23 February 2008

The mirror outside/in: verbal dhiarrea

I have this friend, for years. I ain't gonna define what friendship is, I know we, systems, aren't able to be real friends, so I stick with the average meaning of friendship And I experience more types of friendship in me, no, that's not true - I do different things with different people.

With this friend I never talk about anything else than the average, daily things of life. Not that I don't want to, but he doesn't - he never thinks about 'life' or the meaning of it, or who he is etc. And that's ok, he is what he is. It's not up to me to try and change him (not that I didn't try :)
He was the one that was there for me and my newborn son and in great need of help, while everybody else, all my 'spiritual' friends were not. He actually helped us, in a practical way by cooking for me, caring for me when in great despair, not able to take care of myself and hardly for my baby. And I am still thankful for that.
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