28 February 2012

The Spitefulness of God

GodIn Accepting God - you’re accepting the World the way it is and the way it works.

In Accepting this World the way it is and the way it works – you’re Accepting God.
In Accepting the Evil Nature of Man as Sinner – you’re Implying that God deliberately Created the Evil Nature of Man.


FREE CHOICE is a weapon against LIFE To Imply that Choice is the Cause for the ‘Fall of Man’ i.e. the Choice between Good and Evil – Implies that God is limited to Man’s Choice and in fact – that Choice is More Powerful than God.

Which means – Man is More Powerful than God – because Man is apparently the One with Choice.

To claim that God is ‘all-knowing’ – would Imply that God already knew what each one Individually was going to Choose.
Which then Implies that God Lied when he gave Man ‘Free-Choice’ – because he already knew what each one is going to Choose.
And in this Implying – that he Created each Individual with a Pre-Ordained Choice = which isn’t Free and thus not Choice at all.


violence vs EQUAL MONEYSo in this all – there seems to be the Biggest Lie in Plain-Sight:
If God exist – this World is just a Big Computer-Game – Like 'Sims', and Nothing you Ever Do – is Real.

  • No-one actually ever Starve
  • No Child actually ever get Abused
  • No-one actually ever get killed in War

Because the way you live, whether Good or Evil = has no effect on what will Happen to you as you are just a Prop in ‘God’s Simulation’ and God is Playing a Game like a Naughty Evil Child. Feeling Nothing for any Part of the Game – only Enjoying the Thrill, like in 'Carmageddon'. God is Evil


If no God exist – You Actually have a Chance

and You Actually have a Choice


God as Spitefulness crushing LifeBut you’ll Find:
If you ‘Believe in God’ or any other ‘Higher Power’ – you Immediately have No Choice.

Even in the Accepting of this World and Nature as the way it is – You’re Accepting some form of ‘Higher-Power’ = and therein you are Immediately Limited in your Choice.

12 May 2009 – by Sunette/Dimensions – Desteni

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