20 January 2008

Q & A

Q: Do I experience everything that I express?
Everything which I express as me, as the mind. I also will experience as manifestations in my world?

No--one in 200 thoughts about==you will experience--the rest go into the global unconscious pot to jump out somewhere--that is why some will experience they have a brainwave and suddenly weeks or months later--their brainwave is a product by some one else making millions--this is because all beings on earth share all information --all thoughts--all deeds at the unconscious level. Its like being a cell in one organism--and you are feeding it.

Also - because of this - if you do not direct your life yourself, it WILL be directed for you.  And then people call it 'God's will' and 'Destiny'.

Q: Who chose/designed my name?

Your name is a filename that is preprogrammed as a container for the life pro gramme-to link to the people you will meet--sleep with--work with--like--dislike--speak to--when --where--where you will stay--what you will wear--what you will eat--when-- all is programmed--illnesses--relationships--love--hate--a battery--programmed to function to serve the system of god
a slave--unaware--not even lost--because all seems cool-- lots pf pictures--entertainment--wishes--goals--
none real--when you die--this file is deleted--with all memories--and you have to integrate it from scratch--if you dare --to see the real you--what you have allowed

So to change name would be beneficial to mess with the system?

That may or may not--after all--the name and presence is interchangeable--self honesty is the key--a name is like hairstyle--shave your head and see if you change lol

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