27 July 2011

2011 Norwegian Tragedy: Anders Breivik and Geert Wilders - July 2011

Just a few days after the horrible killing incident in Norway by Anders Breivik who shot dead 76 human beings in Norway on Friday, in the Netherlands a Geert Wildersdiscussion bursts out where Dutch politicians and society are fingerpointing at Geert Wilders – a Dutch Islamofobic politician that has drawn world wide attention to himself because of his bold and wild statements on Islam.
Anders Breivik mentions Geert Wilders 30 times in his 1,500 page manifesto in which he expounds on his ideas. Breivik praises Wilders and his political Party for Freedom (PVV).
Now people reckon Geert Wilders might be indirectly responsible for the attacks committed by Anders Breivik.
No one seems to realize – or wants to realize – we are ALL to blame for what happened in Norway. By participating and allowing this system we live in and as. By building our society on ideas, opinions, self interest, money and with that divide humanity – in anti en pro, in foes and friends. Not ever considering the best interest of humanity as one body. We ARE one body - although we do not (want to) realize this and prefer to live the illusion that we are separate parts, individual persons, individual countries, individual continents – divided in and by self interest. We are our own worst enemy – personified in Anders Breivik.
Anders Breivik is the product of us all – equally. He represents what we all stand for – equally: HELL on Earth.

Breivik-product of us All-Equal Money as Solution

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Join me, and many others, in stopping our participation in the current abusive system – and create a New World: Heaven on Earth as representation of who we really are.
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