08 August 2008


Trusting your knowing – still imply separation of you as self trust, trusting your knowing would imply ‘trusting knowledge’ and knowledge is a construct of mind. We’ve always exist in ‘trusting knowledge’ which is no different to ‘placing trust into thoughts of mind’ – wherein no actual living here has been considered.
Therefore, to transform knowledge into directive action, meaning – placing knowledge into application and living the knowledge as words as you here – would be to establish, express and live SELF trust HERE – herein exist no separation, because you’ll be self trust.
Therefore – I’d say to establish self trust, is within applying self forgiveness and then to practically live the self correction of and as the self forgiveness applied immediately as self expression within your world – because within this immediacy of applying the self correction as you, you establish the living expression of you as self trust – because you will for you yourself see and realise – that you will self correct you, the moment you see what you’re accepting and allowing, stop within it and stand up = self trust.
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