29 January 2008

The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality (Part One) by Heath Ledger

I’m here to speak about this ‘heading’ which you see above: The Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality. In observing my life here on earth I noticed an interesting, no fascinating, ‘characteristic quality’ I had developed, rather ‘characteristic qualities’ (plural) – these characteristic qualities, I noticed, is the foundation from which the DPSP (Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality) originate. I would from the ‘characteristic qualities’ develop ‘personalities’: Of which there was in total seventeen (17) - which I identified as the ‘personality suits’ that I would ‘dress myself up as and become as ‘who I am’’ to accordingly ‘address this world’, ‘address other human beings’, ‘address a situation’ and ‘address an environment/surrounding’.

Before I continue – I will explain the words…

1. Characteristic qualities
2. Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality …

so that you understand and remain ‘with me here’ as I explain how the Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality operate within this world through and as human beings, such as I operated me through my Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality with my ‘characteristic qualities’ while in this world.

1. Characteristic qualities: An actor is given a script – this script consists of words, the words portraying and describing the character this actor will ‘transform himself into, to become’, including the characters’ ‘mannerism and behaviour’ is portrayed and described in the words presented in the script. And so the actor will become the character according to the character’s ‘characteristic qualities’ portrayed in the script consisting of words. With us human beings – the principle of ‘characteristic qualities’ as illustrated above in the ‘actor becoming the character on script according to the description and portrayal of the characteristic qualities’ in words: Is no different. You see one actor in many different films transformed into many different characters according to the specific film’s requirements. Each character played in every different unique film has its specific ‘characteristic qualities/properties’ such as ‘mannerism, behaviour, voice tonality’ which equals personality. The character’s ‘characteristic qualities’ as ‘personality’ the actor becomes within the specific film – also ‘determined’ according to the films’ setting e.g. environment, other actors/actresses and surroundings. Thus – the ‘characteristic qualities’ is that which ‘formulate’ the ‘character’ as the entirety of ‘who they are’ e.g. personality consisting of behaviour, voice tonality, mannerism this in turn determined by environment, surroundings and other people involved, as the actor becomes the ‘characteristic qualities’ of the character portrayed and described in the script and so the actor transform himself to become the required personality to ‘portray the role effectively within the film’.

For me to have had seventeen (17) different personalities, I had to for each personality have specific ‘characteristic qualities/properties’ – which I did have. Thus: I had seventeen (17) different characters as personalities, each character as personality having it’s own unique ‘characteristic qualities’. This the ‘reason’ why I previously mentioned that it is from the ‘characteristic qualities’ that the DPSP (Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality) originate. The presentation of me in human physical form remain the same – one was able to identify me as ‘Heath Ledger’ – though beyond what is seen existed the seventeen (17) me’s as seventeen (17) different characters I would become according to my ‘environment’, people around me, my surroundings and my world which originated from my ‘characteristic qualities’ which was the ‘database’ from which I would portray the necessary ‘personality’ or ‘character’ to ‘suit’ the moment/ scenario/ situation within which I experienced myself.

So, you have the ‘characteristic qualities’ of a character – the ‘characteristic qualities’ is what is the ‘personality’ of the character, the ‘personality’ as ‘characteristic qualities’ consists of descriptive words which describe the ‘personality’ according to ‘behaviour, mannerism and voice tonality’, but not only this: The ‘personality’ as ‘characteristic qualities’ of the character is very much determined according to the ‘surroundings’ / ‘environment’ and other people participating. The actor exists in many various different films, portraying for a moment, in each individual film the necessary character according to the films’ requirements. So the actor becomes and transforms himself into the character as the character utilizing the ‘characteristic qualities’ describing the character the actor must portray – yet the actor himself remains ‘identifiable’ – in other words, no matter in what film as what character I transformed me into being for a moment according to the films’ requirements: You still knew that was me as known to be as ‘Heath Ledger’.

This process of becoming a ‘character’ within a specific film utilizing the characteristic qualities – is, as I have mentioned, no different than what we do in our daily lives here in this world. And so, I’d say - the film industry is not so ‘far-fetched’ or ‘unreal’ as may have initially perceived to be when observing the foundation from which a film is born which is actors, human beings, transforming themselves into the necessary characters utilizing ‘characteristic qualities’ and portraying the becoming of a completely different person. The film itself is ‘one day’ in your life. The ‘environment and surroundings and people’ within a specific film is that which exist together with you during this day in which you participate in this world. The character the actor becomes within the film together with the ‘environment and surroundings and people’ within which the film is taking place, is the ‘personality you become’ according to your day, environment and surroundings and people which all participate with you: You formulate you according to what exists within your day and so you’ll become the necessary personality to ‘play the role effectively’ as required according to your day – exactly as what an actor do. And this is where the Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality ‘step in’ as you literally ‘dress yourself up into and as a personality’ dependent on your day, surroundings, environment and people and according to the personality you will have specific ‘characteristic qualities/’properties’.


2. Digitalized Personification Suits of Personality I’ve taken an example of the ‘actor’ to place this entire document ‘into perspective’ so you may understand ‘where I’m going with this’ – especially with regards to what exactly it is I’m talking about – examples are powerful tools. From the example, I’m focusing on the individual experience of each one of us as with how we literally dress ourselves with various personalities of ‘characteristic qualities’ – dependent on outer or outside resources to our disposal. The actor transforms himself into the character of personality as per requirement of the film, according to the ‘characteristic qualities’ described within the script, the script consisting of the words describing the entirety of the character the actor must become: Where do our ‘scripts’ exist? Where is the script(s) within ourselves from which we transform ourselves into the necessary personality to ‘suit our day’ in which we ‘suit ourselves’ as we ‘dress ourselves’ as a specific required personality? The frightening realization is: That all the ‘characteristic qualities’ of all my ‘personalities’ – was me, was all of me as ‘who I was’, I was the very script as I consisted of and as ‘characteristic qualities’ only, me the very mechanism operating the transformation of me as various different specific personalities dependent on ‘my outside world’. I would ‘suit myself up inside’ in relationship with ‘my outside world’ to be able to ‘fit in’ / ‘link in’ / ‘connect’ to participate effectively. I’d be the ‘foundation’, the ‘groundwork’ as ‘characteristic qualities’ from which I’d design and transform me into the becoming of a required personality. Although the entirety of me consists of only ‘characteristic qualities’ – each individual personality would have it’s ‘characteristic qualities’ signature’ within and as me, and thus I would be able to according to my ‘outside world’ – ‘dress and suit me’ according to the specific needed personality together with its specific needed ‘characteristic qualities’ to accomplish the transformation of me as the personality I have to become to effectively ‘lock into’ my world in participation during the day. You have script writers preparing the script for the actor which includes the actor’s character which he must become and present himself to be for the necessary film.

So, who is my script writer? Where did all my ‘characteristic qualities’ originate from for me to have the ability to have seventeen (17) different personalities and for each personality there’d be uniquely specific ‘characteristic qualities/properties’? If I am the very script(s) all the ‘characteristic qualities’ of all personalities – then I must be my own script(s) writer, the question though is: How the hell did I manage to exist as ‘characteristic qualities’ for seventeen (17) different personalities, each personality consisting of it’s own characteristic qualities/properties? How the hell did I ‘write myself’?

To continue…

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