01 January 2007

2008 Why did Anu fail? Why Anu did not return as God

Q:  Anu was supposed to return sometime around 2004/2005 if I understand correctly. If this was the case, would not there have been pre-determined activities we, as humanity, would have undertaken in preparation for that arrival? Furthermore, would not the lack of his arrival then created a void within the grid system that would have caused some type of collapse or major "short-circuit" event or outcome? Please explain how the system accounted for this major, climactic event which never transpired.

A: Aha! Yet - there was 'something' Anu did not take into consideration, which was...'being trapped and enslaved and lost' within his own creation, by his own creation - which is exactly what happened. See - in 1998, he 'closed off' and 'locked down' earth from the dimensional existence completely. Because the dimensional beings was just no longer interested in participating here on earth amongst and within human beings, they just couldn't be bothered and couldn't care less, they much rather preferred existing in the dimensions 'away' from the 'horrific nature of earth' and the dimensional beings then 'feared' the demons on earth, because the demons existed on the 'earth plane' within and amongst human beings, whereas other dimensional beings 'came down' to either channel, or stand for a moment next to a being when they do the 'guide seeing' from the 'higher planes' in the dimensional existence - they never actually remained with human beings, only demons did. This was 'mentioned' to Anu (the not wanting to participate on earth scenario) in 1989. See, Anu had specific beings he 'appointed' within the interdimensional existence - to assist and support in 'carrying out his plan' to design earth as 'his kingdom', to return when he's satisfied that all is 'prepared' - though, while his slaves as human beings are 'preparing in establishing and building his kingdom' together with dimensional beings 'directing accordingly' (who was trained to do so) - he had to keep them 'pre-occupied' and 'entertained' so to speak - therefore, 'religions', 'cultures', 'apparitions', 'specific human beings 'diverting the course of humanity', spirituality, 'war', 'conflict', 'money'...and the list goes on - whatever exist within this world, as how and what human beings experience themselves is designed 'attention diversion' - while humanity 'prepares' Anu's Kingdom, without them even being aware of it.

This is also where the 'elite' comes in - the 'rulers of the world', which no-one knows of - that has worked 'closely' with Anu for generations - in 'hoarding humanity' in the position and placement of themselves within this world as is - no, not the Illuminati, they're controlled by the 'elite', this world isn't how it's organized today 'by chance' - it's been prepared and directed this way accordingly, specifically.

So, in 1991 - the preparations started to design this existence, this physical manifested existence, into a 'automated programmed system' - which 'run by itself', then only occasionally, when necessary to 'once in a while' 'check up' on existence - this was done by Satya and Kryon. So - since 1998 - everything became 'automated' within this existence, the 'channelings' were designed within and as human beings' unconscious mind system, so, all 'channelings' were pre-programmed unconscious mind system designs, no more dimensional beings actually coming through, except the occasional once-a-month 'check-up' done by Kryon and Satya - the 'entire plan' of Anu, was transferred from 'dimensional beings who usually previously directed human beings accordingly interdimensionally' - was designed, infused and manifested within and as the mind consciousness system within human beings - as well as within and as the 'unified consciousness field gridline system' within and as this world - thus, since 1998 - earth, this physical manifested universe, became a 'prison' - 'running automatically' within and as human beings' mind consciousness systems and the unified consciousness field gridline place within and of this world. Anu 'appeared still to the 'elite' afterwards - but as a projection, meaning he'll place him within the mind of the human being as elite - and then they'll see him standing and talking before them - when actually he's inside their own mind - so, he even - didn't have access to his own creation.

So, he may have said - he's 'returning to his Kingdom' prepared by his slaves - but he got 'separated' from and as his own creation, which had become a 'far greater living entity than himself' - because this had become a physical manifested existence - and he remained interdimensional and had no 'power or control' here - the mind consciousness system as human beings was 'in power and control' of this existence - yes, he could direct it - but he himself - had no actual real 'power' here. His 'plan' was to manifest within and as George Bush - then to in one moment - 'change' this existence - as his 'essence' permeate and penetrate within and as human beings as he integrates within and as George Bush - but to 'no avail' - don't think he tried - because he did - but he couldn't, see - he presumed that even if he 'locks down' earth from the dimensional existence - he'd still be able to manifest within and as George Bush when 'the time comes' which was prepared for 2003, when he attempted to do so - he couldn't - he couldn't gain access into this existence - because he was a 'dimensional ghost', and this physical manifested universe - was 'far greater' than he himself - and so, he 'f-ked' himself. So - he 'quietly' 'hid away' - all dimensional beings were lost anyway - only some actually had 'sense', and when they asked Anu when the 'plan will be fulfilled' - he stated, not yet: I'm not satisfied. So he left everything as is - he left the world to itself, including the interdimensional existence to continue as is - attempting to 'devise a plan' to 'sort this out' - yet, he still remained the 'ultimate being' in existence - earth was still seen as 'his kingdom in preparation' and he still had control and power of the dimensions: He was satisfied with this - as long as he was still in his position in existence - he was fine, whether or not he would integrate here on earth - would be irrelevant, all was still 'his' and everyone else agreed upon it.

See the severity of separation between this physical manifested universe and the dimensions - that even if the plan of Anu did not come into complete fulfilment - everything within this existence 'remained stable' - realise that there is nothing wrong with this physical manifested universe  - the 'problem' is who and what human beings have accepted and allowed themselves to become.

See - even when the Portal opened and Anu came through, because he 'now for the first time since 1998 had absolute full access into 3D, completely within and as a human physical body' he attempted to 'carry our his plan and 'activate' human beings accordingly to 'in one moment' 'be his slave-worshippers', which was an activated implanted key within and as the mind consciousness systems of human beings: It did not work - because this reality was so 'far gone' - the 'dimensions' no longer existed here in any way whatsoever - so his entire plan 'failed' - the moment he 'locked down' earth from the dimensions.

Q: so then what happened? did he repent? or self forgive? how did it start again?

A: Anu experience himself equal and one to his creation--he saw all as worthless slaves without any value and thus have become that and dissipated accordingly to purity where no individuality exist--this all face--as life will not be enslaved 

Desteni, Q - A, articles, 2008 - August 11
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