myself, and then I use self-forgiveness to disengage/release myself from the patterns which do not serve me and which do not fall within the principle of what is best for all - they only exist to keep me enslaved.
Rozelle  see article

When writing yourself you Anything is Hidden - you can see everything of You there, because is also, like I have experienced - a physical action that is not guided fully by the Mind and is amazing  how you can write things that were very hidden or you wouldn´t  have talked to anyone else but with yourself, and there you can observe what you are accepting and allowing within yourself to create abuse in the World.
Jessie  see article

I write nearly everyday. It is rare that there is a day that I do not write. Sometimes on paper with a pen, sometimes on the computer. Sometimes a blog, or an insight, or a question, or self forgiveness, or reporting on world events, or an e-mail, or observations, anything and all things.
Andrew  see article

What I have discovered within my process of writing myself to freedom, is that what I do in this world, how I participate, what I speak, how I interact with other beings, is always One and Equal to Who I Am.
And, within writing myself to freedom, I can always see exactly where / from whom I've 'gotten' the information as definitions which shape 'who I am', and thus 'what I do'.
Matti   see article

I use writing as a way to put myself out in front of me, like uncoiling a spring, stretching myself out over the page to see where I am at and where I may need work. This is cool because you can open up points that normally never get addressed within daily life.
Garbrielle  see article

It will become clear when you write, what experiences it is that you’ve been carrying upon during your day, what thoughts triggered these experiences, and also how you accepted and allowed yourself to believe that these inner events actually are real and have power over you. You’ll start to see, as I have, what is actual reality and what is the non-sense of the mind.
Viktor   see article

It has supported me in 'letting go' of the shit that mulls around in my head. Thoughts that I allow to cause reactions within me - anxieties, worries fears, even just voices that I for so long believed were me. Writing them out allows me to take back my power.
Kristina   see article
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