01 January 2007

2008 Pimples, zits & acne

This is suppressed anger hiding within the subconscious mind – that had become the very being to such an extent – that the being is not aware of this anger/hatred towards self. This particular anger infuses itself within and as a subconscious layer (as it originates from within the subconscious mind) within and as the human physical body – presenting itself as pimples, acne or zits. This anger / self hatred is because of the acceptance and allowance of self deception in becoming a personality presentation of self – to conform and condition self to have the ability to exist and survive within the unified consciousness field – that experience of helplessness and hopelessness of ‘having no choice’ but to become this mind personality of the world as everyone else.

It is that ‘part’ of you within you that know what you’re doing to yourself and accepting and allowing yourself to become this personality of the mind – because it seems that it is all that is ‘known’ to be done – there is no other way out but to become what everyone else is – a mind personality. Thus – anger / hatred towards self ‘grows’ and ‘compounds’ through age – and then manifest as pimples/zits/acne. Self forgiveness on anger, blame and hatred towards self suggested.


Desteni, body, 2008, April 4 
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