31 January 2008

Fear of disappointing

31/01/2008 20:04:14 on chat

‹Ingrid› jack, me and son, we are both often nateous, is my process affecting him?

‹Jack› Ingrid - Nauseas? ‹Ingrid› like feeling puking

‹Jack› Ingrid - nope, you're picking up on his fear ‹Ingrid› oh shit what fear? ‹

<Jack› Ingrid - he has a fear of disappointing you - so have a look at where you fear disappointing you/others and where you developed it, beacsue it's what you're subconsciously projecting that has manifested in him

‹Ingrid› shit, thanks Jack, have to do some exploring on that more thoroughly

‹Jack› Ingrid - don't take it personally - the experience is assisting both - to 'see that which is hidden to be directed and stopped' - which you have the tools to do, and so you will do it = no guilt/judgment

‹Ingrid› thanks again Jack, I will not take it personally, I''ll stop that

‹Ingrid› this nauseous feeling is like disappointment, in the stomach...

‹Jack› Ingrid: Fear of disappointment/disappointing - originating from fear

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