01 January 2007

2009 The Current Considerations of the Elite

11 February 2009
The Elite are in the Process of collapsing the Money-System through Oil, for the purposes of Population control as ‘part of’ the Procedure to manifest a One-World-System and re-insert a ‘new Money-System’ for the One-World-System – once the Population is within a satisfied statistical amount.

Due to the amount of human beings on Earth – the current Money-System cannot sustain or function within and through the means of control, having absolute control over and of human beings, and because absolute control over and of human beings doesn’t exist: No One-World-System is Possible.
Thus – to have a One-World-System with a functionally-controlled money-system wherein all human beings within the One-World-System is ‘accounted-for’ within absolute control = the Population is required to be reduced exponentially.
Now, the Elite prefer not to utilize War; as the only extreme that’ll reduce Population to the extent where it’s required to be reduced to manifest a One-World-System = is Nuclear War, and the consequence of Nuclear War as the ‘after-effect’ is much more damaging and ‘on top of that’ – they want to ‘preserve the Earth itself’ and not have to venture into unnecessary destructive-means.
The Elite has patience and is willing to ‘wait out’ the population-reduction reducing-plan – through collapsing the Money-System, collapsing countries through the Oil-situation = as is currently in Process.
When enough human beings die due to the consequence of the collapse of the money-system and countries itself – a One-World-System will come to the fore with a One-World-Money-System, wherein there will be no ‘individual countries operating independently’ both with regards to ‘rule/power and money itself’ = rule/power and money will be ‘one for all’.
Now, the other reason, also why the Collapse of the Money-System is being done through the Oil-situation – is to specifically ‘take control of/ takeover countries’.
The Elite has communicated with the countries with regards to their current position in relation to the world/earth itself in wanting to manifest a One-World-System – the countries refused to submit to the Elite’s request/demand and thus the Elite stated that if they won’t be given the countries = they’ll simply take the countries by force – and most of those countries are the primary countries that produce/function with Oil and will thus use their only ‘asset’ against themselves.
The Elite want these countries to stop producing/functioning with Oil – as to attempt to ‘preserve the amount of Oil left within the Earth itself’ = of which there is not much at the moment, in the ‘hope’ that the Earth will ‘reproduce’ oil, by leaving the little left within the Earth that there is currently available.
So, the Elite want to stop Oil production countries – sucking oil from the earth – as to preserve the Oil left in the Earth, of which there is not much and they are aware of this and to take-over, as in to ‘own’ the countries itself – collapse the money-system through doing so and waiting for the population to reduce itself within this catastrophe taking place.
Once the population is satisfactorily reduced – they’ll manifest the One World System, with the New One-World-Money-system, together with utilizing Oil-reserves to sustain the New-System for three-years = wherein they hope during this time, from now ‘till when the One-World-System is successfully operational = the Earth will reproduce enough Oil to sustain their Empire through producing Oil from the Earth itself.
Understand, that there exist ‘Reserve-Oil’ in barrels – specifically to sustain the One-World-System for three-years – they’d hoped that when the three-years are done = the Earth would’ve reproduced enough Oil to once again produce Oil from the Earth itself.
The One-World-System will have population-regulation – wherein there will only be a certain amount of human beings allowed on Earth within the One-World-System.
This is the Elite’s current consideration for the Future of the their World = and they have the patience to see this through, as according to them = Man is his own worst enemy and this the only way, according to them, to preserve the continued existence of human beings together with Earth = without destroying the Earth to such an extent = where Man becomes extinct along with the only planet it can exist within.
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