15 February 2011

Trafficking in human organs in Kosovo

The former Kosovo Liberation Army abducted Serbian nationals; they were held prisoner in secret places of detention in northern Albania and were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, before ultimately disappearing. Organs were removed from prisoners at a clinic on Albanian territory, to be taken abroad for transplantation.

Although some concrete evidence of such trafficking already existed at the beginning of the decade, the international authorities in charge of the region did not consider it necessary to conduct a detailed examination of these circumstances, or did so incompletely and superficially.

Besides a small article in the papers we are not informed about these atrocities – committed not that far away – on the same soil you and me walk on, under the same sky you and me look up at; just a two day drive away from our safe, well organized life… Do you care?

If this crime had been committed to your father or your brother – him killed for his organs to be removed and sold for a large amount of money – you would be screaming and cursing and calling your congress man night&day for this crime to be punished. Wouldn’t you?

Do you care? Or are you merely glad this didn’t happen to you and your family? Can you even imagine this happening to you? I can’t. But such atrocities did happen to our families, in WOII similar crimes were committed – so our well organized, safe lives aren’t that safe in fact. These atrocities can happen everywhere, ALSO in our well organized Holland, with all of our laws and facilities – they did happen… So wake up! Wake up to the atrocities your fellow man have to endure!

Imagine your organs being removed to make money out of trading them… For money – can you imagine that? Do you wish this upon your fellow man?

Walk with me into an Equal Money System – where no one will be killed for their organs for the sole purpose of making money. Where all humans will have food and shelter and all their basic needs full filled, where this greed for money eventually will evaporate because we do not have to fear for our survival any longer, where ALL of your fellow man will have sufficient – where we can start LIFE and stop survival.

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