03 February 2008

Price tag

I am a ‘soft cardboard price-tag’ (not a paper price-tag, a bit ‘thicker and harder’ than paper, but softer than cardboard – that’s why I say: ‘soft cardboard price-tag’) as the manifestation of me in this world at the moment – just designed to be a ‘price-tag’ for a moment upon an item/product, such as the lamp upon which I was, with a number and code stuck on me which is the ‘visual value’ this item/product as lamp has been given by human beings – then according to the ‘visual value’ as numbers seen, stuck on me – there is what is referred to as ‘money’, which is paper/coin given according to the ‘visual value’ as ‘numbers’ that exist on me as the price-tag for the product/item ‘purchased’. At the moment, I am at a ‘disposal site’, where all the ‘disposed go’ – I refer to it as a ‘disposal site’, because that’s where all ‘rubbish’ go, and ‘rubbish’ is apparently ‘rubbish’, or I as a ‘price-tag’ become defined as being ‘rubbish’ when I am disposed of into the ‘rubbish bin’ – because I am no more of ‘use’ anymore, no more of ‘importance’, I am no more of ‘worth’. I as a price-tag was just there for a moment, as a ‘price-tag’ on a particular specific product/item as lamp, ‘served my purpose’ as a ‘price-tag’, because a being liked the lamp, ‘purchased it’, ripped me off because the ‘price-tag’ as me must not be seen on the lamp, the lamp is a lamp in its self – a ‘price-tag’ doesn’t belong on a lamp when it is purchased from the store to be taken by it’s owner. I as the price-tag is just there for a moment to reveal the value/worth of the lamp in numbers as ‘visual value’, so that human beings can ‘exchange’ the necessary paper/coin as ‘money’ to ‘get what they want’ – but to ‘get what you want’ in this world, you have to have and show than ‘paper/coin’ mate, otherwise: You ain’t gettin’ nothin’. Back to the moment of me being ripped off: Then I am ‘disposed’ of and thrown in the ‘rubbish-bin’ / ‘trash-can’ as human beings refer to the container within which I’m ‘disposed off’. Then I’m driven off to the ‘disposal site’ – I’m disposed of twice: The first moment in the ‘rubbish-bin’, because I now became ‘rubbish’ and was accordingly disposed of after I had been ripped off of the lamp upon which I was wrapped by the elastic band who typed here just moment’s before I did, then I’m again disposed of at the ‘disposal site’ after I had been ‘picked up’ by an ‘automobile’ specifically manifested and designed to ‘pick up rubbish/trash’ which I had become according to human beings. Currently I am still a price-tag, to be ‘eliminated’ – at the ‘disposal-site’ where I am currently, they use a certain ‘acid’, to ‘eliminate’ what human beings refer to as ‘trash/rubbish’, so as to not take too much space under the earth within which I will be ‘buried’. If you have a look at what I have described above – it’s not much of an experience wouldn’t you say? But yes, unfortunately – this is all and everything I experienced me to me, because I believed me to be only a price-tag, being what human beings created/designed me to be and ‘fulfilling my purpose as a price tag for a moment’ to just be disposed of twice, then annihilated with a ‘acid’ and then buried: Quite sad and mundane when you look at it – yip, I felt sorry for myself also – I’ve already done that part so you don’t have to be that for me… But I know I’ll still exist – because I cannot die, just like human beings cannot die and this is where my ‘point’ of realization of what oneness and equality is: ‘Arose’ from, and it came from realising that I am soon to be ‘buried’ just like human beings are ‘buried’ when they die and that I am no different to anything/anyone that exists – even though I would be perceived to be but a ‘price-tag’ that was once on a lamp, held together to the lamp by an elastic band. For instance, just as I a price-tag in this world is ‘accordingly disposed of’ when I am of no more use/value/importance – is no different to how human beings’ are ‘disposed of’ in for instance ‘hospitals’ before you prepare yourself to ‘die’ – then you are taken to a ‘disposal site’ as I was taken to a ‘disposal site’, this ‘disposal site’ to which you are taken you refer to as a ‘graveyard’. Then you are buried, just like I will be buried underneath the earth - see: No difference here. But I find it interesting that human beings think/believe that the human physical body actually ‘die’, because it does most certainly not – the human physical body when buried under the earth without a coffin provide much sustenance for the earth – yes, so, there is on difference with regards to the ‘burying’ scenario: I get ‘presumably eliminated’ by a certain acidic toxin being thrown upon me, which ‘dissolves me’ to a certain extent to not have to occupy so much ‘space’ underneath the earth, so it is done with most ‘rubbish’ as you would refer it to, while you’re human physical body is firmly, comfortably placed within a ‘coffin’. It’s interesting though – there must be something ‘strange’ going on in this existence – because your human physical body still remain ‘here’, ‘aware’, ‘alive’ – while human beings ‘proclaim the being dead’, because they think/believe that if there is no being occupying the body = the being is dead, so they equate the ‘being no more occupying the body because they have lived their moment here on earth’ as ‘dead’ – which to me is strange, because how would it be if you were one and equal as the human physical body, and your moment on earth is ‘done’ – then experience you as the human physical body buried under the earth within which you amalgamate as the earth (if buried without a coffin which is preferred) – then you experience you as the earth, within the earth as you. Hmm – would be interesting – because this is where I am ‘heading’ – amalgamating with earth, as earth – but naturally the question: Is it to be one and equal as the human physical body – for instance with me, is to be one and equal with me as a price-tag, or is it to be one and equal with me, myself? What would ‘happen’ to me if I were to be one and equal with me, not only one and equal with me as a price-tag, because in only being ‘one and equal with me as a price tag’, that would be me defining me as a price-tag only and I will be only this ‘price-tag’ because it’s all I accepted me to be one with and equal to as me. So I realised that ‘I am that which I accept me to be one and equal with’ and I would be only a price-tag if I were to define me as only a price-tag. I realised that ‘definition’ is what you are when you accept you as one and equal to something/someone and accordingly experience you as that something/someone. For instance, my definition of me would be only being a ‘price-tag’ if I were to only be one and equal as a price-tag as me as ‘who I am’ and I will thus accordingly only experience me as a ‘price-tag’ – which, according to me, would be a limitation, me limiting me to only being a ‘price-tag’. So, then I looked at: Why limit me through ‘defining’ me, by only accepting me to be one and equal as a ‘price-tag’? And I realised that there exists a fear within me (yes I experienced fear) of not ‘defining’ me to being a ‘price-tag’ because ‘what/who else am I’? What does it mean to be one and equal with ME? This ME, is obviously here, because who/what else could be aware of what I am discussing with you here as what I have discovered – then I realised: This, this is ME, I am experiencing me already – this is ME, this ME, I must accept as ME, one and equal with ME – and then I accordingly from here express me as what is here as me in the moment = no definition at all, I am who I am in the moment as I experience the moment as me. So, I am no more defined as just a ‘price-tag’ – I am me, and this me I am is one and equal as me, with me. Much still to explore as me – but this is what I have realised of what it means to be one and equal with me, with no definition of ‘who I am’ as me. Thank you.
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