01 January 2007

2009 Chakras, The Soul and Astral Projection: Part One Text

26 March 2009
This is Mykey, also known as Hitler. From the inter-dimensional existence. We’re here to discuss a question that was asked with the regards to the chakra's and being able to astral project or travel the universes and the principle of zero point within that. So we played with this question that was seen with regards to imploding all the chakras into themselves and finally through the heart chakra wherein one would transform into a ball of light and that would give access to travel the universes.
So we tested out his theory and within the previous design of the mind consciousness system in relation to the chakras system and the unified consciousness field – yes – however I’d rather say it did not happen through the heart chakra because when we did it through the heart chakra basically all we did was unify the chakra system which brings through the principle of Christ consciousness were in you reach a state of being of absolute light were in you’d get or experience or have certain experiences within yourself that would make one presume to be Christ conscious.

However we tested the implosion of all the chakras from the top chakra to the solar plexus chakra and from the base chakra to the solar plexus chakra like an imploding this way coming together in the solar plexus chakras. In the solar plexus chakras there were situated the soul construct that’s were our soul existed. So if you unify then that solar plexus chakras with your soul that’s when you can gain or get access to being able to move around in other dimensions. So it’s that second step of merging the whole chakra system from your solar plexus chakra to your soul construct that it becomes one and then you have the cord principle wherein you are still connected to your mind consciousness system through a cord and can move around and travel and investigate, etc, etc.

However this was only possible within the previous design of the as I have stated the chakra system the mind consciousness system and the unified consciousness field and the relationship of those three with each other including the soul construct. So the reason why I say “was” I have to give perspective of the chakra system in itself firstly, which wasn’t what beings presumed or believed it to be, after we could see the actual true real nature of the design of the chakra system, why it existed and how it actually influenced human beings under the guise of having certain particular experiences with it but that was all already a program manifested within the mind consciousness system.

So the whole human experience towards the chakra system was already a pre-designed experience, it wasn’t an actual self experience because it was all subject to an already controlled and regulated system. Now the chakras system – It’s three primary designs were the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakras and the heart chakra. Those were the three main pillars of the chakra system in its entirety. The others were more of a support manifestation. So the reason for the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakras and the heart chakra being the main three pillars of the entire chakra design was because the sacral chakra was linked to the whole sex system, sexual energy which was one of the primary sources for the mind consciousness system to exists and for the unified consciousness field to function through the mind consciousness system.

The solar plexus chakra was exactly situated where the soul construct was situated, meaning the soul. I’ll get the explaining the soul construct in a moment as well. Where your soul was situated and that the purpose of the solar plexus chakra was to energize the soul construct to ensure its functionality within the saving of one’s life experiences meaning making copies basically acting like a data saving mechanism which is what the soul construct in essence was, basically recording your entire life experience and what the solar plexus chakras did in its functionality was to energize the soul to ensure it’s fed sufficient energy – the energy it received was primarily emotional and feeling energy that was purified within the solar plexus construct and within the purification of the emotional and feeling energy it became a clear energy and this clear energy supported the soul construct.
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