22 February 2008


The 'family construct' within the mind's of human beings that exist within this world is one of the primary enslavement constructs within human beings and their world.
A suggestion with regards to 'family' is to approach the experience in such a way as to assist and support you within and as your individual process as follows:
Take all the members within your family and write them down. Then you take them one by one and you write down how you experience them within yourself - your 'relationship' with them and towards them. Then within this - you will discover and realize and see and notice many self forgiveness points to focus on for you. What you will also realize is how much of your family you have 'copied' - in other words, how much aspects exist within them that you've actually accepted and allowed within yourself that you have 'copied' from them as you came of age within this world.
So, specifically go through each one write down your experiences towards them and specifically apply self forgiveness to so release the entire 'family construct' within and as you which you're still accepting and allowing to influence/control you - not 'finding' / 'experiencing' your individual self expression as who YOU are.
Here is a book I suggest you read which will also assist you much within this process:
http://desteni.co.za/shop/downloads/VirusFreeMind.pdf (this will open it in their web browser)
http://desteni.co.za/shop/downloads/VirusFreeMind.rar (this will be a direct download, win rar is required to extract the .pdf file)
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