01 January 2007

2008 Life path and Predetermination

Life path as trapped time

This reality, this existence... and you, the human being which experience yourself within it all...
From a certain interesting perspective you are one and equal to and as what you accept and allow yourself to be. We are in and as this existences reality and we manifest, we create that which we accept and allow our self to be one with and equal to.
This reality, this existence, this world, reflects clearly, precisely, what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be one with and be equal to.

Now, in the beginning, as has been given perspective for in video interviews related to time, 'here' was stretched to a manifestation of a beginning and an end, connected into an infinity cycle - infinitely, constantly, continuously existing in cycles from beginning to end, both within and without. As within you create from the past your future, without you move through years of evolution. It's trapped time moving through cycles from beginning to end.
Now what does it mean, what would it imply, that 'here' was stretched to beginning and an end placed into an infinity cycle?
The following:
That everything and all of you here is predetermined. Because it is already here! It's already done!
But now an interesting design was placed within 'predetermination'.
Now this predetermination I speak of, hear me, is not the preprogrammed predetermination.
It is the common sense perspective that if 'here' is stretched, from beginning to end, everything and all of you and everyone else is already here... already done!
Now the illusion imprint of time was created and manifested and designed within the mind conscious system, together with your pre-programmed life path.
Now this point of 'everything of yourself is already here, already done' merely stretched into an experience of a beginning and an end
in an infinity cycle, perceptually believing or thinking that you're moving towards something, when actually all that you have to realize is that everything is here.

Life path as trapped time...
The following:

Now what the creators or designers of this existence had done:
each one was placed in with a primary Mind Consciousness System formation according to how and who they already were, and stretched that experience of themselves of who and how they already were
into a construct of time as beginning and end and looped it into an infinity cycle - it's happened to each one.

So, to place it into perspective, it was literally taking yourself, projecting yourself outwards, designing experiences for yourself based on who and how you accepted and allowed yourself to be. So it was an infinity cycle of and as yourself, ingrained, amalgamated and manifested before you.
And so it looked with each one within this existence. And then you were put into a manifested infinity cycle as this existence, this world.

So you existed within a preprogrammed designed lifepath manifested physical experience within, to be created and designed without.
So the life paths, the apparent life paths, was trapping you both within and without, within the infinity cycle design of having apparent manifested experiences as having to learn lessons. When actually all that you were experiencing or that you were existing within and as was actually yourself! Merely stretched into a timeline design... as trapped time.

Alright, thank you very much,
this is life path as trapped time.

How diabolically brilliant.

They trapped who we truly individually are, the true self of existence, in a time loop to play out pre-programmed lives (the details of a 'life')-- and the lives (details) always play out according to "how and who we already were".

In other words, if your true self nature is one of 'self doubt and insecurity', then every life (pre-programmed details) you live in the time trap will be 'flavored' or have a base of 'self doubt and insecurity' -- no matter how many lives you live.

So, yes. We were pre-programmed in two ways. One through our own design (acceptance and allowances) as who we truly are individually -- which they trapped in time -- and the other through their pre-programmed written 'lives' delivered through physical birth. 

Desteni, articles, 2008 - August 15 
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