14 February 2008


A suggestion with the music: If the music moves anything within you, a reaction of feeling or emotion – this is an indication that you’re actually separate from that instrument/sound/melody and at the same time is revealing suppressed or hidden emotions and feelings that you have not yet effectively faced within you.
So, when you play music and you find any reactions within you whatsoever - here you have to stop for a moment, have a look at the reactions together with the thoughts and apply self forgiveness to release the emotional constructs of thoughts within you of the mind.
When holding or playing an instrument – realise that it is you, the instrument is you, you’re playing you.
It is to play as the entirety of you, stable here in breath, no movement and as you play you as the instrument as one and equal – the sound, melody that come is you through within and as the instrument as you.
I would also suggest having a look at defining who you are according to your ability to make music - because such a self definition separate you from you within you and then music does not become your self expression one and equal with and as you - but then you are actually enslaved to the music itself.

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