09 December 2011

2011 No more campaigning in an Equal Money System

A New Leader for the 60s campaign EQUAL MONEYWhat is characteristic of campaigns, especially political campaigns? It is presenting one self and one’s ideas as honorable and trustworthy, a false face. This has nothing to do with who a person really is, what he actually has to offer the people, what his merits and talents, his weaknesses and inabilities are – just presenting a perfect picture presentation. There is no honesty, no transparency, no common sense.
The primary goal in campaigning is defeating your opponent and the end justifies the means, in word and deeds: digging for dirt in the opponents life to create some scandal; about sex, money, drugs, espionage - whether real or created, it will imprint on the public mind and then your opponent is out of the race and you are a step closer to ‘victory’.
The origin of the word ‘campaign’ reveals the true nature: "operation of an army in the field" – that is exactly how modern campaigning is done: it’s a battlefield – and the end justifies the means. Deceit is inherent to campaigning.
That’s how the current system works.
Now, in an Equal Money System we will not have politicians at all. There will be no leaders and no running campaign to become leader; no striving for power and money. Because we will all lead and make decisions together.
Victory and defeat, opponents and allies, are part of the capitalistic system, part of a polarity system meant to separate, to divide: Equal Money will stop patterns like this and eventually Equality will be established by all of us.

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We Destonians stand for the removal of this Money-Profit-God from the face of the Earth that always place money first and beings needs last. By implementing a new system, Equal Money, every single human being on this Earth will be provided with the basic needs, like food, housing, clothes, education, health care – equally. No one will have more or less. Removing the fear of survival (where money and profit comes in and with that in-equality because some have it all, and most have nothing: no food, shelter, medical care, education…) because survival is been taking care of. We will be free to express ourselves as we are. And profit making will be something of the past – gone – exit – basta
Visit Desteni and do your research on the guidelines for Equality and learn how to apply them. Also visit our Destonians Wiki on Wikipedia for an overview of what being a Destonian means.
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