16 January 2012

2012 US Marines urinating over dead Taliban

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It was all over the news showing pictures of US Marines urinating over corpses in Afghanistan; half the world in commotion, shocked by soldiers pissing over dead bodies…


What is most shocking to me that it is the PISSING that is shocking people, not the KILLING. These soldiers showing their disdain for human life by pissing on it is what is upsetting to most people and strongly condemned by most people, but the killing itself no-one talks about. What can be more disrespectful towards life than killing I ask?!

Is this how stupefied we have become? Yes it is…


I was looking for more info on this topic on the internet and came across some comments made by people, like for instance:

(see here for the original comments)

You people think this is bad? When I was there I witnessed children (15,16, 17 year old girls) being raped over and over again by fellow soldiers. Then woke up to the occasional rape victim hanging from something, suicide was their only way out.
War is bad, pissing on people is nothing compared to what I have seen.

There is no doubt in my mind that atrocities like the gang raping of women is being done by US soldiers – as this happens in every war (and normal life is ‘war’ also) and US soldiers and marines are no different from other soldiers from all over the world. I am not under the illusion the Dutch army, soldiers from my own country – man that speak the same language as me and are married or engaged and have daughters or nieces – do not commit such atrocities in wartime. In fact I wonder if these crimes were committed by my own father when he was a young man and send to fight in the Indonesian War. I guess he did…

I often delight in fantasies about killing and pissing on the corpses of certain people... but doing it to strangers is just WRONG.


Uh??? Meaning doing it to people you know is all right then? Delighting in such fantasies is no different from actual doing it – because in dwelling in your mind in pictures like that, you are creating and contributing to the real actual event: people getting killed and pissed on. You sir, the fantasizer, are one and equal to this US Marines – they are acting out on your behalf…  For further perspective see here


you just hate america. we're the good guys.


Yeah and God is on your side… Your enemy claims exactly the same: they are the good guys and God is with them. So what do we have here – good guys killing the other good guys…


Damn it Marines, you piss on them, then kill them.


Killing other Humans


What does it mean to be in the army? What does it mean to be a weaponized human? Armies exist for one purpose only: is to seek and destroy those that disagree with you, those that threaten your ideas. Instead of having ideas that is best for everyone one have then specialist ideas and these specialist ideas must be protected against others - which indicates the very factor of how invalid the whole concept of an army or a weapon or a specialist is in terms of killing other humans just because they disagree with you and apparently because of that they are a threat. Somewhere this must end!

Obviously from a Destonian perspective what we're saying is we're already a threat to our dear brothers-in-arms. If your arms could only be the things that do actual work that confirm that you love their neighbour and not be things that become extensions of projectiles that burst and kill people that explode within people and that do it purely for the sake of your so called freedom and free choice - when that is not really free choice.

Free Choice must be that which give EVERYONE the choice to be free. And that happens with Equality and Equal Money.

It's fascinating to note how deliberately things can be pulled out of proportion purely to try to prevent a new world from coming about. Yes, Desteni is a new world. Our ways will bring an end to armies because your arms should be done and used for labour and for loving, not for killing. And we'll bring an end to weaponized humans because as long as there are weapons we will keep on weeping on. There will be no end to the atrocities and the sadness.

Join us if you are ready to see that there is something psychotically disproportioned about being in the army, or wanting to kill for the purpose of protecting your so called freedoms. Then you are not free, it's just a lie, watch out who is selling the lie and why they have to pay you money to be a weaponized human to protect the Elite.

There is no point to it. You have been trained in a school of thought - that school of thought is claiming that anything that is against it is apparently a cult.We're not a cult or the occult, we are purely human beings that is no longer controlled through mind control or through money control, I mean mind control and money control is the same thing. If you are ready to consider that war must be ended, weapons must be stopped and humans must be free from their fears so they don't have to kill each other to be free, then join us at Desteni, we are here for you as well, whether you are with us or not because what we're proposing includes you in a way that will give you true freedom and that will protect your family and your future.

I'm quite sure somewhere inside you there must be some little bit of common sense and you'll be able to hear some of what I am saying. I understand the fear is immense but one is completely overrun by it therefore you'll attack 'cause that is apparently the best de-fence. But that only means that there is a fence, there shouldn't be a fence between neighbours, between those that love each other. There should have been sharing but it doesn't exist.

All schools of thought is only been lies and control. Stop the control. Stop the Mind Control and join us. We're just a few people around the world that is gaining in numbers slowly but surely and we know the difficulties we're facing. So let's see if real love can actually come into existence in this world and the evil that is called 'love' now can be exposed for what it really is.

If you are a weaponized human you are evil because you are willing to kill to protect your freedom and not to protect ALL freedom. You are in mind control - that's why you can kill so easily. That's why the others that disagree with you is the enemy. Just look at that, simple mind control. You can't even see how easily you could have been in the other's shoes... Put yourself in the shoes of another and then decide if you will kill them...

Bernard Poolman


You are Me in Another Life

God is in Control

How thoughts create Physical Reality

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Hamid Karzai condemns US Marines urinating video - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/afghanistan/9009472/Hamid-Karzai-condemns-US-Marines-urinating-video.html

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