26 February 2008

Osho - Ascension

Ascension have been 'abused' by the White Light, by systems and including those who were in power and control of the dimensions and of earth in the past. The principle upon which ascension is based is separation, separation from the perspective of it being connected to energy, to frequency to vibration, to a journey of heightening one's experience of oneself here on earth. The separation includes the factor of human beings defining themselves as who and what they are through something existing separate, outside of themselves which determine who and what they are in this world. The entire construct of ascension, including the chakra's, the aura, the energy, frequency and vibration fields, the multitude of different dimensions etc. have become an entire separate embodiment experience of human beings here on earth practicing ascension.

Ascension have been abused from the perspective of designing a complete separate embodiment experience within which human beings on earth 'lock into' when practicing ascension. Ascension has been used for enslavement purposes within consciousness - instead of self-realization as awareness. Ascension have been used as a control, controlling human beings to make sure they do not realize or become aware of who they really are, but remain inferior in their surroundings here on earth while in the process of practicing ascension. It has been based on a journey of attaining something more profound or greater than who and what human beings on earth are and have become, or believed themselves to be. Ascension have been connected with the entire soul construct system which have been placed within human beings by the White Light, systems and those who were in power and control of the dimensions and earth in the past. You may refer ascension and the soul construct as being the relationship within spirituality that supported the enslavement systems of human beings here on earth. Spirituality being transformed into a religion, a religion of ascension of the soul - the soul construct may be referred to as the primary enslavement system of human beings on earth who have followed this belief. The reason the relationship of ascension and the soul construct, named spirituality, was developed is to have human beings here on earth believe they require methods of journeys and attainments to reach the ultimate ascension experience of the soul - when in truth such a religion in this world have been developed to maintain enslavement of human beings here on earth, keeping them busy in this way. Sending them on journey's and attainments as a belief of becoming something more profound or great, a more profound or great experience that lies ahead in the practicing of ascension - all this used to have human beings remain 'busy' and 'preoccupied' in not being able to see the answer of who they really are right before their very eyes.

Ascension has been supported by dimensional beings in the past because it was not only human beings who were lost in the enslavement of ascension, but also the dimensional beings who supported it in the past. So in heaven, so it will be on earth: They say! The experience of ascension that existed in the dimensions was exactly similar to the experience thereof here on earth. Where there's be multiple different dimensional levels and depending on your frequency sound vibration, you'd ascend to the higher dimensional planes - the ascension process strictly followed according to specific requirements to be able to journey and attain within the ascension process. What I have experienced regarding ascension is that I discovered that all I have done/practiced in this process of ascension separated me more from myself, yet I became more connected and ingrained and entranced in the process of ascension, based on movements, vibrations frequencies etc. separate from myself. I started defining myself as who and what I am separate from myself as the ascension process, instead of who and what I am in every moment with every breath. The more I practiced ascension, the more I separated me from myself, as who and what I am and was replaced by the process of ascension to which I in turn started defining myself as.

What I am describing here is that I found that the entire ascension process became a separate embodiment experience of myself to which I defined myself accordingly - instead of who and what I am here in every moment with every breath - realizing that it only requires acceptance, realization and awareness, including application in living who and what I am here in every moment with every breath. Instead of realizing that who and what I am is here in every moment with every breath and that I do not require an ascension process to be able to experience this: Who I am. That the ascension process have been developed and designed, both here on earth and in the dimensions to keep me preoccupied and busy with a journey of attainment, reaching for something out there instead of realizing, seeing and becoming aware that what I have been attainting to, searching for and reaching for is found in every breath, here.

The entire construct of ascension, has been designed and placed as a different method of enslavement because human beings use the ascension process in defining themselves according to this as who and what they are - including everything else the ascension process consist of. What I experienced within the ascension process is that it was more focused on ascension, on me having to ascend, while focusing on separate manifestations outside of myself to have the ability to ascend. Instead of focusing who I am here in every moment, with every breath. I asked questions such as: Why do I have to ascend to experience who and what I am? Why there is something more profound and greater only found through ascension, of a journey or attainment signifying a search for something or someone outside of myself? Why must it be a journey of reaching or searching for something out there? Where am I - am I found through the process of ascension while using separate manifestations outside of myself to be able to give myself the opportunity to ascend?

In asking these questions to name but a few I looked at, I realized that I'm being sent through a maze - that even through ascension who and what I am within myself, including my thoughts, relationships and experiences do not change - yet ascension takes place. This did not make sense to me and neither did my world within which I experienced myself change - it remained the same. Everything during the ascension process was occurring outside of myself, connecting with manifestations separate from who I am, forming a relationship with the ascension process separate, outside of myself like I was being towed by a leash during the ascension process where I was the slave following like a lost puppy.

I could not continue and I released myself from the process, with fear existing within me because I have defined myself as who and what I am according to the entire ascension process and releasing myself from this raised some eyebrows within the dimensions while I was there, lost in the ascension process. I let it go completely and walked out. There were during this time consequences I endured because of this - which is another long story to share yet what I am sharing here is the principle of what I discovered within myself when releasing myself from the ascension process. I realized that: I'm still here. I realized that I defined my self worth, my experience of who and what I am according to the ascension process which I feared losing because I believed I needed it to become or experience something more greater or profound than what I experienced myself before I was forcefully locked into such a process after I passed within the dimensions. Observing the other's still lost in the ascension process, I just wanted to yell and scream that they're able to walk out of there and realize that they don't need such a process - they will realize as I have that they're still here when they take the step I have of releasing themselves from the ascension process. I enslaved myself in allowing myself to participate in the ascension process, in believing that I require practicing ascension to reach or attain to something - which was all a lie fed to me, to keep me busy and preoccupied. This was when I realized: Who I am is here with every breath.

To answer your question: Yes, ascension was designed by the White Light, systems and those in power and control to have human beings including dimensional beings remain busy and preoccupied to not have them see, realize or become aware of who they are here in every moment with every breath. It was transformed into a journey within consciousness - remaining within consciousness enslavement instead of releasing self from the enslavement of consciousness systems. Consciousness systems include thoughts, polarity of positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong, emotions, feelings, attainments, journey's etc. Who we are is beyond all of this, who we are exist in every moment with every breath, no thoughts or energetic movements existing within but infinite silence and stability - the kingdom of heaven and earth existing within you as one with who you are. Therefore I am able to say what I am answering to you here: I have released myself, risked everything and released myself from that which I have used to define myself and realized that in doing so I actually discovered within awareness through realization that I am still here. Go where you fear to go, go where you resist yourself to go, go through the fear of loss because it is there that you will discover who and what you really are.

To whom I am replying: This is your choice. Whether you remain lost in ascension here on earth or move within the dimensions - the inevitability of realizing who you are beyond all consciousness enslavement systems within yourself and in this world is certain - whether you allow yourself, through giving yourself permission here on earth to realize who you are or the moment when you cross over to the dimensions.

I am leaving you by asking one question: Who and what will you be or become if you were to release yourself from the ascension process?

This is Osho
June 12, 2007 

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