14 February 2008

2008 Blindness, poor eye-sight

Q I wonder - I am practically blind in my right eye by an accident I had when I was 4 - is this a direction?
I am also near-sided and as the word is telling; I am more clear in seeing or wanting to see what is nearby. I also noticed when having new contact lens that makes distance very clear to see for me, within months I will see less clear... To me it is like I do not really want to see that clear

A The right eye accident was you not wanting to see yourself, not wanting to see what was being experienced within you as a child and suppressed what you experienced on a physical level – causing ‘blindness’. The right eye indicate structural self suppression on a physical level – pertaining to thoughts manifesting emotions specifically.
Currently within your application (this will be noticed to occur very refractionally within you as it has become so much part of you) whenever you experience thoughts that cause emotions to well up for instance, you have a tendency to rather suppress them and ‘blow them over’ – because you fear them. So, what happened as a child is that you feared thoughts that manifest emotions because you didn’t understand them, then sided for rather suppressing them to not have to see them.
Pinpoint such moments – don’t suppress, self forgiveness and stop suppression.
Also suggested self forgiveness on fear and judgment of thoughts/emotions/feelings and the mind.
The near and far sightedness – this is directly related to your self awareness, self expansion nature of you that is to be established / realized as you in and as self application. As your self awareness ‘expand’ from within and as you to your world as you – your eyes will begin to clear.
This is also ‘connected’ to the right eye manifestation – due to self suppression, that you don’t want to see beyond what you decide to see, the rest you suppress to not have to see/face.

about poor eyesight

The eyes that become weak--were preprogrammed --we are investigating ways to stop it at DNA and related levels--in the meantime--wear the glasses with gratefulness--a being is in form to support you in your process--walk together as one in this

Q Lost when I was 4 the proper use of my right eye because of an accident, practical blind. Are such accidents preprogrammed as well?

AYip, such accidents in the past, before the process started: All pre-programmed.
Since process started and all of each being has been inverted into self to face and take self responsibility for: Whatever is experienced within the being and their world reflects and reveals the nature of the being themselves within: To so see, to so face, to so stand up and to so take self responsibility for all and everything of self.
Thus, each one responsible for themselves.
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