29 December 2011

2011 God in his goodness…

Sudan starvation 2011 EQUAL MONEY

“If it had not been for the goodness of God, where would you be? Some wouldn’t be alive today. Some would still be addicted. If it had not been for God’s favor some would still be struggling, barely making it.”

God in his “goodness”… allows many many beings on earth to suffer endlessly – including innocent children and animals. If it had not been for God’s favor… Why aren’t they ‘embraced’ by God’s goodness? What is so different about them that they are excluded from God’s favor? Are they sinners and we are not? Obviously we all are.
Then what is wrong with this ‘goodness of God’ picture? Why are so many beings excluded from God’s favor and goodness?
Do you want to step in their shoes? No you wouldn’t! So why do you allow this to happen to other living beings? Isn’t Jesus teaching to Love thy Neighbour as Thyself? Do not do to another what you do not want to be done to you?
00013140-INS-Famine in Ethiopia-001
We can’t continue as is, we cannot allow all this suffering and negligence to continue, no one deserves to suffer…
The implementation of an Equal Money System is what is required – where all beings on Earth will live a life in dignity.
For more info visit desteni.org and equalmoney.org

We Destonians stand for the removal of this Money-Profit-God from the face of the Earth that always place money first and beings needs last. By implementing a new system, Equal Money, every single human being on this Earth will be provided with the basic needs, like food, housing, clothes, education, health care – equally. No one will have more or less. Removing the fear of survival (where money and profit comes in and with that in-equality because some have it all, and most have nothing: no food, shelter, medical care, education…) because survival is been taking care of. We will be free to express ourselves as we are. And profit making will be something of the past – gone – exit – basta
Visit Desteni and do your research on the guidelines for Equality and learn how to apply them. Also visit our Destonians Wiki on Wikipedia for an overview of what being a Destonian means.
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