24 January 2008

Grumpy Dj and Grumpy Ingrid

  • I forgive myself I have allowed myself to react to others in my world.

Here you also look at what comments others make you 'react' within you by taking it personally, because it's showing you that you do the exact same thing to others but haven't realised yet.

Ja, natuurlijk... Can't think of an example right away, but it is about projection. Especially children are such terrific mirrors. I was talking on the phone to Brien - I never understood why Dj often reacts in a 'grumpy' way and he himself doesn't understand what I am talking about - yesterday Dj was playing with the videocamera and I was a little annoyed and acted just as 'grumpy' as Dj! Now I could see for myself on the video! I did have some indications, but actually seeing myself acting like that, made it so much more clear.

And I am not feeling really 'grumpy', it's just the voice and my facial expression. So that's probably the case: Dj isn't aware of the impact of his expression, and neither am I. Should be fun playing with the video camera and watching ourselves :)

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realise that I will only react to others as me if I do the exact same application as they towards others.

Ik vergeef mezelf dat ik mezelf niet heb toegestaan me te realiseren dat ik alleen maar reageer op anderen --- wanneer ik dezelfde applicatie heb als zij naar anderen.

 I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to take others comments towards me personally.

Ja, kan ik nu wel ff gebruiken ja, takketeef, bitch etc :-)


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