01 February 2008

Smoking cigarettes

on chat 31/01/2008 23:15:16

‹dr3w› I was thinkin about how you said it helps us be in the moment, then realized how much negative "publicity" it has, and home much energy and money is focused on preventing people from doing it

‹Bernard› yes--all the while alcohol--the real problem is promoted

‹Bernard› to make sure I am not addicted--I **** with myself--one day smoke first cig middle of day--another day start another time--never smoke first thing in the morning. at least an hour after waking must pass before a cig ‹

Bernard› never resist smoking--breath and start when you decide to--must not be a need


Cool about the smoking - so I will postpone smoking at least an hour (will be the hardest part in breaking with the 'need')

I am fine with smoking, though not with the addiction. I am wondering if I am really addicted or just been brainwashed in thinking I am. Interesting.


Hi guys/girls/woman/men/ 'aliens' (kidding) this is Veno
The world is in reverse
Deeming Marijuana = Good and Cigarettes = Bad when actually it's all in reverse.
Systems don't enjoy cigarettes though systems love marijuana and here's the reason:
Smoking cigarettes support with 'hereness' in this world - it brings you 'here' - it's a support for a moment. Have a look when smoking, when holding a cigarette - for a moment observe the experience of yourself when smoking and holding a cigarette - you're here!
Practice this 'hereness' experience with the cigarette as you - then 'one day' you won't require cigarettes to experience/be/live/apply the 'hereness' that is you in every moment.
Why do you 'think' the world/society will 'condemn' cigarettes but support alcohol? Because systems love alcohol, it boosts their integration and infusions and 'expansion' within and as your human physical body - the chemical construct of alcohol is designed to support the construct of systems. It's amazing to observe interdimensionally as the systems within human beings consuming alcohol 'light up' in 'excitement' and 'gains' 'drive' to 'expand' within the human physical body and the mind consciousness system.
Understand the apparent 'illnesses' and 'diseases' are NOT caused by cigarettes whatsoever - but through human beings participation in thoughts/feelings and emotions. Nothing of this world cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol is able to cause 'harm' but your 'relationship' to that very 'substance'.
We're not here to define cigarettes/alcohol/marijuana as good/bad, though from an interdimensional perspective we're merely sharing with you what human beings experience when consuming/using such substances and especially assisting you with regards to where you're in your processes.
Thus smoking assist with hereness of self in this world.
Marijuana compounds systems and suppress emotions and feelings further and intensify thoughts.
Alcohol compounds and intensifies the integration and infusion of systems within you.
That's why we suggest for a moment - while in your processes to not unnecessarily use marijuana (unless a used as a bridge as for instance in Diane's situation with dimensional support), to rather stay away from alcohol as you continue in your process and smoke cigarettes, if you smoke, from the perspective of supporting yourself as the 'hereness' of you.
If you prefer the consequences - be my guest - and I'm not making this statement as a 'threat' - if you do - then it's merely the fear that exists within you because you actually already understand the consequences. Not that consequence is 'bad' - just unnecessary - though if you don't want to take my word for it -then you'll have to experience it for yourself - your 'choice'!

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