17 February 2011

2011 Freedom of Religion vs Animal Suffering

ritueel slachten 
In Dutch politics they discuss a law that will forbid animals being slaughtered without anaesthetic. Some of the animals over here are still being killed for meat production without any anaesthetic because of religious regulations. It is primarily the Islamic and Jewish congregation that insists on this needless suffering of the animal – to practice their religious need for ritualistic cruelty.

The majority of the Dutch government holds the opinion that Freedom of Religion is of greater importance than decreasing Animal suffering in the slaughterhouses…

This is absolute unacceptable! Whatever Freedom should not mean you can do whatever you like with living beings – in this case animals.

humans are nazis
It is very likely this law will not make it: the ritual slaughtering will continue.
In an Equal Money System we will not tolerate this kind of “freedom”. There will be no freedom to do whatever you want at the expense of other beings: we will all be equally responsible for Life!
Walk with us – visit: Equal Money for All

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