27 November 2011

2011 Celebrity Sex

Sharon Stone_William Baldwin EQUAL MONEY
This is Shi and I am here to speak about the celebrity sex. 
Our celebrity sex create the inner sex demon. So how does that work? It works as follows: young people are dumb. Why do I say that young people are dumb? They're dumb from the perspective that they are numb in not realizing what the television is actually programming inside them. Dumb from the perspective of when they sit in front of the television they become numb; enthralled, consumed by the pictures that television presents. But again who is responsible for their dumbness, it's the education system that children go through, unfortunately - very sad.
Young people sit in front of the television and they're watching movies. Now they've got their celebrities icons, they got their celebrities idols, which they prefer, which they enjoy. Of course this is about the beauty and glamour and the perfect picture presentation of the being which they enjoy. And so the being sits and they become enthralled, consumed by the pictures that are presented on the television. And then sexual intercourse is obviously inevitable in all picture presented television shows or movies about the starting of the relationship when the two beings finally fall in love.
frame2And then what happens is these children watch these movies, or young people, and they see how the bodies move, how the touch go, how the male touches the female, how the female rubs her physical body unto the male, and it is all beautifully presented into perfect picture presentation on the television.
And then the implants occur because the moment the child merely in, or the young person, merely in their mind sais the following words: I wish to experience that or I would like to experience that or Wow, that looks amazing - any words to that extent. And the system integrates into the child, or into the young person. And so a desire is created within the young people or the child, desiring to experience this sexual intercourse with either male or female, male male or female female. Whatever the persons unfortunate various mind conscious system implant was attuned to.
And in this child or young person now has this design within them that exist which they wish to fulfill and so they know they have to start a relationship to be able to experience this with a partner.
It's got absolutely nothing to do with beings are in a relationship with partners - it's got to do with that sexual desire within them created from the television.
And I am able to say to you this very moment that all relationships that exists is because of a desire that have been installed when you were younger by watching television or even hearing the words of others communicating.
Relationships are not an expression at all. This world is not an expression: this world is a systems of activations and installations and activations, just like relationship as the starting point of the desire of sex which is an installation from television and then the activation of a desire which requires to be fulfilled.
And so that's how relationships are formed by the starting point of television and human beings as young people who adore their celebrities. Celebrities are the ignition. Ignition, installation and activation.
Thank you very much, this is Shi.

We Destonians stand for the removal of this Money-Profit-God from the face of the Earth that always place money first and beings needs last. By implementing a new system, Equal Money, every single human being on this Earth will be provided with the basic needs, like food, housing, clothes, education, health care – equally. No one will have more or less. Removing the fear of survival (where money and profit comes in and with that in-equality because some have it all, and most have nothing: no food, shelter, medical care, education…) because survival is been taking care of. We will be free to express ourselves as we are. And profit making will be something of the past – gone – exit – basta
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