27 February 2008

Body device

I was just taking a shower and it hit me that I was very much participating in the mind, the last couple of days. Even when doing forgiveness or reading I was very much in the mind but it seemed to me that I wasn't (that much). Sort of a superficial not being of the mind, thus a mindfuck :) Needless to say the forgiveness etc I did wasn't of anu- haha I mistyped, any I meant, but you could say, it was 'anu' support. I decided to reverse the rush of my mind and to start to move my body slowly (not slowmotion although my mind experiences it that way.) Now my body is trembling, having trouble to type. But by focusing on slowing down my body, my mind must slow down, even stop. Then breath. Slow down my movements. Returning within my body, out of the mind.
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