14 February 2008

Vocabular Purifier

06/02/2008 08:01:13 ‹Bernard›

The human being is existence of body and mind and awareness. body is self functioning. mind is controlling/enslaving. awareness is the observer/perticipant.
the body place information at DNA level
and the the cells of the body through its plasticity/formibility is that which through the mind create the reality currently using a system
we have removed most of this, but a cellular level each must deprogramme self and place all words in oneness and equality as life. the celss will through the words form a sound crystal/form and project that into and as holographics
so--if you have 5 meanings for love--it will be stored at diffirent places in the body and have 5 diffirent crystal information structures
so when you speak or say or feel the word love--it will come from one of your memory storages at cellular level
we have removed most of this
if you do not know exactly what you have stored--you will say love--but that storage may have fear linked to love and thus fear as love will manifest in your world as suppression as it is eqaul an one to the information you stored
now imagine having 5 diffirent meanings for the word love playing the fool with you
you being the fool- because you do not even realise what you have stored as memory in the diffirent points
you believe you love
but unfortunately--all the love places have diffirent judgments/memories/meanings programmed into you
this happens from birth till after school
so--even finding it exactly to deprogram not easy\that is why it take at least 7 years as you have to walk all time loops to assist you
the purifier assist in identifying the various memory formats to correct through self forgiveness and self honesty
thus requires lots of self discipline as we are programmed that other will teach us--like at school
school is where enslavement becomes a manifested personality

now on children
when a child learn and we show them a pictuer of a house and say house
the child immediately become mind based and not reality based
because we lie--without knowing it
we show the child a PICTURE OF A HOUSE
yet we say IT IS A HOUSE
that is not so--it is NOT A HOUSE
‹Di› instead of showing a REAL house
so--when you show the child a picture--say CLEARLY--this is a PICTURE of a house
then take the child to TOUCH the ACTUAL house
take the child around the house touching it to gain a SENSE OF REALITY
thus, the purifier--place words at high speed into celuular memory
mum mus tdo the practical touching thing

see--in school--learning is very slow
the child is tough to learn at the speed of the mind
the body is far more effective than the mind
the practise speed on the purifier is the speed of the mind learning
master speed is the speed of the body learning
and the body take in immediately

thus--focus on pushing the child to trust themselves as their bodies
one hundred percent effectiveness--do not accept excuses
also do not use emotion or threats

repeat be example
remember if a parent is no example--the parent have no power to assist as life
it is important to do all words in the purifier and observe the child
if the child is fidgity--it is suppressions coming up--thus resistence
push through it
always finish a task
when the nose or face goes red when a word flash--a n  anxiety suppression
very soon one will learn how to assist the child
eventually they do it for themselves

little children start with the alphabet--make it real--no pictures--so a for apple--have a real apple to touch etc
start a child ASAP--they should read BEFORE they go to school or they get DUMBED down like all of society
when the child get wordlists from school--there is an editor on the program. enter the words-let the child do practise--then test on master level. their marks should be 100% for every spelling test.  that will boost their confidence.
It is important to expose a child to school when they are young, when older--see what they want to do.
I never get involved but with vocabulary and reading skills -  in a world of information--that is the skill that is most important
once you know how it works and have tested it, one should discuss how this could become a way to support yourself with income
lol, any questions thus far?

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