26 August 2008


Dj is being bullied now at school and on the way home from school. Last week he came home, upset and ran to the bathroom. Spit all over his face. This 3 boys from school and living in our neighbourhood did that to him - they even held them so the other could spit him in the face effectively. this morning Dj was afraid to go to school, because he was afraid getting hit by the others.

The real bully of these 3 boys has been Dj's best friend for years. He is a really nasty boy, hateful and manipulative. A being that enjoys manipulating other kids in doing something 'bad', together with him, but he always makes sure the other kid gets the blame (and punishment). and now he is manipulating the kids in school to hit Dj.

Dj has always been a popular boy in school - most of the kids liked him and wanted to play with him. About one and a half years ago he changed schools - but this is new, the bullying part. The core of it that Dj doesn't play any more with this boy for a couple of months now. I was the one forcing this friendship to come to an end, because all those years they were friends lots of these nasty things happened - he influenced Dj to do and say things that got Dj in trouble: Dj getting all the blame and this boy, well, his parents are in fact supporting him in this behaviour by not willing to face what nasty boy their son has become. They most of the time believe his version of the story and start yelling at others (including other kids), even threat with violence - and when not falling for his manipulated version of what happened, he gets hardly any punishment or direction. So this boy can do whatever he wants.

And now he picked Dj to project his own frustration and anger on.

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