13 July 2011

2011 Desteni an anti-Semitic Hitler loving Nazi-group?

hateThere are ‘Desteni-Haters’ that argue that Desteni is an anti-Semitic Hitler loving Nazi group.
They absolutely would like to eradicate the Desteni group from the face of the earth – so they say.
5575925-woman-expression-high-textured-faceWithout any evidence or even a sound base for this accusation - they merely use this as an excuse to soak themselves in hateful vicious words and spit them out into the world. They have no problem whatsoever with deliberately telling lies and spreading evil rumors - for the sake of spreading HATE
Nah – this remembers me of what Hitler and his Nazi's did: spreading lies and evil rumors about the Jews. Hitler raised the German minds potential of Hate – projected on the Jews as scapegoat.
In similar way these Desteni-Haters are trying to infect other people minds with Hate – projecting lies and evil rumors about the Desteni group. Scapegoating Desteni...
Desteni a Hitler loving Nazi group?!?!
Tell me – who are the real Nazi-look-a-likes here?!

Desteni Haters Cult

imagesThese Haters created a cult of their own – the Anti Desteni Hate Cult.
Finding meaning in plotting and conspiring in a like-minded group – CULTivating their hateful minds.
Is this fulfilling their deep rooted need to belong? Are they lost without their Hate Group? mmm yeah I think so.
Any argument these persons bring up in their petty efforts to discredit Desteni as an anti-Semitic Hitler loving Nazi-group – are completely groundless – based on assumptions, false interpretation and manipulation of words.
They - for instance - “quote” some words – but out of context  – which in itself is already quite manipulative and deceitful – and then jump to ‘conclusions’ – and present this as ‘facts’ . They never bother to investigate properly but pretend they know it all – while in fact: they ‘know nil.

logo wit

Don’t allow yourself to be infected by this Cult of Haters. Investigate for yourself what Desteni stands for: Equality for All – the end of suffering for All. A new world where all beings are free and able to express themselves freely. Heaven on Earth – beings taking care of each other, doing to each other what each wants to be done to himself.

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