01 February 2008

Concern for others

It's interesting that many are 'concerned for others' - 'fearing for others', when actually this 'concern and fear' for others, reflects one's own fear and concern for self - from the perspective of observing you within you self honestly.
It has to do with the 'religious unconscious construct' that exist within human beings - the 'belief' exist that 'if I help others with the starting point of 'concern' / 'fear' in 'wanting to save and help them': That I will be saved - when it is not so, which also comes from 'wanting to be good or do good' / 'to care' / 'to matter' etc.
- focus on you, yourself first - direct yourself in living and expressing you in every moment - because if your starting point is separate from you - you'll 'fall', until you realize I must stand up for me as all as one as equal - that it's not about 'saving / rescuing' others, this is impossible - they have to do it for themselves, as you have to do it for yourself first and direct others as you as one as equal as you.
I suggest to have a look at the 'need and desire' to 'want to save / help' others - and to take self responsibility for you first and live by example.
Some will 'make it here' - others 'will make it within the dimensions' - though, the 'experience of one's own individual process', is up to each one individually.

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