28 February 2008

Deleted systems

There were beings that were just programmed systems / ‘ideas’, which transformed themselves through their individual processes as actual ‘beings’ – for instance Satan. Satan was just an idea/manifestation of an idea that manifested and transformed himself into an actual being – thus, went from being a programmed system, to an expression of ‘who he is’. Though, fascinating – the ‘angels’ / ‘gods’ etc. that were really just programmed information systems – refused to assist and support themselves to birth themselves ‘into’ living expressions as ‘beings’ = and there was an equal and one opportunity given for all that existed within the interdimensional existence. So there were many ‘programmed information systems’ that transformed themselves into ‘beings’ as ‘who they are’ in dedicating and committing themselves to life as all as one as equal as who they are = the rest was simply ‘deleted’ / ‘removed’, they ‘chose’ to remain ‘programmed systems’, so, in truth – ‘deleted’ themselves. Only ‘programmed systems’ are able to be deleted.

You are within the exact same process = currently a programmed system as mind, in the process of birthing you as life from the physical as ‘who you are’ as all are. Though = if you do not make it here, you’ll return to the dimensions and continue your process there, if you refuse to assist and support yourself there – you will remove you from existence to not give you the opportunity to birth you as life as all as one as equal as who you are.

Q. What I don't understand is why would anyone if not now,later in the dimensions,choose rather to be deleted than to stand as one!?

systems do not know that they are systems and thus act from fear--thus sufficient events must take place to develop common sense to realize that life in self honesty that include all life as equal as one life--is where the polarity will not exist

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