21 January 2008


When my son Dj comes home for lunch he is sooooooo very ADHD - he can't sit, wants to move, talk etc: everything he is not allowed in school. After school he is ok, not really relaxed, but not ADHD. For the time being he will be in the system school. My question is: how to support him best? What kind of food would help him to... O shit, when writing this I realize only thing will do - taking him out of this shitty schoolsytem.
We were talking about home schooling and he wasn't sure he wanted that because he would miss the children, and their birthday candy.  He doesn't like that he has to be quite and sit still all the time, but he can do the trick. Nah, we haven't made up our minds yet about home schooling, so I sure could use some advice on how to assist Dj (9 years old) best. Thanks!

Hi Ingrid Yes, it would be effective to not have him go to school within and the school system, but do home schooling as home schooling assist and support the child much effectively to develop self trust and self expression.
There is a vocabulary purifier that is to be launched on the website which I suggest he do as this will assist and support him as who he is in expression.
See: ADHD occurs when the being has certain specific experiences within them for which they have no words to express as who they are, because they have no vocabulary for it and they thus do not understand the experience of themselves for themselves. Because they are not able to express what they experience within and as themselves in words 
they manifest the experience in physical expression only, they don't suppress what they experience within and as them as other children would do they actually manifest it as a physical experience
so the problem is words / vocabulary.
And the current school system, as within which your son is in currently, suppress vocabulary and the importance thereof, because words are you in expression as you, and instead of children being assisted and supported to live who they are as the living word they are presented with information/knowledge to learn and thus suppress themselves as who they are and are molded by the school system, the teachers and knowledge and information presented.
So the vocabulary purifier will assist and support him to ;integrate words as one and equal as him; which will expound his vocabulary and words in expression as himself, which will assist and support him within and as the current experience of him.
At this moment you do not have to be concerned with what he eats, ask him what he would prefer.
Though specifically - I would suggest grapejuice - 100% pure grapejuice, will assist with movement and flow here. (Druivensap)

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